Funny things to tell your best friend

Funny things to tell your best friend

We all have bosom buddies, and we all need to keep them cheerful so that we can dangle with them more. If you don’t have a close friend, you need to look for a friend to add it to your bucket list. Friends d help and support us in times of need. They give you counseling, guidance, and sometimes composure.

They make you laugh, they are funny when they share their life stories with you, and they impel you and keep you moving towards your objectives. You don’t have to hang around cool kids just because they are cool. If they don’t love you, then know you are a device; they will be sending you up and downs and doing their dirty works. Look for a friend who will take you the way you are.

If you want fun, love someone who can appreciate you but do look for some friends because you want people to are at you because you are hanging with cool kids.

Funny things to tell your bosom friends to make them happy.

1. The only stupid person I can tolerate in this life is you, buddy.

Sometimes in our friendship, we collide, but it doesn’t take long before we come back together. You can tell him/her this joke. It will be awesome they are pouring out their heart being sorry. Loving someone is not something easy; it’s something that takes time, and relationship trust is to be earned. So, don’t ever look down upon yourself about friends who do what you love, not what you to be seen by other people. Even if our joke is about tolerance, don’t ever put yourself down.

2. Buddy, you don’t have to be crazy so that we can hang around together.

This will be awesome if they are trying to amuse you. You will have to fix this joke into your conversation rather than shouting them. It won’t be funny if you do like reading a book.

3. You and I aren’t friends buddy, we are more than that; we are the smallest gang in the world.

The smallest gang has two people one-man army ended with john Rambo. This will be cool if you know to present it at the right time. The smallest gang that’s cool al use that one.

4. If you get this bosom buddy drinks on me? Good friend talks about sex life, but a Best friend we do talk about?

People say it’s poop, but you can change that. I hate that word. Using something stupid and half-witted or comedy videos. I like rick and Morty, so you can use an event there to make your buddy laugh.

5. Why do you always take me as a good egg, and you know very am a rotting egg, and I do explode smelly green emojis.

Sometimes the best friend tries to please you every minute, or he works hard to annoy you. You can call him or her names, but she is fine. You can use this joke on them. Do not make it look like you are proud, or your ego is talking. Makes sure it sounds like a joke.

6. Who had a bad influence on another? We have been friends for a long and am getting old?

Friends influence goes both ways because there is a time when we do not have that courage to do something. They are always there to slay shyness with a mighty sword. That’s how it goes down your help when need and when your turn bounce gets helped.

7. Dude, you look crazy, but I offer free therapy.

Friendly advice we know how they always go either in a ditch somewhere, or if it’s a girl, then we will have a garden of the flower with skirr!!

8. The amazing friend buy food for you, but a cool friend eats what you bought for dinner.

We always have friends like that, they do things to annoy you, but at the same time it’s amusing, instead of getting furious you start laughing.

9. You have stuck with me, bro, because I know you are lazy to replace me with a new friend.

This will be amazing if well-presented, but if you just read through, he will look at you as if you are crazy.

10. The saying goes, do not let your best friend get lonely; disturb them all the time.

Look for something you guys have an interest in and enjoy. Party is my favorite; you can use that to call distraction and get of life train a little bit. There is a lot of things you can do as long as it is fun. Do not depend on the internet alone; you can create fun games and ideas.

If your best friend is a girl, let them make the first choice; if you pick the game and she won’t like it, you won’t feel it.

11. I keep you around because you know a lot about my secret.

This will be awesome so long you know how to fix it with your words. If your friends do not feel your jokes keep trying or just forget what you read, go with your guts.

12. In your entire life, the only thing that will make sense is me, even if you hate me.

Jokes about friends are amazing, and they are very funny; just use them

13. There is nothing sweeter and amazing like a friend unless your friend is chocolate

Chocolate is healthy but addictive to some extent. But friendship stands out to be amazing in both ways in a positive way.

14. A good friend will let you do things, but the best friend will help you to do stupid things.

That sounds like a cool friend. I wish I had a friend like that.

15. I will take a bullet for you, buddy, when they fell when we are reloading on our stupid raids.

This bullet joke is cool, and they are a lot, but if not well presented, you won’t like the stare you will get.

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