19 Funny things to buy on Walmart

19 Funny things to buy on Walmart

Walmart has a lot of strange things. It has perfect gifts to give someone on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other occasions. Also, things can be uses for fun at leisure. During shopping, you can notice funny things sold besides foodstuff. Here are some of the hilarious things to buy.

1. Toilet tattoos

When you hear about a toilet tattoo, the first thing to think about is a toilet image placed on your body. Nonetheless, these tattoos belong to the washroom. Toilet tattoos help you change the appearance of the toilet. In addition to that, parents often face difficulties during potty training. Children are often convinced with some thing’s that can lure or attract them. Toilet Tattoos are attractive; hence they can make it easy during training.

2. Mop slippers

Gone are the days when we used to clean while bending our backs and using heavy moppers. Sometimes we get tired of cleaning every day, seeing that it is tiresome. Mop slippers feature microfiber fingers for cleaning the floor. It gets rid of dirt, dust, and hair. You slide and enjoy the work. Moreover, these slippers make individuals engage in house chores, especially children. Buy them and gift your mother and friends during the Christmas holidays.

3. Alligator tissue holder

Tissue papers are part of hygiene, and they must be clean. Most wooden holders feature aluminum, wood, or plastic. Alligator tissue holder takes creativity to another hold. It is the alligator that holds a tissue. This holder has several benefits. It prevents the tissue from getting wet and dirt.

4. Poo record-keeper

A bathroom is not complete without a poo log. It is the best way to keep health records. Patients who experience digestive problems can create a schedule during the visit to the doctor. Each page has a date, duration, time, unusual traits, and a spot to draw. Lastly, it can serve as a unique gift for the elderly and teenagers.

5. Poo dough

Do you want to become a prankster in your family? You can create a shape of poo with this dough. It has different shades of brown dough and yellow for creating peanut and corn. This makes it look precisely like poo but with a sweet smell.

6. Toilet coffee mug

Do you ever wish to gift a coworker a silly thing during my birthday? Human beings can also drink coffee from the toilet. This mug is creative for coffee lovers. It holds 12 ounces of drink, thus makes someone take the hot beverage twice.

7. Inflatable big baby

This funny costume turns an adult into a big baby. It is a good piece for Halloween, and gender reveal occasions and baby. You get in the suit and turn on fans to inflate. Be prepared because you will be a celebrity, everyone will want to take photos with you.

8. Personal sauna tent

Sauna has several benefits to our health. However, it is expensive; thus, most people cannot afford to visit more often. Personal sauna tent is the new trend to adopt. It has everything you need for a spa. This includes a foldable sauna chair. It is portable to navigate to any room. In addition to that, you can use it when listening to music, reading a novel, watching movies, documentaries, and gaming. This small sauna is a long-term objective that will save money.

9. Fake beards

Fake beards are great for adults and kids. They are available in a variety of colors such as white, grey, and brown, and black. It is a great costume for office celebrations, family parties, and Halloween.

10. Powdered horse milk

I know you freaked out to think of horse milk. You are probably telling yourself that you cannot taste the milk. Horse milk is compared to human milk. It is used as a cure when taken daily. Nutrients available are casein, protein, fat, vitamin C, and carbs. These nutrients are good for proper bodily functions. Horse milk powder can be used directly on stews, fruits, and cereals.

11. Green milk

Star wars are making fans feel like they are in an alien world. You can shop for weapons or enjoy innovative foods. Green milk is a great beverage for non-alcoholics. It is almost similar to a milkshake.

12. Scented and colored toilet papers

A variety of toilet papers are white and unscented. However, there are various scented tissue papers with colors matching their scent. This leaves your hand smelling fresh. Additionally, Its wonderful smell freshens up the washroom like air freshener. Lastly, their attractive colors tend to decorate the washroom.

13. Cheeky Flower vessels

Nowadays, flower vases come in all sorts of styles and shapes. From butt vases to those with human-like legs. Decorating your house with a butt vessel is a way of celebrating all types of bodies. Body shamers are all over; hence people should embrace themselves. Vases with human-like legs are a creative way to imitate stand.

14. Child car seat with an image

Kids love things that look fancy and childish. Instead of buying a plain seat, buy a car seat with a cartoon image. This will make your baby love the seat.

15. Anti-monkey butt friction

The anti-monkey powder is made to reduce friction by absorbing sweat throughout the day. It lowers chaffing and skin irritation. Use the powder during butt activities such as football, baseball, hiking, hockey, horseback riding, bicycling, motorcycling, and truck driving.

16. Dog nail polish

Besides pet shampoos, colognes, and conditioners, pet owners can buy nail polish. It is a perfect way to finish grooming after trimming with the nail file. There are different colors of polish to choose from. You can complement the polish with a pet costume and hair dye.

17. Jellyfish cookies

Do you know any ways to add fun to cookies? These cookies are fun for children. They are simple and bring out personality. You can buy a girly jellyfish or a boy jellyfish with a tie.

18. Bacon pillow

Imagine smelling bacon the whole night. Bacon pillow is good for vegans who miss bacon but cannot consume it. The scent is not strong to cause uneasiness.

19. Bacon scented mustache

Bacon mustache is a mixture of bacon and mustache. The synthetic hair smells like real bacon. It can be won when carrying out activities like fishing and woodworking.

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