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8 Funny Things to Put on Your Snap Chat Story

People always feel bad when others get comments, and they don’t. To help you out, I Have got some ideas that will make your family and friends enjoy your company. To amuse your family and friends, on Snapchat, you need humorous stories. Most kids are told to use jests when breaking the ice with their new friends. Some end up becoming tummlers.

1. Face swap

Photoshop software can stitch different faces to different human body images. You can swap kids’ faces and that of an older adult—for example, dad and his son, grandpa, and grandson. Use animal faces too. If you are a cat or dog person, this can work for you. Swap your face with that of a cat and let me know how they reacted.

2. Irony stories

Have you ever seen barbie princess doing homework? Or Disney princess not going out for a quest and doing assignments? Using movies and anime characters through photoshop, you can create amusing stories. Rats are praying inside a trap, the same rat begging for mercy in front of a cat if you don’t know how to use photoshop software like adobe, GUI, Short-cut, e.t.c.

3. Relative Jokes

Many people use Snapchat to make a funny reference to their family and exes. Find your funny uncle size or brother who you want to piss off. Then create memes out of them. One is eating more than others during dinner or is crazy for something or addicted.

4. Outfit comparisons

Use your friend’s clothing or tutors and compare with other elements like pens, cars, cartoons, and many others. Create memes out of what you detect. For it to work, you need to plot your story, and if not, you won’t make sense to many people.

5. Family fights

DO you know how brother and sister fight over small things, like who was first to do something? Look for the lame idea and use it to be funny. Fighting over a cake, bathing, brushing teeth, and the funny one who will open the gate first.

6. Online buying and selling products

When people buy products online, it doesn’t meet their expectations. When buying products online, we only get attracted to how they are advertised, but sometimes things go against what we want.

7. Movie villain lines

Did you know most villains are given comical lines to use when acting? Create a video or a picture with these lines. You will be astounded by how individuals will be fascinated with your story. For example:

(I don’t know what God makes of you right now. The worst part of mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.) I hope my death makes more coins than my life. I am a dog chasing cars.

8. Trolled

A van with the fore-end as its rear. A dog with cat legs and chicken feathers as a tail. Creating funny images is easy. It’s all about thinking outside the box. Change the appearance of what is expected to be normal to atypical.

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