19 Funny things to do in class

19 Funny things to do in class

When you are free and bored in class, you can make it Jollification even for others. You can do a lot of things to make people cackle in class whether the teacher is in class or not. 90% chances of understanding the whole lesson if you are contented. There is a 90% chance of not understanding anything if everything in that class is a joke, limiting your jokes for your good. For merrymaking, let us go down these roads and see what will make your friend guffaw.

Things to do in your class to make your friend laugh.

1. Daydreaming.

Pretend you are sleeping in class and wake up at once saying all of you will die in 2 days and go back to your sleep perfectly without laughing or showing you are joking. Some will giggle, some will laugh at loud, but that’s the main goal.

2. The use of handcuffs.

Wake late and go to school wearing handcuffs when you get to class as the teacher asks to tell him you had to break out of jail first. This will be awesome if you have A prison uniform or anything close to that, like prisoners’ Halloween costume. The joker costume, and you can use specific prisons you know too.

3. Terrorist pranks.

When the door is knocked on while you are in class yell saying we are under attack and you have to be serious so that they buy your joke. Freak out act confused and afraid that will be amazing for the act. If they will be laughing, you can add a story about meeting someone who said at that time, he will bomb your class.

4. Teachers

CRE teacher or history when he/ she gives you work to tell them the work is against your religion and can’t do it. You can hold any religious bible that contradicts with the subject that will be perfect.

Challenge your teacher to a rap battle, of fist fight after school.

5. Can I go out?

Move close to the teacher’s ear like you want to whisper something in their ears and talk loudly, “can I go to the toilet I have to make poopies or something.”. Also, when the teacher is furious and everybody is frightened, ask the teacher if you can go out there is a high chance, he/she will say no. make a weird facial expression like you are egesting your pants under the desk.

6. Time taken

Draw flowers in the corner of the house and one on the whiteboard and under it write to be successful you need to be a designer and architect. See how long it will last there.

7. New schools tricks

When joining a new school when you get to your first class, you will be asked to introduce yourself when the teacher asks to tell him you were warned to talk to strangers.

Switch your name with a friend and see how it will take for the teacher to know that. When he asks him or her if you can do that and see if the director can notice.

8. The chosen one pranks.

Stay behind when class is over, wait until its dark and write on the board your name saying he is the chosen one. Remember to put the name in italics or any ancient font. Also, you can write in Greek or Latin and leave. In the morning, come to school late and enter the class as if it normal. Just wait and see what will be people’s reactions and how they will stare at you and sit down. (You can go to school early and do these if you won’t make it to stay)

9. Protests jokes.

On your last day, call everyone into your class, stand on top of your desk and yell freedom (you must have a club or stone) and then charge out when the bell rings. Remember you have to stop when people get over-excited these can turn into chaos, which is not ok.

10. Use the whole class.

Ask everyone in the class to stare at the teacher when he gets it and wait for the teacher’s reaction. Everybody must maintain character by staring at him no matter what he or she is doing. That will be creepy he or she must come up with weird or lame excuses to get out of class.

11. Exams.

During class tests or exams, flip your paper loudly so that people know you are ahead of them after ten minutes of starting exams. You can also stand up, give your teacher the answer sheet and walk towards the door and at the door pretending to be remembering something, and come take your paperback.

12. Answer the question.

Answer teacher’s questions very fast and in different languages that’s if you know.

13. Aliens.

Set an alarm on your phone when it rings pretend you are communicating with your home planet. And remember to mention your objective on this new planet that will be amazing.

14. Attentions.

Chew your arm or cloth until someone notices you are doing that.

15. Money heist.

Try to teach the most challenging topic imitating the professor in money heist give them a plan to cheat to pass the test.

16. Beggar.

Sit at the door when people come in begging for money.

17. Positions.

Change your seat every two minutes or change your seating position after every word the teacher says. When he or she asks what you are doing, tell them you are not ok with how she talks.

18. The bat sign.

Run towards the door and say sorry I thought I saw the bat signal. I want to be the Robin but I guess I am dreaming.

19. Staring.

Stare at an object in your class for the whole lesson, or stand and point at your teacher wherever he moves until he asks why you sit down and not talking at all the whole lesson.


Some of the things can lead to chaos, or sometimes it can lead to protest, so when it gets to that point, cut it out and be sorry when pissed off.

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