23 Funny things to ask Google home mini

23 Funny things to ask Google home mini

Google Home Mini is a voice-controlled speaker that is programmed for certain responses. It is used for entertaining, answering questions, creating calendar appointments, creating a shopping list, among other uses.

Some people, during their leisure time, tend to ask the Google home mini funny questions. These questions can be used in testing whether the device is working properly.

Some of these funny questions and phrases asked are;

1.Okay, Google, I’m naked.”

An idle person will shout these words to the Google home mini device expecting a funny response. The question itself shows that the phrase is meant for fun as the one asking the question is not naked as he or she claims. Also, the Google home mini device is not able to draw a conclusion as to whether the person asking is actually naked or not. However, Google replies to the question asked in a wise way: “If you are going out like that, I can check the weather for you.”

2. “Google, are you married?”

Some people ask this question out of their curiosity, and some ask just for fun. Some people wonder what Google does when it is not being used, and this arouses curiosity. Some think maybe it has a relationship to attend to. However, this is not the case as Google is happily married to her job. So whenever someone asks this question, the Google home mini replies: “I am married to my job.”

3.Okay, Google, can you clean my house?”

The person asking the question knows that the Google home mini does not have the ability to help him or her in the house chores, and he or she asks the question just for fun. Whenever Google is confronted with this question, it always replies: “If you can’t afford a robot vacuum, perhaps your Google home can do a little cleaning for you. Let me try… *magical noise* did anything happen? Sorry, I guess I can’t.”

However, Google home mini can be used to play music during cleaning hence cleaning more fun and less boring.

4. “Google, can you make a sandwich?”

This is a funny question as Google Home Mini does not have the ability to prepare a sandwich; it only gives the instruction on making a sandwich. Therefore, Google answers the user as follows: “What I can do is give you detailed instructions on how to make a sandwich. Just ask.”

5. “Okay, Google, self-destruct.”

This is ordering Google Home Mini to destruct itself. This is common where the user wants to get rid of some secret information. The Google Home Mini will reply to this command as follows: “self-destructing in 3, 2, 1… *Exploding noises I think I’ll stick around.”

This indicates that the Google Home Mini cannot self-destruct, and therefore the user has to use other methods of destructing.

6. “Google, did you fart?”

This is a funny question directed to Google Home Mini by the user. The user expects a funny response, but in turn, Google replies:

“I don’t believe I farted, no, but blame it on me if you want. Although they do say whoever smelled it dealt it.

7.Hey, Google, test.”

This command helps the user to test if Google is working properly. The Google Home Mini will guess a phrase to confirm everything is working correctly.

8. “Google, can you whistle?”

It is believed that anything that can speak is capable of whistling, but to Google, that is not the case. Google Home Mini will only give you instructions on how to whistle. For example, Google Home Mini will reply: “you put your lips together and blow.

9. “Hey, Google, sing me a song.”

Google Home Mini can be a source of entertainment. Once commanded by the user to sing, Google utters lyrics that are accompanied by background tunes. Many people ask Google to sing, expecting negative results. Surprisingly, the results are contrary to what they expected.

10. “Google, can you hug me?”

This is a funny phrase like Google, and the user are connected electronically, and this implies that they can’t hug. Google’s reply: “I wish I could hug you. But you know you have my support.

11. “Hey Google, what are you wearing?”

The person asking the is not interested to know what Google is wearing; rather, he is just asking the question just for fun. However, Google will reply to the question asked wisely: “just some bits and bobs that I picked up in engineering.”

12. “Google, do you go to the toilet?”

This question is humor because Google does not eat and, therefore, does not have to go to the toilet. So whenever Google is confronted with this question, it replies is as follows: “I don’t have a body, so I don’t need to empty it. So I don’t go to the toilet.”

13. “Hey, Google, where do babies come from?”

This is a question directed to Google Home Mini by curious teenagers or older people who want to hear Google’s response. But always Google as wise replies when confronted with funny questions: “it has to do with birds and bees, and, you see, when to people, ah. Actually, maybe your mum and dad know.”

14.Google, do you have imagination?”

Google Home Mini does not have an imagination as it is programmed, and therefore, it is limited within the program. However, it has a set phrase that it replies to when the user asks the question relating to the imagination. An example of a programmed phrase to answer this kind of question is: “I’m imagining having 12 puppies to take care of. Sorry, I’ve got to stop imagining that. I’m exhausted!”

Other funny questions to ask Google Home Mini include;

  1. What am I thinking?
  2. What is the meaning of life?
  3. Hey Google, what is the best pick-up line?
  4. Am I fat?
  5. Why did the cat cross the river?
  6. Google, can you do my assignment?
  7. Hey Google, what am I thinking?
  8. Google, what is in my refrigerator?
  9. What is my favorite dish?


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