16 Funny things to send to your friends

16 Funny things to send to your friends

We all have friends, people we can bond with them now, and then they make us happy. A friend doesn’t mean you won’t get into disagreement ups and downs are being a friend. If you want to cheer up your friends is not that hard.
If you don’t know, people need to see something that puts a smirk on their face. The bosom buddy will be hung with you when you make them elated all the time with cute and absurd stories. To make them happy doesn’t mean you will be with them all the time, but it’s worthwhile they will want to be with you most of the time.

Funny things to tell your pals

1. Hey pal. Do you know any dog breed that can jump higher than my building?

The building does not jump; that will be your answer. Play around with their attention. Minds become sharp when they face a lot of questions more often. It’s cool to know you will be making them intelligent and giving them a smirk on their faces. Do not ask this joke when your friend is upset. You will get a creepy answer. You won’t take it.

2. Why are you always serious? Let loose, buddy, so that we can make it out alive (name of the girl/boy) to hang around with to your 90s.

They will have a smirk on their face if you present well this joke; look for good emojis and stickers. It will be perfect, and also, they are ok normal, not when they are upset or lonely.

3. I love monkeys. They hang a lot. Can we be like them that starting tomorrow?

That’s if you guys want to hang together, you can use this pun and make sure it fits in your conversation. Sometimes you will see some people laughing after seeing a text.

4. Hey buddy, have great fun today, and if anyone, even if it’s Jackie Chan, sends me their names, I know how I will make their death look like an accident.

Even if you are amusing them, make sure they feel safe. This joke will work and land perfectly when you are flirting with them.

5. Bro, I hope you had an awesome day as the fresh milk we had last week that made you cry to have your ex back.

Remind them of the funny moments you had. Make sure it was ludicrous that you can create a meme of the year. Please, if the thing made them bitter, don’t use it to make something that made all of you grin. Sometimes the joke might not be entertaining. The efficacy of your jokes will be how you tell them, time, and situation.

6. I have a question; if you get it right, buddy drinks on me, do you know the tallest building in the world.

The answer should be a library. The reason because libraries contain a lot of books. But you don’t need to use one joke. You can create more from one joke. Just change the words and give them meaning and should be ludicrous.

7. If anybody has ever looked down upon you, buddy, let’s go and give them a high-five with a spade on their face.

We also have spoons, cooking sticks, chairs, a table, and many more that can replace spade as we all know high-five come in handy. Use of hands, but if we need the pain to impart on others, we use something solid and tough.

8. Pal, you are very lucky to have me as your friend; I am sure no one can tolerate you, buddy!! I accept cash and gold al appreciate it if you care what I am going through.

After sending this, you can remind them how they humiliated you once or twice. It’s fun to remember what you did in the past and what you did for others and give them a smirk on their face.

9. I was thinking of ending our relationship, but you waggish got all my darkest secrets, so I have no choice but to keep with you to the end whimsical.

You can show you have a good reason to be around them of one that’s very stupid of all time. If they ask about your secret, you can tell them what you know is a secret.

10. Buddy that Twitter post is not true, ill have to tell them what happened. I will tell them you are my hero.

Social media posts are great; you can create a joke from a Facebook post of your friends. Comments and suggestions will give you a lot of ideas that will enable you to make them happy when you are chatting on instant messaging applications.

11. I heard you got hurt he chose her over you, bosom buddy stops taking people seriously (like counting thunderstorm look for rainbow buddy am here.) am the rainbow.

You take their mistake and turn it into an antic. In life we do mistake mostly and sometimes is fun its hurt. You can use this against them so long as you don’t take it next level, where you can hurt them another time.

13. Don’t make fun of me because I got an idea you won’t like at all. I will give all little ones your number, telling them its Santa’s contacts.

You know how kids can be annoying when they know you can give them sweets and solve their problems.

14. I do wonder how you keep on with me around, but I guess you want us to be even.

This would be cool if you did something farcical or stupid.

15. Have been your friends for a very long time since high school; I wonder who is a bad influence on others.

Sometimes be cool and a pessimist for a little time.

16. What is your name, bro? Does my mum think you are Mr. Fat king?

You can use their body size against them. But if they are sensitive about it, please don’t. It works on people who are on planet earth to live, not those who think God made a mistake.

Good luck

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