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18 Funny things to comment on your friends post

A friend is a person you may cherish so much, and commenting funny things on their posts make them feel special and high spirited. If you’re looking for such funny compliments to say to any of your friend’s posts, then you’re reading the right article. Some of these comments will be funny to both of you, while others may make the rest of the people commenting laughing as well. The following is a list of funny comments you may choose from to make your friend laugh at their post.

1. Friends buy you food. Best friends eat your food

If your friend has posted a picture of them eating or simply a picture of food, you may comment. These may also be moments when a friend of yours has posted a picture of both of you eating.

2. You look insane in the picture but do I say

Every person wants to feel good about themselves, and this compliment could make a friend’s mood lighten.

3. Overloaded cuteness

This is one of the funny, adorable things to say to a friend’s pic. This text will make them want to revisit the picture over and over again as well as attract more people to complimenting them.

4. Sending this selfie to NASA because you are a star

Commenting using some inside jokes that you know your friend will understand is always funny and adorable.

5. I would probably get away with murder with a cute look like yours

Saying this would make anybody just smile and feed so well about themselves. This may make your friend feel so special.

6. Your cute face makes the rest of us look ugly

Commenting on a group photo that a friend has decided to post and saying this would make everyone envious and make your friend happy and feel appreciated.

7. Of all the people in the world, I hate you the least

Some sarcastic jokes, too, always make the day. Commenting on your friends’ posts with this will not only make them happy but will leave them laughing hard as well.

8. You don’t look homeless at all because you’re smoking hot

You can comment with this to send the message that your friend is super-hot, and the other part is for making them happy.

9. I can believe the ants have not carted you off yet; you look pretty good

This never gets old. Try commenting on a friend’s picture or post, and you will leave him or her happy as well as attract the attention of other people commenting to laugh at the comment.

10. I have changed so much since I met you; my pet rabbit does not recognize me anymore.

This is one of the funny comments that can make any person cheer up despite a bad day, and having it for a friend would be awesome.

11. You shine too bright; I need my sunglasses around you.

The perfect comment to a friend post would be this, especially girls, since they love people appreciating their appearances, and it gets even funnier if it’s commented on a man’s post.

12. I love your smile. It’s a sign that everything good in life is free

Some people have very pretty and infectious smiles, and people noticing and complimenting them on that is all good. Sending this text on your friend’s post shows that you care and get funny when they read it.

13. You are so hot, I guess you have never had an ice cream

You know very well, your friend has had ice cream and the best part is that they are really hot. They would appreciate and laugh at such a post

14. You were just born awesome can’t get enough of you.

I bet almost everyone will find this funny and if it is addressed to your friend becomes even better.

15. She is my friend; I always choose her company over pizza

If you love pizza and your friend know this, them commenting with this text is very funny and touching since your friend gets the message better than anyone else.

16. Wow, this picture is awesome. I almost forgot to laugh

This text will definitely make anyone laugh at the fact that you think the picture is too good and you are laughing at it but lying about it.

17. Cool pic, let the world eat that

Everyone wants people to know they are cool, and complementing a friend on how cool they are is one of the best things ever. If you comment that on your friend’s post, you will let them know how special they are and that you don’t mind the whole world’s opinions.

18. This picture kills me every time, but unfortunately, I always forget to laugh

The fun part is always where you comment on your friend’s posts to let your friend know how good their post-it and that you have noticed and let them know.

19. Rest in peace, my English; someone just killed you

Your friend may have posted a post that is very well articulated that you decide to tell them that it’s awesome, but you the above phrase to send the message and make it sound funny at the same time.

20. She is my friend. You break her heart; I will break your face

Nobody ever wants their pretty or handsome faces broke, and for that, people will find it funny that you would break their faces because you love your friend. Your friend will definitely feel good and laugh at the joke cum compliment.

Altogether, it will always bring a smile to your friend once they read your funny comments. However, ensure you don’t overdo your comments because sending the wrong vibe to the post will definitely backfire on you. The above posts, however, will always be nice to a friend’s picture or post, and the fun will never fade away no matter what. Try them now and see your friend’s reactions.

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