17 Funny things to laugh at

17 Funny things to laugh at

Laughter is super beneficial to human health and is therefore regarded as the best medicine. Laughter can improve mood, increase energy, decrease pain, and reduce stress, among other benefits. A simple way to have a happier and healthier life is to laugh more. Anything funny and hilarious can make you laugh on seeing or watching it. Laughing is a feeling that is largely contributed by the surrounding. A person can laugh anywhere and anytime provided, there is a funny thing to laugh at.

The duration of laughing is directly proportional to the funny content of the jokes. Some funny things will make you laugh through your tears. Different things and materials can initiate laughing. Below are examples of things that can make me laugh.

1. Funny quotes

Quotes are short wise, and sometimes funny phrases that are found on different platforms. These funny quotes can make one laugh. These quotes may be accompanied by a funny picture. These quotes mostly have a humorous idea that will make you laugh. An example of a funny quote that can make one smile is, “Time is precious. Waste it wisely.” The last part of the quote means the opposite, and this makes it funny.

2. Reading funnies

Funnies are the comic strips contained in the newspaper. Funnies contain funny stories and ideas that make you laugh on reading them. After reading other stressful ideas and everything that’s going wrong in the world, then proceed and read the jokes and funny ideas contained in these funnies. This plays a vital role in relaxing the brain and acts as a transition to the fun world.

3. Jokes from comedians

Comedians are the main source of funny ideas and jokes of all time. Listening and watching their jokes can really make your day. Some of their jokes can make you laugh through your tears. One can access comedians’ jokes by watching their comedy routines on YouTube, hiring them to entertain you, or attending comical events.

4. Reading funny books and journals

Some books and journals contain funny ideas that can help to refresh the mind. The jokes contained in these books and journals play a vital role in human health. They contain funny pictures that can also make one laugh out loud at seeing them.

5. Twitter posts

Most of the Twitter posts are comical-based. Passing through these posts and comment sections, one can burst out of laughter. Similarly, one can follow specific Twitter comedians who always post jokes and creative content. These posts will never fail you; they will always activate a smile on your face.

6. Comical videos

Comical videos are another major thing that can make one laugh. These videos contain creative and funny content. Comedians present in these videos deliver their content in a comical way that will make viewers feel entertained every Time they watch. As a result of this, the one watching will laugh now and then.

7. Pinterest board

A Pinterest board is a board where the user can pin funny stuff that he or she comes along on the internet. They include YouTube videos, images, jokes, quotes, etc.

The saved pins can be accessed for future purposes. Going through the jokes on Pinterest makes one laugh and improves one’s mood.

8. Funny images

Funny images and pictures contribute a lot to making people laugh. Memes, which are mostly pictures accompanied by funny content, are the main source of entertainment. These pictures are funnier depending on the images used and the creativity involved in making the meme.

9. Pets

Pets like dogs and cats are a source of laughter too. One can never get bored when playing around with a pet. They will usually do an extraordinary thing that will make the owner burst out of laughter. This pet can also keep you busy hence avoiding boredom.

10. Comic strips

A comic strip is a sequence of drawings, often cartoon, arranged in interrelated panels to display humor or form a narrative. They are comical, as their name suggests. Reading these comical strips, one finds himself laughing unknowingly as a result of the funny content contained in these strips. The humorous images used can be a source of laughter too.

11. Some songs

Some songs, when the thought of literally, are actually weird and funny. When the message contained in these songs are translated into a real-life situation, they can make one laugh. These songs make the impossible possible in a joking way.

12. Funny sitcom

A sitcom is a television program with a storyline based on a humorous situation. Following a funny sitcom may help to maintain your happy mood. The creativity and comedy in these funny sitcoms can make you laugh out loud like a mad man. Negatively, one should control him/herself in watching these television programs as they are addictive.

13. Comedy and jokes from friends

Some friends are just naturally funny. During your conversation with them, you may find yourself laughing every now and then, because of the funny words they alter. Therefore, these friends are a source of laughter.

14. Comedy clubs

Comedy clubs are rooms set aside for the purpose of entertainment and other comical events. They are run by comedians who make sure the attendants go back home happier than they came. Their jokes and comedies can make one laugh through tears. These comedy clubs are an important source of laughter in the current society.

15. Funny replies

Funny replies on social media make it one the best entertaining site. During leisure time, one can go through these replies, and he or she will not be disappointed. The humorous replies will make the reader laugh and improve his or her mood.

Therefore, these funny replies are vital in ensuring social media users are always in happy moods.

16. Silly mistakes made by friends

During a conversation between friends, one of the friends may either pronounce a word wrongly or any other mistake, and this results in laughing and humorous mocking from friends.

17. Past events

Remembering past events and stories can also initiate laughing. This is the case where that past event was funny, and therefore every time the event is remembered, nothing can stop the one recalling the moment from laughing.

In conclusion, the above are just a few examples of things that can make one laugh. Anything that is funny or humorous can make one laugh.

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