19 Funny things to draw on a whiteboard

19 Funny things to draw on a whiteboard

A whiteboard normally is a special board that is pinned on a wall and can be written on or drawn on using special pens. Most of the whiteboards are used in classrooms, boardrooms, and meeting rooms because they allow a person to write on them using non-permanent markings. Compared to the chalkboards, a whiteboard is more effective, fun, and easier to deal with. This article will major on different funny things one may draw on his or her whiteboard.

1. Stranger peanuts

Stranger peanuts are a combination of the “Stranger things” and” peanuts “kid’s series. These children are funny, and everyone who has watched them would find it hilarious that someone can decide or can draw them on a whiteboard.

2. Funny teachers’ picture

Students like making a fan of their teachers sometimes because of how tough they are. The best way, however, is to draw a funny picture of the person in question after his lesson or before his class so that he may see the drawing of himself.

3. Weird cat pics

Cats are lovely pets, but when angered, they become defensive, and they make funny faces and movements. It would be hilarious when a person gets to draw a sad cat then adding some text like” I hate being their cat “on top of it.

4. Cartoons

Cartoons in nature are funny, and many people can randomly identify them when they see them either on TV, in magazines, or in a drawing. It would be nice to draw a cartoon on a whiteboard after a class and let the students guess who it is in the second class.

5. Dragons

Dragons are only seen in pictures on the internet and in some animal museums. They have also been animated into cartoons, and they are amazing, and getting to draw one of the extinct creatures on a whiteboard would be smart, funny, and genius.

6. Prominent Ghosts

A ghost is a spirit of a dead person on an animal that can appear to the living. It would be funny is if a person drew a ghost of one of the prominent presidents in the world with a caption that would say,” I am the president of the ghosts now.”

7. Tortoise with a big head and big eyes

A tortoise is known for its slow-motion and hard shell as well as its small head. Imagine getting a drawing of a tortoise with a head that is bigger than its shell or almost the same. That drawing would make just anyone laugh.

7. Crying shark

Sharks are dangerous, and they look dangerous as well. Drawing a shark that has opened its mouth with tears coming out of its eyes sounds funny.

8. Angry SpongeBob

SpongeBob is an animated cartoon with a funny shape. Any drawing of the cartoon, either happy or angry, will definitely make the picture odd and funny.

9. Flying city

How would a city fly, one may wonder? An artist may choose to draw a few buildings of a well-known city and put them in a way the city is existing but hanging on the air with is pretty amazing and funny.

10. Volcano eruption

Many people have not seen a volcano eruption, and drawing one would be pretty awesome, and that would make people happy and curious.

11. School park

A student may draw the park of their school on his class whiteboard to show how well he knows his school. He or she may decide to draw some things in the park accompanied by a funny caption that the rest of the students can relate to.

12. Zoo

Drawing a zoo is very interesting since one would have to draw the animals contained in the zoo. A whiteboard is meant to write assignments, and teachers work on it, and therefore some people would use it as a drawing board.

13. A Llama in glasses

A llama is a domestic animal in South America that is used for meat. Drawing a llama in glasses and adding a caption of “Am on strike, no meat today” is hilarious and would make anyone laugh.

14. A dog doctor

Many animals have been animated into cartoons, and some play roles like those of people. Imagine getting a drawing of your dog dressed in a lab coat and holding all the doctor’s equipment’s then an additional caption that says, “Next patient.”

15. A fat poor

Poor are normally fat and drawing one with a bigger size and indicating that that is the fat version of the normal poor. It gets funnier if you paint your drawing with colors that show how fat the poor is.

16. A dining table full of dolphins

Dolphins are found in waters; draw them in a round dining table, and see all the funny reactions you get.

17. A mouth full of flowers

This is one of the arts that are drawn to show or express emotion. Drawing a picture of just a mouth without a face and flowers falling from it is a little weird but funny. People will want to know the motivation behind the drawing.

18. Flying baby

Babies are fragile, and they are supposed to be always carried when they are not sleeping or sitting. Drawing a baby that has been thrown in the air looks dangerous and funny at the same time.

19. Amused turtle Ninja

Turtle Ninjas are animated cartoons that get rid of bad guys in their neighborhoods. Most of the time, they are fighting crimes that you rarely see when they are happy, so drawing a picture of one of them amused is something.

In conclusion, anything is funny on a whiteboard as long as it relates to its audience. The above-listed things, for example, all have a targeted audience who would find it funny that someone would draw such things on a whiteboard. As earlier mentioned, most of the chalkboards are used in the boardrooms, meeting rooms, and classrooms, and most of the things listed above are not things expected to be on such boards, and that makes it funny to draw them,

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