30 Funny Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

30 Funny Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

99% of people in the world do have girlfriends. Coming up with a cute, funny conversation to get your girl’s attention, sometimes it’s hard. When the relationship is not funny, then it won’t last for long, especially when the girl is trying to make you laugh. Some do not care so longs as they do have a boyfriend, but some do care a lot; they want to feel your thoughts and what your big head can cook up. If you are bored then, that’s when they look for Kevin Hart. Let’s go through some of the jokes I found and some I created them myself.

Apart from saving your relationship, we all know it’s proven happy people live longer compared to lonely lizards.


Places this needs to think and work your magic. Use things around you and make them look funny in In front of their eyes. Either on a date, school, work, and maybe at the church. On a date mostly, we do freeze up when we look them in the eyes. This will hinder the impact of your actions being funny, or you are afraid to tell your joke, then when it comes to the right to hit your jokes, you are shaking, and your joke won’t be heard or will have less impact. I don’t mean you can use other jokes in a certain place. If they make sense, use those if they don’t try to make jokes that do have sense.

1. {Check out for something cute to describe their body appearance. Mostly on a date} wow, girl, your eyes look like that Acrylic light but less bright compared to what I see now; damn that bright!!

2. (If there is a moon, say looking at it just express it like its real.) can I ask you something, have ever been on the moon angel (Girl – no )ooh we are the same have never been there but am hung around with angel I guess we will be there by evening, your wings are still functional right? I hope you didn’t feel from heaven to an extent you lost the power of flying.

3. (In cars) did you know how Lamborghini came into existence (girl-no) because of the lira tractor clutch?

4. (School) girl are you a dictionary?? You are giving my life meaning.

5. (Church) Girl, you are the answer to my prayer’s girl.

6. (Movie) This movie is amazing, but it lacks something (what is that) let me see!! Mmmmh it lacks you.

7. Let’s rest a little bit here; you have been running in my head for a very long time.

8. Hey, I am lost. Can I have directions (where to) your heart?

9. My mum asked me what you think about me, am I cute or the other one.


You can use the time to come up with cool jokes. You can use jokes you read somewhere, or you can make up your jokes. You can create jokes about time and how many times things go in circles.

10. I wish it was Christmas, al be Grinch who stole you.

11. On a scale of work to home, how busy are you tonight?

12. Tonight, you will be stitching me up because I am falling for you, angel.

13. At what time do you think Adam ate the apple at night or in the morning?

14. What will you be doing this evening? (Nothing) then let’s do nothing tonight.

15. If you write a magazine about us, how many times do you think I will appear in it?


Here you have to go with your intelligence, think about what can make her smile. You have to be smart and creative in what you do here. A funny joke should be well planned and fixed properly inside a conversation. Don’t say things because you saw on the internet. It’s not easy to create a joke following logic or just a surprise for your crush

16. I knew happiness starts with an H, but mine starts with you.

17. On a scale of the job to work, how free are you in the evening.

18. Girl, you do have everything have been looking for in my life …are you Google?

19. For over a century have been trying to rearrange the normal alphabet; guess what U and I would never separate.

20. I was just asking, is your dad an explosive expert? {What why ask} for real, you are the bomb!!!

21. Hey, cutie is sorry I didn’t bring you flowers, I tried to look for something cool and amazing, but I realized you are way too beautiful than any flower I picked.

22. Did you know you are that beautiful and interesting to make batman abandon his cave and rent an apartment because of you?

23. I guess you were hurt when you fell from heaven.

Do not use one joke over and over again. She will know what is your next conversation be like. So be creative; check out other lines that will help you. You don’t have to rely on the internet or reading articles about being funny when you have your girlfriend. You can just be yourself; making a joke is not that hard. Use anything that funnily praises her.

You don’t have to read your jokes, just create them whenever you are with your girlfriend. To some people, it’s hard to come up with cool jokes; if you that’s you, then read.

24. You are a murderer; you are killing a lot of guys with these amazing looks.

25. Have you already updated my diary? Will you get a kiss?

26. I guess God took a lot of time to create you, honey.

27. Did you hear that? Or you shook my entire world, girl.

28. Ma’am, are you lost? Heaven is not this way, and you are way too far from heaven

29. How was heaven the time you left?

30. Excuse, I think I have dropped something. My jaw.

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