20 funny things to do at a sleepover

20 funny things to do at a sleepover

Most people view sleepover as fun, but it can create significant impacts on our life. Sleepover at someone’s house or inviting a friend to your house creates independence. It enables us to see how other families cooperate and become a good host in the future. People can grow emotionally and know how to express themselves. In addition to that, a sleepover is also helpful for parents. It is not easy for parents to accept that their children are growing up fast, and they will be independent independently. Letting your child go to your friend’s house will allow you to experience the moment. Let us see funny things you can do at a sleepover.

1. Throw a pool party

The first thing to remember when you have a pool is to throw a pool party. You can also create a minor pool party from a temporary pool. Get a giant inflatable pool toy and put poolside lounge chairs for everyone to enjoy the spectacular view. You can create a summer atmosphere by including favorite drinks and cocktails. The pool party will never go wrong after you add cool music for everyone to enjoy the night.

2. Outdoor games

Outdoor games are more fun when you play with many people. There are many outdoor games to select from. For instance, freeze tag, tag, marbles, hopscotch, traffic cop, and hide and seek. Other competitive games are handball, basketball, volleyball, and netball. The list of outdoor games is countless. The only big problem is to get everyone to choose one game for everyone. They are one of the ways you can exercise your body while you have fun.

3. Create Tik Tok moves

Tik Tok is a popular platform for short mobile videos. It allows you to present your creativity and capture the best moments of your life. You can record a funny video or dance after a popular song. You only install the application, set profile, pick effects, and shoot the video. It is not a must for your kids to post them on social media. Get the video and keep it for future memories.

4. Taste competition

Not everyone knows different brands of snacks and drinks. You can come up with a testing challenge for different foods. Cover their eyes and let them tasty food. Ensure they do not know the brand of snacks. Taste competition allows you to learn new favorites that you had no idea.

5. Decorate the cake

Sleepovers give you a chance to bake your dream cake. List the recipes that you will need to bake the carrot cake or chocolate cake. Use fun cake toppings like sprinkles, frosting, and sauce to decorate the cake.

6. Night walk

Walking in the streets at night sounds fun things to do, along with friends. Ensure you remain on pedestrians you remain when you are walking in the night. It would help if you also got flashlights to be alert and see while you are walking. Make the night walk fun by spotting owls and other animals.

7. House camping

Bring summer camping inside the home by getting sleeping bags, blanket, and indoor tents. You will not worry about contracting malaria because there are no mosquitos. Indoor camping can give you an experience of the idea of camping. It gives an overview of potential problems that may arise on actual outdoor camping.

8. Fashion show

Let your friends know the theme of the fashion show to come with a few clothing. Epic fashion show themes include beach theme, construction theme, designer, summer theme, winter theme, etc.

9. Pranks

Pranks should be done to friendly people who do not have health conditions. Call out your friends who did not come for the sleepover and prank them. Prank your neighbors with fake snakes and lizards. Roll toilet paper on your family’s car and ensure it will be easy to unroll.

10. Play truth and dare

Truth or dare is a funny game that embarrasses us. The game is simple and does not need any preparation.

Truth and questions include:

When was your first kiss?

What is the craziest thing you did?

Who is your celebrity crush?

When last time did you kiss?

Do 50 frog jumps

Put ice cubes on your hand.

11. Do makeovers

This is the day to give oneself a treat. You can start with a hot bath and deep massages. Do facials and learn from your friends with new techniques. Additionally, you can polish your nails and do full makeup. Do not forget to do the model’s poses and take pictures to keep memories.

12. Watch movies

Get a bowl of popcorn to enjoy. Stream Netflix account and get a perfect movie that all your friends can enjoy. A scary movie for your age will be great. You will end up holding each other hands and facing your fears.

13. Set bonfire

It is not guaranteed that bonfire should only be set during Easter. Friends can help to set a bonfire and create a chill spot. Tell each other secret and scary stories for more fun. You can also read storybooks around the fire.

14. Video games

Video games suit all occasions, including a sleepover. There are dozens of video games to play online. They become when you are competing against one another. Playing video games has cognitive benefits for us. It brings creativity, connections, solve problems, and boost reading skills.

15. Talent show

Everyone wants to showcase their unusual and gifted skills to others. This enables you to have confidence on stage and discover talents. You can include talent shows for a sleepover party. Print a list of performances like singing, dancing, mimicry, cat walking, comedy, and acting. Choose the judges who will award marks and choose the winner of the competition.

16. be creative

Bring gums, papers, scissors, ribbons, markers, beads, and go creative. You can decorate photo frames, throw pillows, or make necklaces.

17. Outdoor camping

It is fun to spend outside in the middle of the night. Set big tents, fire point, and have warm blankets. Outdoor camping is a nice place to roast food and share stories.

18. Freestyle

Put music tune and sing a song that suits the tune.

19. Enjoy food

No party ends without food. Enjoy simple food like popcorn, cocktail, cookies, and fries.

20. Camera roll

Take selfies on your phone and pass the phone to the next person to take a selfie.


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