20 Funny things to buy online

20 Funny things to buy online

Due to globalization and the rising of new technological inventions, everything can be acquired pretty fast and to one’s doorstep. People are buying clothes, foodstuffs, and electronics, among other things, at the comfort of their homes. There are various companies that have specialized in delivering goods to people wherever they are. Some of these companies are; Jumia, Amazon, among others. This article will outline some of the hilarious things people buy or can buy online.

1. The cow wall décor

Normal people go for classy wall decors that will attract people’s attention in a good way. Buying a cow wall décor is very creepy and funny because people will just wonder why one would love a cow hanged in their living room.

2. Beer Bandolier

Most bandoliers are known to hold bullets and are hanged around the shoulder. Imagine a person ordering a bandolier that now holds beer. How funny can that be?

3. Watermelon crossbody bag

Watermelon is a fruit meant to be eaten, and how it is carried really does not matter. It is funny how one may choose to have their cross body bags designed with a watermelon design. Anyone who sees you from far may literally think you’re carrying a watermelon on your back

4. The wine for cats

People love their pets, and they do and buy things to appreciate them. It is funny how a person would order wine and not just any wine but the wine for cats. If your friend does this, then he is weird and funny.

5. A coloring book of farting animals

The name of the book itself is very funny, and having it is funnier because you get to see images of different animals farting.

6. Hedgehog Cheese Grater

This is one of the cheese graters people rarely come across, and if your friend buys this online, you would think it’s funny because it is shaped exactly like a hedgehog.

7. Nostril /nose pencil sharper

Most of the funniest things one can buy online are those that resemble animals or various body parts. In this case, one may decide to buy a sharpener looking like a nose just to be funny and also to get something unique for their kids.

8. Remote control centipede

For people who don’t like competition for the remote, they can opt to buy one that is shaped like a centipede. Many people fear the animal, and they will stay away from the remote.

9. Cat butt coasters

It’s funny to have your coffee table decorated with cat butt coasters, but they make it look good. They are worth buying for their good looks and the fun they will always bring to your visitors as they discuss the choice of the décor.

10. Talking toilet paper spindle

If you want to mess around with your family members or just friends, this is the funniest thing you can buy online. Imagine recording a message that would freak the next user, and it’s very funny.

11. Finger hands

If you thought you had seen funny things people buy online, then check this one out. A person just thinks their fingers are not enough. They go ahead and buy these finger hands online. They have 125 fingers and 25 thumbs in total. I would definitely laugh at this thing always.

12. Reverse Pee hole

A piece of equipment like this is used by law enforcers to see things beyond a door that has a peephole. When a person orders this online, one may wonder what they want to use it all. If a friend buys this online, you will all find it funny and creepy.

13. Glow in the dark sunglasses

Funny people buy fun things. Why would someone buy sunglasses that would glow once darkness falls? Well, some think it is cool, and I bet you also agree it is even though it doesn’t make sense.

14. MacBook mirror

Buying a MacBook mirror online is very funny. Of all the mirrors one could choose from, that is what they choose. One may obviously think the person buying the mirror is a tech enthusiast because of the particular choice.

15. Fuck off sleep mask

Normally, people buy sleeping face masks that are plain, and if written on, then the choice of words is kind. Some people may just decide to buy one online that is written fuck off just to be funny, while others are strictly telling people to let them be while they sleep.

16. Underwear for two

Two people cannot just walk into a store and buy underwear for two, and there are people like those who are few. Buying them online is easier since you get them delivered for you. The delivery guy himself will laugh all the way as he delivers the underwear as he imagines what it is meant to be used for and why anyone would what it.

17. Ball lights

People normally buy lighting equipment online every time. Buying ball lights is hilarious; just imagine you have like ten light balls in your house and all have a different color.

18. Volcano lamp

Some people are very particular, and they need unique things, and this lamp is one of them. It is said to enhance a mood that will draw you to sleep slowly. Buying this particular lamb is funny since a lot of people are buying other models of lamps.

19. Dinosaur sandwich cutter

Any type of sandwich cutter can make sandwiches one needs. Ordering for one that has the shape of a dinosaur is funny, but to some people, this is the best to make sandwiches for kids.

20. Nose soap dispenser

A nose dispenser is one of the funniest things a person can buy online. Just imagine getting a dispenser that looked exactly like a human nose; it is even funny just thinking of it. If you are buying it for your family, everyone will be overwhelmed, and that will make them laugh every time they use it.

To sum up, you have noted that all the above-named things are funny since you would actually think twice before buying them. They are good to buy because they make people laugh, and the mood is always on point. There are many other fun things, but I believe those listed are funnier.

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