18 Funny things for Siri to call you

18 Funny things for Siri to call you

Siri is virtual assistance that is mostly found in Apple devices. The assistance uses voice and may also use gestures to respond to questions asked.

However, people set different nicknames during the activation of Siri. Siri uses the set-nickname to call user before responding to their questions and queries. Some set their real names, while others set funny titles and names.

Some of the funny names that people set for Siri to call them to include;

1.Mr. president.”

This is one of the funniest titles that people set to Siri. It’s funny as many of those who use the title are not political leaders or even president of any given country. Therefore, the title is used in a humorous way to only make the one using Siri feel happy and delightful.

2. “Master.”

This is another funny title that Siri usually call it users. A master is believed to be an expert in a particular field. The one owning Siri device may decide to use this title as a Siri-set nickname because he or she believes he is an expert in a particular field. Also, some people set this title due to the lack of another name to use.

3. “Grandpa.”

This is a common Siri-set nickname among youth who are still in their teens. The name is used humorously as they are not as old as they claim. So whenever Siri calls them “Grandpa,” they feel delighted and feel like they are at their old age.

4.The rich-poor.”

The word is funny and, at the same time, contradicting itself. Some users may decide to use this name as a result of their standards of living, while some may choose due to a lack of another nickname to use. The name is likely to be funnier when used due to the lack of another name to use.

5. Animal names.

Other people tend to set animal names as their Siri-nickname. For instance, one may use “Lion” as the Siri-nickname. This is to show how dangerous or superior he or she is. The use of animal names as Siri’s nickname is humorous as they are used by people and not animals. When Siri calls the user, nothing will prevent the people around the user to laugh out loud on hearing the set nickname.

6. Use of names of places.

The use of names of places is another hilarious way of setting funny names to a Siri device. The love of a particular geographical area or a country triggers one to use the name of that place as a Siri-nickname. For example, one may decide to use the name Tokyo as the Siri-set Nickname. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan; therefore, a rare name.

7. “River, Rose.”

This is another nickname for Siri to call you. If you are a lover of nature, then River Rose is the best nickname to set to your Siri device. The Siri calls out the name; the user feels happy and delighted. However, those who know less about nature may find the name funny.

8. “World Boss.”

World Boss is another funnier name for Siri to call you. This word is used humorously because, as all know, the world does not want a boss. The user makes fun of the word and sets it as his Siri-nickname. However, when Siri calls out this phrase, it makes the user feel delighted and also acts as a motivating word.

9. “Angel.”

This is a beautiful yet funny name when Siri calls it out loud. The word is mostly used by ladies who think they are more beautiful than their fellow.

10. “Genius”

Even the unwise will go after this word, and this makes it funnier. The user may be forced to use the word as his nickname in the case where he doesn’t have a name to use or where he wants to use the word just for fun. The word is funniest when Siri calls you in front of your classmates. If the user appeared at the bottom during class positioning, nothing would prevent the classmates from laughing out loud.

11. “Dude”

Dude is a term used in the vocative for the address of a man. One may decide to use it as a Siri-set nickname. The word is funny when called by Siri.

12. “Moon”

This is another funny and beautiful name to set to your Siri device. Moon may be symbolically used to represent the bright future of Siri’s user. The word sounds funny when called.

13.Meme Lord”

The title originates from the idea of creating memes (funny ideas or jokes) that spread online and often virally. The one creates memes that may use the title as his Siri-nickname. The word is funny when called out and also as it comes from funny jokes and videos.

14.King and Queen”

One Siri device may be used by a couple (husband and wife), and therefore they may opt to set their Siri nickname as “king and queen.” Both words are romantic and humorous when used.

15. Use of names of things.

For instance, he may decide to set his Siri-nickname as a table or any other non-living thing. The name will always sound funny whenever Siri calls it out. The love of a certain thing will trigger one to use it as his or her nickname.

16. Plant names

A prominent farmer will go for a plant name when choosing Siri-nickname. This will make him feel delighted every time Siri calls out the nickname. However, this is one of the funniest ways of choosing Siri’s nickname. For instance, imagine hearing someone being called Banana. Nothing will prevent you from laughing.

17. “Nigger”

This is another hilarious nickname to set to your Siri device. The name is used to refer to a dark-skinned person. It’s a funny name when Siri calls it when the user is with other people.

18. Use of initials

This is another funnier method that people use when setting their Siri nicknames. The initials are limited to the user only as he is the only one who knows what they stand for. For example, a user may set his Siri-nickname as “J” to stand for name James.

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