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17 Funny Things to do over the text

Text is a way of passing information from one person to the other in written form. It’s usually a non-verbal means of passing a certain message, also called’ SMS'(short messages). The text has no age limit and can be used by various groups of people from young to old; all that one needs is a phone device. It can be used in various ways to help avoid boredom and create creativity. To help appreciate the need for text in our lives, let have a deep look at the various ways text can be used to make fun.

1. 20 Questions games

This is usually one of the most interesting games, usually played by two people; one of them decides to choose an object, a famous person or a certain residential place. The second person is required to guess up to twenty times ‘ yes or no questions on the thing you choose.

2. Emoji translation

In the text keyboard, there are many pictures called emoji’s which express different meaning. This is used as a game in that one sends the emoji, and the other party explains the meaning of the same. This proves to be fun and can help each other learn more about the meaning of the emoji.

3. Friendship tags/questions

This usually involves two friends chatting with each other and asking questions to each other to get to know how well they know each other. For instance, asking your friend to name your favorite meal, color, or hairstyle if you’re a lady. Then you wait for a response from the other party. Actually, it so interesting to know each other more by friendship tags.

4. Trivia

Trivia is a messaging that can be played in various places, including on the laptop or the phone. It usually involves choosing the group that the two friends know so well. Then the two start to text each other different questions, each taking turns to respond. The first to scale 10 becomes the winner, and the game continues.

5. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This is a modern and funny school game that is so interesting. To participate in the game, there have to be three people, and one selects who to kiss, marry, and kill.

6. Most likely to.

This a very interesting game to play since it provides space to be played by many people in a group and still can be played by two people. In a group situation, a question is texted to all people in the group, and the rest choose among them who the question best suits. If the game is between two people, they choose who the question best suits.

7. Never have l ever

This is usually a text game that helps to learn more about friends and can be done through a video section. The game is commonly played with alcohol. That is, the defeated party gets to buy more drinks for the friends, though it can also be played with other things as a way of punishment, including reducing the points of the defeated person. The game starts with ‘never have lever’ the person the question is posed to is required to tell the truth and take a sip of alcohol or continue with the punishment. In this game, there have to be no lies.

8. Guess the Riddle

This game creates a lot of fun. It involves picking a riddle and asking the other party to reply; it usually involves turn-taking; each party asks and answer in turn. For the continued enjoyment of the game, the two-party parties have to ensure that the riddles they choose are not too hard to spoil the game.

9. Name Game

It is a time-consuming game that can consume a lot of time for people playing it since the two have to reason on what to reply hence helps pass passive time in an engaging manner. The two friends get to select a topic like country or animals. The first player gets to pick a word of choice from the category and the second person gets to select a word that begins with the last letter of the word chosen by the first person. The game is time-consuming in that the person has to reason to get a word beginning with the last letter of the word mentioned.

10. Word unscramble

This is a texting game that usually proves to be so interesting and involves two parties. The first person text a word; the other one has to come up with different words that can be gotten from the first word. This game usually helps to boost knowledge of words and how to write them. It also helps to boost knowledge on spellings.

11. Story Time

It is a very interesting game to engage in that the two parties get to text storylines each at a time; one starts with a sentence, the other one text the other line, the game continues until when the two decides to end it or when the story comes to an end.

12. Unpopular opinions

It is usually an interesting texting game where the two parties decide to share unpopular opinions taking turns over the text. The opinions could be on things like movies, celebrities, and movies. They comment on each other’s points.

13. Gun to your head

This is an interesting game in that the rules are one cannot attack the attacker, so once you receive a text Gunn on your head,’ you have to say what you will do. For example, Gunn on your head, who will you save between mum and dad?’ So the person on the other side chooses who to save.

14. Name that Tune

I bet most of us love songs, and this game is so interesting. It is attractive to many. The game involves texting the lyrics of a song, and the rest get to text back the song. If they do not text back the correct song, you continue repeating the lyrics until they get the right song or admit defeat. To make the game more interesting and fun, the defeated part can offer a prize to be told the song.

15. Questions Only

It is one of the most interesting games to play because it involves texting a question to one party, and the other party replies in question form. The other party has to provide immediate answers to questions posed without delay. The person who takes a long time to answer is considered out of the game.

16. Abbreviations

This is one of the best games to help one improve on vocabularies and language at length. The game includes each naming an acronym or abbreviation, and the other party gets to answer the meaning of it. The one with more points automatically becomes the winner.

17. Finish my sentence

For close friends like lovers, this game is so interesting. One person usually begins with a sentence, and the other person gets to end the sentence. The sentence usually involves funny, cool, and even dirty things.

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