19 Funny things to make people laugh

19 Funny things to make people laugh

It’s not a must for you to be a comedian to make people laugh. All you need is to think what’s riotous and just present it satisfactorily. It’s easy just do it and don’t think about who you can make laugh. O In addition, don’t think about what looks hysterical but just use what’s around you to make people guffaw. Turn good scenes into funny things turn your surroundings into comedy. It’s an amusing endeavor.

1. Witness pranks.

Walk up to anybody and you and tell them you can’t talk now you know will die in there. This will be fun if you put some acting on it look scared and a little shaky maintain eye contact.

2. Pet shop.

Go to a grove or pet shop get birdseed and ask for the period they can take to grow. Look serious and maintain eye contact. Remember to show them at the end you are joking they will think you are crazy and that is not good for the public.

3. Star Wars.

Look for black glasses and a white cane (act like a blind man in Star Wars) walk around like a blind man telling people to go with the force and be safe. This will be fun so long you don’t lose the character of a blind man or woman.

4. Disinfectants.

Follow around people in shops or stores and spray whatever they are touching with disinfectant.

5. Elevator.

Take a desk into the elevator and ask everybody who comes in if they have an appointment. Some may laugh and get in staring at them and breathe heavily.

6. Threat pranks.

When the elevator is full of people go in and tell them “I hope you know why I brought you guys here. Good-bye, see you soon in the other world.”

7. The Stare.

Stop in the middle of the road, the school field or anywhere you know you will get the attention of people and point into the sky and pretend you see something and then get your bosom buddy to join you. Start saying things like “how did it come there,”; “these things look serious. After a short period, people will be joining you guys ask what is it.

8. Time travel.

Look for spacesuit and walk down the street confused and eager and ask any person what year is it, when they answer scream saying it worked and go away or you can stand there telling them you are from the future.

9. Secret agents pranks.

Look for a nice suit with black or white earphones and start running towards someone the target is on sight permission to engage. If they run follow them if they don’t move and pass them as you were not looking at them. Remember to act like a spy don’t just do things it won’t be funny but stupid.

10. Roadside tricks.

Stop on the roadside and ask your friend to stand on the other side of it and stand there pretending that you are holding a cord. Move your fingers like you are holding it right your friend too so that it will look real. If you see people are buying it hold for about 30 mins only so that you cannot create traffic some people are busy and working all the time.

11. Shopping center jokes.

Get into a supermarket, Walmart, or the mall with popcorns and go where they are selling TV’s set up a lawn chair at any place so longs you get the attention of people and watch whatever movie they are watching. If they start taking pictures you can turn around or tell them how the movie is cool and what expect to happen.

12. Insane scenes.

Follow people down the street so close and start arguing with yourself, a loud talk only funny things so that they a hear “why that prince in Shrek turned to green she was cute the world Is cruel”. Also, look for your friend where suits and start trailing people around to make sure they buy the trick. Make sure you look like intelligent officers.

13. Imaginations.

Walk down the street talking to an imaginary man or woman it depends on how you will talk. After some minutes yell “I told you she died buddy “also add body movements like move your hands like you are serious. Also, you can try to chase your imaginary friend saying a when I catch you will crawl back to the grave you came from.

14. Ghosts.

Go into an empty bathroom and wait until anybody (prefer females) gets into the stall. Give it a moment like 3 mins and then create a swift sound with your mouth and turn the light on and off saying “have been watching for over a long time now it’s time I get you to my world.

15. I didn’t do it.

Get into the elevator if there is one person poke them and say I didn’t do it I swear if they more than the one you can tell them too.

16. Kids story.

Walk towards grown-ups and ask them if you can read them a story and you have to hold a kid’s storybooks. Look serious and maintain eye contact. If they say no you can pretend like you want to cry saying, bad person.

17. Searching.

Walk up to any stranger person and say “finally I get you! Have been looking for you everywhere darling.” Look serious like you know the person and if they are surprised or confused just say “it is my mike (any name can work). When they are more confused whisper “we agreed no this game of pretense please.”

18. Prison pranks.

Run through a police station saying “damn, am I escaped that weird place, no more sleeping jail on the steel bed.”

19. Animal characteristics.

Pretend to be a wild animal like a monkey or lion. Roar in the street if it monkeys jump up and down on things producing animal sound.

Be cognizant if you do this to win a girl there is a 90% kick at the cat, you will miss, and they will take it as your nature and nothing special about it. When doing these don’t hinder people from working just do it for fun if you hinder people business will not be cool. So, do it for fun to make people guffaw that’s all.

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