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22 Funny things to be for Halloween

The Halloween holiday is celebrated every year on the 31st of October. This tradition started during the ancient Celtic festival to scare ghosts with costumes and bonfires. People believed that it blurred the boundary between humans and the dead. They offered animal sacrifices and burnt crops. Halloween has evolved over the years. It involves gatherings, playing tricks, and eating treats. Here are funny things to be on Halloween.

1. Shrek and Princess Fiona

This fairytale movie has won people’s hearts. It is not only a cartoon for kids but also has moral value to adults. Shrek is a version of most people in the world. He had a good heart and was caring, but people rejected him because of his appearance. He makes Princess Fiona feel beautiful despite looking down upon herself. It teaches us that respect, love, and personality are what matters in life. Couples can get a costume for Shrek and Fiona.

2. Plug and socket

Plug and socket are two different things. However, they perform essential functions when put together. They are designed perfectly for each other. This costume is fun for a lovely couple. It will capture everybody’s attention.

3. Dollar bill

Most people say that they feel like a dollar bill when everything goes smoothly. Dollar bill costume will express your happiness. This silly costume makes someone appear like 100 bucks.

The front and the back part has the real image of the money. Furthermore, it has an opening for arms.

4. on and off switch

This costume can make a person be the light of Halloween. It serves as a nonverbal way to communicate at a party. You can switch it on when the party is lit and switch it off when it is not lit. This makes everyone know how you feel.

5. Poop

Poop costumes make you appear pooped. The style features a poop emoji and cartoon eyes on the front. Poop costume will be amazing for Halloween.

6. The Wet Bandits (Home Alone).

They are Marv Murchins and Harry Lyme, they were funny thieves, and they amused the world so much. We are still watching them. They escaped from prison, and they wrapped their hands with tapes so that they can steal from a donation bucket. They were cool, but they got problems with Alex. They have a cool dressing code, and people nowadays use it on Halloween.

7. 80s dressing code.

This was not funny, but to some people, it’s hysterical, anybody born from 2000 cannot wear that they think it’s weird and funny from the model and looks.

8. Turtle ninja.

Four mutant brothers in New York City are trying to fight crimes during the night. A lot of kids love superhero, and they will love to have their costumes. What makes them funny is that they are talking turtles; they are tall and big, making them different from actual turtle size.

9. Queen Elizabeth.

This went an extra mile as it is ridiculous to be like Queen Elizabeth and his bodyguard. You can use make-up or just buy masks; they are out there. As we all know, she is the mother of the world, kind and only old rich woman who can drive herself. John Legend tried this, and it was perfect; you can look online. He was hysterical. I liked it.

10. Water bottle.

Something amazing out there is that people think a lot and focus on something to come up with some amazing to make people or just to feel comfortable. Someone came up with a cloth that looks like a water bottle; it was perfect, a little creepy, but it was cool.

11. Fridge rider.

Tomb Raider was one of the amazing movies of all time. Lara Croft’s outfit in the movie was all about adventure. The outfit was turned into something funny that amazed the world, and we have fridge rider. Ok, the shorts and top shirt were the same, but the gadget for her adventure was all about food. Gun holster carries sausages and spoon banana as our pistols and many others.

12. Greenhouse.

Have never seen a mobile greenhouse, but one Halloween, I met one, and it was amusing. Greenhouses are used to grow flowers, tomatoes, and many other crops. Her hat was a greenhouse (Normal house not the Green paper thing), And she wore a green dress with flower on it was perfect and, in her hand, she had a watering can but flowers came out from every opening even the nozzle.

13. Blessings.

There are a lot of costumes out there talking about blessing, but one that amuses me is a blessing in disguise. You can wear anything with a word blessing. In 2019 someone had a black t-shirt and blue cap. The t-shirt was written blessing. The funny part was the head; he had a mustache, big eyebrows, and Mikey ears (the cartoon), and don’t forget eyeglasses; it was amazing.

14. Mike Wazowski. And Sulley.

Did you love Monster Inc.(animation)? Now imagine you being Mike Wazowski or Sulley. They were an amazing monster. Sulley was scary, but Mike is a cute monster. They have different characteristics and nature, but the funny thing about them is how they look. Their bodies OMG it is perfect for making your friends laugh,

15. SpongeBob SquarePants.

When we were kids, everybody loved watching SpongeBob. Some are still watching because the story is sweet and how they look so cute and adorable. SpongeBob Square pants will be perfect for making people laugh. The SquarePants thing I don’t know it will look like, but I am sure it will be hysterical.

16. Minions.

Despicable Me was amazing due to these guys. Minions are round with no neck and thin legs and hands. Kids will love this, but it can work for adults too.

17. Maui and Moana.

This works best when you are a couple. The man should be Maui, and the lady will be Moana. Make sure your costume has every tattoo Maui had and the hook too. These will be perfect walking around in a big body costume and a bone necklace around your neck.

18. Rocket and Groot.

There was a kid last year who came up with a Rocket costume; trust me, he rocked Halloween that year. It was Rocket is a human being mutated to be a raccoon as a biological weapon. In the guardian of the galaxy, Rocket has his family, and he loves them, especially Vin Diesel (Groot)

Groot is a walking tree, I don’t know the history of Groot, but I know it is the funniest costume ever made on Halloween.

19. Doctor reaper.

A lot of people have done these before, so it won’t be funny, but I just wanted to let you know it’s the coolest Halloween suit ever. Reapers are aliens that are attracted to anything that can rapture time. Any paradoxes that will damage time invites the doctor, e.g., bacteria swarming around a wound they sterilize the wound by consuming everybody around there.

  • They have multiple limbs.
  • Sharp teeth (beak form)
  • Secondary mouth.
  • Rapacious attitude.

20. Pumbaa and Timon.

Everybody loves the Lion King, especially kids. Timon was a wise meerkat, and Pumbaa was a warthog who was manipulated by Tomon for over a long time. Look online at the image of Pumbaa and Timon, then choose one to make for your Halloween; you will shock the world.

21. Immortan, Joe.

Everybody loved Mad Max fury road, and the Bad Guy in this movie had a costume of the year. Immortan Joe was a dictator who made people worshiped him because of water. They thought he couldn’t die and he can predict what can happen in the future, so people worshiped him.

People have used these before, and it was hysterical.

22. Rick and Morty.

Thes could be the dad and son of two best friends. Adult swim characters are funny from their looks and what they do. You can use masks or create your costume from scratch.

You don’t have to come up with your costume; you can buy what you think will make you happy. Also, you can come up with your idea to make people laugh, like checking out the worst villain costume; let’s say, Thanos, you can use it, and people will laugh at it. Anyway, Merry Christmas.

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