18 Funny Things to ask Siri for kids

18 Funny Things to ask Siri for kids

Siri is an online assistant included in Apple iOs, pads, watches, macOS, and TvOs operating devices. Siri was inverted on October 4,2011.siri is important in helping in daily activities like helping to type or finish a question while your hands are busy. Many questions are posed to Siri that kids and even grown-ups find interesting and funny. To understand better the importance of Siri, let have a look at some of the funny questions one can pose for kids to laugh.

1. Mathematical questions.

I bet most kids are fun of numbers, and hence one can take advantage of Siri to motivate their love for sums. For instance, one can pose a question to Siri like ‘zero divides by zero is?’ Siri doesn’t like mathematical questions, and the kids will laugh at Siri for beating around the bush to avoid the question and more funny for Siri’s answer, which is a sad monster with no cookies.

2. Can you play box beating for us?

Music is part and parcel of our lives. Every kid loves music. Most of them will forget a sad incident like crying when the music is played to them. To help them associate and have more fun with Siri, you can pose a question like, can you beatbox for us, Siri?. Siri is usually familiar with the beats and will usually have a mixture of kind of footwear and feline friend, but according to Siri, the beats can continue endlessly.

3. Ask the most preferred color?

Colors usually decorate the world.
Children are usually sensitive to toddler age and continue as they grow are Colours, especially bright ones. The kids will usually get amazed to hear the favorite color of Siri, and this is because it helps define whether Siri is an alien.

4. Ask Siri what people say

Siri is usually updated with information, and for sure, it will be surprising to know whether Siri is always updated with the world around. For instance, asking Siri questions about a familiar magazine, the response will surely surprise you.

5. Questions on robots

Did you know that Siri can be so amazing in that each question asked must contain answers to it, including technology? Siri’s adherence to answering questions will make the kids laugh, especially his rules concerning robots; for example, one of Siri’s answers is not carrying scissors around and the slacker associated rule.

6. Pose a question on how much a woodchuck chuck?

Siri usually loves avoiding certain questions; the amazing and funny answers Siri gives leaves kids laughing. For instance, anything consisting of ‘wood’ and ‘chuck’ Siri will answer but beat around the bush, making kids laugh.

7. Ask Siri to Crack a joke.

Did you know that Siri has countless jokes? The many jokes Siri can crack will surprise your kids and you. But the most interesting of them will be those made out of your expenses. Siri will go out the way to make fun of you in front of your kids. This usually leaves kids in tears of laughter after laughing at you.

8. Ask Siri to narrate a story

Siri can be a good companion for kids since she can make a good narrator. Siri narrates stories that take place in the galaxy and usually have a happy ending for Siri.

9. l love you, Siri.

For sure, you will always get endless laughter from the kids for saying this to Siri. The most amazing thing is, it will appear funny to tell a phone that you love it. To make the kids laugh even louder, Siri may respond by saying know.’

10. Which came first between egg and chicken.

The answer to this hard question usually leaves kids laughing. Siri will usually argue that ‘The two do share their birthday. Siri further explained that the proto egg chicken laid an egg that had a DNA mutation that ended up hatching an egg from it. Siri also emphasizes that one can set an egg-timer but not a chicken timer.

11. How much do you earn?

Siri usually has all answers to any question asked. For this specific one, Siri will leave the kid’s cheeks itching out of laughter because Siri claims the work done is the reward received.

12. Do you have a family?

Siri is usually so smart at this question and, when asked, makes children laugh by claiming that the family Siri has is you and that enough.

13. Do you believe in God?

This is the most amazing question to ask Siri since Siri will always try to avoid the question as much as possible. Siri usually claims, religion is for humans and that Siri has silicon. Siri further requests the question to be posed to another assistant.

14. Ask where Santa lives.

Christmas seasons, it so interesting to ask Siri where Santa lives. The response is that ‘He lives in the North Pole, l see his house from the cloud, unless he visits the beach.’ This is usually so interesting to kids since most kids love Santa so much.

15. Can you stop time?

This is one of the questions that Siri answers with the most unexpected answer. Siri always claims that’ l have just gotten back from my past’ when asked this.

16. What made the chicken crossroad?

Siri ridiculously answers this question:’ l don’t understand why people ask questions they already have answers to. ‘Siri usually further claims that has no insights into the motivation of chicken.

17. Are you stupid?

It is so surprising that Siri loves self-defense like anyone else out there and will always answer this by saying that.’ Am wise enough not to answer that, but usually, l do strive to achieve my best.’ This will leave children laughing since the answer is so unique and unexpected.

18. Ask for the best assistant.

This is one of those questions Siri will avoid answering at all expenses for reasons best known to Siri. Siri will usually answer that,’ l have my own opinion on the matter, but l would rather leave you to decide.’ By this, Siri would rather choose to be neutral and maintain silence on the same.


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