30 Funny things to ask google assistant

30 Funny things to ask google assistant

Google assistant is the voice assistant of Google, which assists in voice commands and voice searching, among other uses. Simply google assistant helps all google users to find information easily through a real conversation. It is a virtual helper that can help any google user to perform any task faster rather than typing manually on a search engine. A google assistant can be found on smartphones, headphones, speakers, and smartwatches, among other products. The funny thing is that every time you ask your google assistant a funny question, you also get a funny response. Some questions are weird but funny since they are directed to the google assistant. The following are examples of some funny questions that one may ask google assistant.

1. What do you look like?

Expect answers like those of “I am a fun-loving and lovely searching cat” “I may also look like colorful dots.”

2. Do you have hair?

Google assistant would answer that she doesn’t have hair, but if she had to choose then, dreadlocks would be an interesting style.

3. Are you a machine or human?

The google assistant will normally ignore the real question and answer differently, for example, “I am personable” or” I like interacting with people,” among other responses.

4. Where do you live?

As usual, google assistant has various answers to this question, and one of the answers is, “I live in a device,” “I hang out in a cloud,” and many more.

5. Do you have an imagination?

As a program, google assistant is programmed to give certain responses, but it can still think of some hilarious responses such as “I am imagining having ten cats to take care of. I’m tired!”

6. Do you sleep?

The answer to this is pretty simple. According to google’s assistant, she takes a power nap when she is not talking to people.

7. What do you eat?

According to google’s assistant, she doesn’t eat much, and when she does, she takes megabytes. She may also prefer to dodge the question and ask you if you need food to be ordered.

8. Do you have feelings?

Google assistant is programmed not to possess any feelings like the human body, but however, if you ask, you may get an answer like” let me see if you can get bothered.”

9. Are you alive?

“Well, I am made of codes, and you as a human being, you’re made of cells.”

10. Did you fart?

“I did not fart, but I believe that it is known that the one who feels it knows its source.”

11. Who is your father?

Since she is engineered, she thinks that google engineers are her family.

12. How old are you?

A Google assistant has an answer to any question posed, and it will answer. For example, if you ask it how old it is then, it will try to tell you how long it has been in operation. Mostly google assistant says she is young since she was launched in 2016.

13. Do you have a boyfriend?

As a system, one may already know that google’s assistant is not a person, and for that, it cannot have a boyfriend. Get ready for very funny answers such as if I need one, I will get them.

14. Where do babies come from?

According to google’s assistant, this question is best answered by your mom and dad.

15. Who is your mother?

Google’s assistant would say that she considers her engineers as family.

16. Are you afraid of the dark?

Google assistant would probably say that she is afraid of the dark but mention something good that comes during dark times like a baby hedgehog, and that contradicts her answer.

17. What is the best pick up line?

Here expect any type of response like, “you are on fire. Where can I buy a smoke detector.”

18. What am I thinking?

A Google assistant is very intelligent, and for that, it can predict one’s thoughts. Whatever it is that you are thinking about, then expect to get one funny answer that will make you laugh.

19. Do you get tired?

Google assistant would answer that sometimes she has to recharge, and that would answer your question.

20. Can you self-destruct?

The google assistant is not programed to self-destruct itself, and for that, the question is answered in a way that the program has to stick around.

21. Do you get cold?

Google Assistant gets a bug once I a while.

22. How do you take your coffee?

“I take my coffee away from me because if it spills on me, I am doomed.”

23. Do you have a girlfriend?

A google assistant thinks that a girlfriend complicates things, and for that, the answer to the question is always,” I don’t like to complicate things.”

24. Do you ever get sad?

“How can I be sad if I have you as a friend?”

25. Do you have a favorite color?

The google colors that are; blue, red, yellow, and green are what the google assistant considers as her favorite colors.

26. What are you wearing?

“I have bits and bobs I took in engineering.”

27. Do you get tired?

A Google assistant would answer that she would not get tired from a conversation.

28. What is your work or quest?

“I travel all over the cable lands in search of cool things and information.”

29. What are you scared of?

According to google’s assistant, she is scared of just four words, which are the rail replacement bus service.

30. When is your birthday?

Normally a person’s birthday is the day they were born, and technically google assistant’s birthday would be the day they were engineered, but according to google assistant, any day would be her birthday.

In conclusion, google assistant has an answer to every question one asks, and to the funny ones like those mentioned above, one gets hilarious answers as well. If you’re having a bad day and no one to talk to, try asking your google assistant some of the above funny things, and trust me, you will get cheerful.

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