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9 Funny Things To ponder

Sometimes we find ourselves staring at the ceiling pondering worldly silly things. And sometimes we don’t know what to ponder about, and it gets boring when you have nothing to think about. That feeling of boring is way too shitty, and we can’t hold onto that. We all experience this feeling, and here are some ideas you can ponder. But sometimes it doesn’t work, but why not if you have nothing o ponder about it.

1. Do you die if you get scared half to death twice?
If you get scared twice to death, it means you aren’t dead. But you were almost there. I don’t know how you will beat around this, but I am sure it will be like, it’s not your time to die; it’s God who has authority to kill people. Share your comments and see what you came up with.

2. If poison expires, is it more poisonous, or it’s no longer poisonous?
For real, when poison expires, it becomes less dangerous; if it becomes more poisonous, then it is not out of date. So if it expires, I guess it becomes like a quencher. The only way to make poison less dangerous is to neutralize the poison. That is not out of date.

3. Why aren’t blueberries blue?
I don’t know why blueberries are not blue. You can check that out.

4. Why is it called quicksand even though it drowns you slowly?
When someone steps in quicksand, you will sink slowly like you won’t go down fast as in water. Looking for a reason, you can have a lot of ideas. One bi mostly when we step on the sand, we don’t sink, but in quicksand, you will always move downwards. I don’t know who discovered this was a little bit high.

5. DO twins ever realize that one was unplanned?

When two people have sexual intercourse, they always expect one or no kid. But in the end, they get twins, one unexpected. So, the extra kid was not on the schedule.

6. Why “W” is called double “u” instead of double “v”?
When you get this question, look for something else because this will make you blow and get migraine every month.

7. Every time you clean something, you make the other dirty.
When using a rug to wash your utensils, utensils will be clean, but the rug will be dirty. If you clean the rug, then you will make the water dirty. To get something you will have to destroy another thing about that.

8. Do you know the word “swim” upside-down it still swims?
I don’t know the magic, but all I know w can be m when it turns upside down. Don’t spend much time with this. You will get scared of numbers and letters.

9. Why do you think kamikaze suicide pilots wear helmets?
They are going to commit suicide, but they take safety measures strictly. Maybe they want to get to their target safely before they blow up.

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