25 Funny things to search on google

25 Funny things to search on google

When we get bored sometimes, we create our fun. It’s a web search engine that was developed by Google. Anything, I mean anything you can get using an algorithm from dating, eating, dancing to all that by a click of a button. It has its adversity, but today, I want to see the funniest thing you can use google to see or get information about. Remember funny things thing sometimes; it can help to create an opportunity. Sometimes you can find something amusing on google that makes you laugh, but it’s not droll to some people, so you be you. If you type anything on google, it will give tips, so if you want to get more fun ideas to type anything funny and you will have a lot of absurd ideas ever go through on google.

Funny things to search on google when you are bored

1. How will you get a cheating spouse?

Who wants a cheating partner? Does everyone want a good and faithful companion? But Google got every answer you are looking for; check it out. You can ask for a laugh and fun, but I think who evoked this was serious about the clutch unfaithful spouse.

2. Hey, google, will can you be my bosom buddy?

You ask Google to be your best friend; you will get fantastic and amazing answers. If Google search engine was an Ai, what do you assume will be a reply you can address in the comments. The moment you key in this quiz, you will see Google’s opinion of what people have been looking for; you can have by opening each approach on their tabs.

3. How can I cheat my wife?

People are crazy outside their they ask the very funny and weird question. He wants to gain new skills on how to cheat. I thought you just do it when caught; you accept the divorce thing. I don’t know if you will get ideas, but I know funny things will pop up.

4. I want to know if you will love me, Google?

To be loved by Google, you only need to use them a lot. It will be calling your name when you use voice property to do your searches. You get marvelous responses to make your ribs hurt.

5. Is it healthy to be a vegetarian?

That’s if you want to see what Google will tell you about being vegetarian. It will respond according to scientific blogs but down there on the suggestion on what other people have been looking for, and it will be fun and amazing. People do come up with a lot of jokes about vegetarianism.

6. Fart, is it healthy?

This will be fun, try it!!!!

7. Is urine healthy?

Urine is a waste product; we can call it a metabolism by-product. There is no way that can be healthy. Either colored or clear, there is nowhere scientifically proves you can use urine except for research purposes and a pregnancy test.

8. Are their known folks who are attracted to Pikachu sexually?

Everybody loves Pikachu. Someone went the extra mile and fall for them. They are cute, but they don’t exist. Even if someone is in love with them, they can’t meet them. That’s an image, a fake one.

9. Google, do you know how I hate losing my black buddies in the dark and white associate in the snow. Do you know?

Who is my dad Google? They say you know a lot.

11. My husband farts a lot. I don’t know why?

I don’t know if this was asked for amusement, or it was deliberate. If he was serious, let’s find out what were google response.

13. Why does he lie to me?

Don’t try this if you are heartbroken because you want to have amusement again. It will crush your heart the second time. Do this when you know you are ok

14. I do wonder a lot when I am alone.

I am sure he got a cool reply about human brain functionality.

15. Why did God create Donald Trump?

You can’t ask for a reason so that God can create you. You will have many responses, that’s for you to decide if it’s funny or not.

16. Will I enter heaven, Google?

Religion, too, has some jokes when it comes to google. You will have many answers from comedy to scientific theories.

17. Why am I not married?

You want google to know the reasons why you are not married am sure the fast answer will be you are not cute, I bet, but I don’t know.

18. Why some peoples have green poops.

19. Do leopard purr like a cat?

20. Can Batman defeat Thanos without his suit?

21. I get bitten by a spider in the lab will be a spiderman?

22. How is wealth, Makes Batman a superhero?

23. When was Thor born in the Asgardian world?

24. Who was patient zero when malaria broke up?

25. How do I use my phone to call my mum?

Create your fun zone by checking all weird and funny questions to ask google. You don’t have to come online to get what to look for, but you can create your funny questions, and as always, google got the perfect answer for you. Sometimes they can be funny because a blogger wrote an answer to your question you can find the funny of informative. You can learn from them after getting entertained you will get information on what you think is a joke that can be useful to you.

Those questions like how to use the toilet? Or how to switch off a tv. You will get something new you don’t know about the toilet or tv. You expected it to be funny, but sometimes it turns out you are a funny individual. You can also check out what your friend does google. You will be mesmerized by what you get to know about them.

Suppose you have other fun things that have been asked or asked on google and YouTube. You can share it with us for fun.

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