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20 Funny things to do to a party

Everyone goes to parties to have fun and if you don’t know many people or friends that would be boring. There are pretty things you can always choose to do to make you enjoy the party and make it fun at the same time. If you’re looking for these funny things, then you have come to the right place since this article will list a couple of them. Never get bored while at a party, yet you can do the following funny things to enjoy the moments. Most of the things that are very funny doing at a party are games, and there are very many games that will be listed below that will always make your party times worth it.

1. Have a tournament

You may choose different games for tournaments, and since most will be a competition, it will be a fan. For example, let people in the party play a dart tournament and see who is good at it.

2. Do a photo scavenger hunt

In the era of smartphones, this game is very interesting since almost everyone has a phone, and they can play the game. Everyone in the party is required to be in a group, and each group is expected to take photos of listed things while timed. Different groups do the same, and when the time is over, every one showcases the tasks completed, and the winning group is determined.

3. Have an outdoor theatre

This you can do by having a large screen in your garden or backyard. Stream a very nice movie that everyone will enjoy and, if possible, have a popcorn bar and some drinks.

4. Do some wine tasting party

Having various wines at the party could make it fun because you and your friends can decide to do the random tasting and to decide which wine is the best and argue over the reasons you think certain wines are the best.

5. Play the karaoke

Singing Karaoke can be fun at a party since most of the time it will be a competition. Competitions are fun because everyone wants to do their best, and that may kill any boredom.

6. Do some impression challenge

This is one of the best things people can do at a party to make things interesting. It majorly involves people writing the names of popular celebrities and letting people pick one celebrity at a time. Every person is expected to make an impression of the person they have chosen, and the rest of the audience guesses who the celebrity is.

7. Try not to laugh challenge

People will always laugh at hilarious clips. To make your party fun, play a video for your friends and introduce the challenge and see the people who will laugh and miss on points.

8. Bubble gum challenge

This activity will involve a lot of bubble gums, but it will be fun to get to know how many bubble gums friends can chew at a time.

9. Blindfolded drawing challenge

To make your party fun or have some activities that lighten the mood at a party, try this challenge. Let your friends blindfold each other and let them draw a picture of something, and comparing the results will be the fun part.

10. Whisper challenge

This challenge involves a friend with earphones and another one without whispering a song lyrics and sees the time it takes the person on earphones to guess the song. It gets fun if it’s done in pairs, and the results are compared eventually.

11. The alphabet challenge

This is always a fun activity, regardless of where it is done. It can be done specifically at a party to brighten the moods of everyone. Choose a topic starting with the letter A and let your friends guess words that match that category. If anyone messes then, let them leave, and the challenge restarts with a new topic. Play until you see who wins.

12. Have a dance-off

Competition is always a fun thing to do at a party because people get excited at new dancing styles while others would love to showcase their dancing styles. Let all your friends take turns dancing and let everyone vote on who is the best dancer of the day or night.

13. Put up a bonfire

Set up a bonfire outside your house and let your friends tell stories over the fire. Many of the times, this is the time people remind each other of the good and bad times.

14. Play card games

Card games are always fun for both beginners and experts. Newbies get to learn on few gaming secrets while the experts get challenged by their fellows.

15. Have a movie night

Watching a movie at a party is always a fun thing, especially if it’s a comedy movie that will make everyone laugh. This is recommended, however, for the overnight parties to keep your guests entertained and happy.

16. Play guess the song

As mentioned earlier, people consider challenging themselves as fun. The host of the party may decide to play some songs and let his or her guests guess the song being played and get to know the person who knows most songs.

17. Lemmon challenge

Lemons are always bitter, and this is fun to watch people who can withstand bitterness and to what extent. Have lemons cut into pieces and let a couple of friends eat the lemon without giving up and see who wins.

18. Play the who I am game

One of the fun games to play at a party with many people would be this. It involves people getting sticky notes on their foreheads with the name of a famous person. Each player is allowed to ask yes or no questions to get clues on the person they are.

19. Play truth or dare

Truth or dare is a simple game everyone knows and fun to play at a party. People can come up with the type of questions they are comfortable asking if they say yes to a dare and vice versa.

20. Do a clothing swap

This can be very enjoyable as people are requested to come with extra clothes they don’t need anymore but when they are clean and in good condition. Most will enjoy it since they will be having a change of their closet to friends style they have been admiring.

Briefly, it is important to note that there are other activities that people can do at a party to make it interesting. The above listed are just a few, and you may try them out and see how fun your party times will always be.

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