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16 Funny Things you can do over Tik Tok

TikTok is a well-known video sharing media platform. Most teenagers are so fond of the platform, and it has more than 200 million monthly users on both iOS and Android. The platform is growing massively, and the content in it is changing over time. TikTok is of great value, and to help appreciate it better, let’s have a look at the interesting things one can do on the platform.

1. Social media challenge

We will all agree that social media remains to be so influential. It has also become part and parcel of our daily lives. To be more influential, one can post on tik tok to gain more followers and become popular. One can also use branded hashtags to become more influential.

2. Video-based on trending Hashtag

This is a funny way of making use of TikTok, in that one can make videos on trending topics like diet, weight loss, and dancing styles. Since tik tok has millions of subscribers, one can get a lot of followers. Youths like copying and keeping up with trending styles hence making it easier to be famous with video-based Hashtag.

3. Dance video

I bet many of us love dancing since it a way of keeping our body fit and free from fatigue. TikTok can be used to take dance video, which after taking u can post, and they can trend so fast. Youths are always interested in learning new dancing styles each day. Dance also helps to eradicate stress. These dance videos also help one to showcase their talents.

4. Song imitations

Did you know that Tik Tok can provide a fun way of attracting and having fun by pretending to sing along a song? The song could be owned by a famous artist, and all you have to do is move the lips up and down, pretending to sing along. One also gets to add body moves, and this makes the song more appealing and looks like one owns it. This lip-syncing one gets to choose whether to do it alone and can even include a friend in an instance like a movie scenario.

5. Making art

On tik tok, one gets to have fun by taking a photo of himself or herself taking a drawing, and then one increases the speed on the video hence becoming fun to watch and can even end up attracting a lot of people. This can usually be done by all types of arts, crafts, and DIY projects.

6. Answer questions by posing song cover photo

It one of the newest means of posing an answer. Once when asking a question, the question is posed, and the answer is given by playing a song belonging to a famous celebrity. The question usually asked the answer matches the photo shown in the song.

7. satisfying/calming videos

Calming videos is another way of making people calm for those watching the video. It can be done by showing videos with colors that cause calming effects on people who were previously stressed out. This is usually achieved by the use of bright colors and images.

8. Fruit cutting

Fruit cutting proves to be so interesting to watch. One gets to cut fruits of different types in different shapes and angles. Those watching get fun out of it and also tend to learn a lot from it and know how to cut them in an attractive way. In addition, after cutting the fruits, one can organize them in an attractive manner.

9. Voiceovers

One can also make fun of tik tok by using different voices in the videos. TikTok allows one to create photos at different pitches hence ensuring that there is a lot of creativity in narrating stories and interacting with different groups of people. For example, when interacting with children, one can change the voice to that of children to make it more influential to the children.

10. Life in quarantine

One can make various videos in different situations and trying to show how they are trying to adapt to the hard times of the Corona pandemic. In this category, one can make a video of anything like how they are making ends met with these hard times of pandemic.

11. Science experiments

We will all agree that science experiments were fun. The same experiments can be taken on video and be posted on TikTok, and for sure, they are fun to be seen by those people who know little about science. These experiments are fun, informative, and amazing to many to see since they are like magic.

12. Makeover videos

Many people are so interested in makeup, and modern dressing hence can spend any amount of money to achieve this. These videos are fun to make on TikTok in that one gets to show the previous dressing and appearance of people before they were dressed well and after being dressed how they look like after being dressed and put up makeup. These videos can help advertise certain dresses and makeup artist.

13. Collaborate with influencers

In Tik Tok, one can ask a celeb to appear in their video and hence to make them famous and influential. Many people like to be associated with famous people, and this ends up making one so famous and gains many followers. one can also request the celebrities to make a video on their goods and commodities.

14. Tutorials

One can gain fun in TikTok by making a tutorial that is short and straight to details. As a result, one gets fun in educating people on various products and hence can even get sales out of them or sponsorship from them. one can do this by ensuring the videos are short and doesn’t talk in between due to the limited time in the platform.

15. Food/cooking videos

Many people love food, especially well-cooked appetizing food. For food lovers, one can make a quick video showing people how to cook different types of food. This is fun to watch and educative.

16. Videos of your daily life

Did you know it easy to have fun over TikTok posting things that you do on ordinary days? These include extraordinary things that you get to do in a day or the inspiring happening in your life. Daily activities can be so influential in people’s lives.


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