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16 Funny things to post on Instagram

Instagram is a social media site where different people from different places interact electronically. After creating an account on Instagram, the user can comfortably start using it. The Instagram site can be used for posting the latest news, trends, promotional posts, etc. However, many of the users use this site to post funny and witty posts, and this helps them in gaining many followers.

Some of the funny and witty posts that an Instagram user can post on his or her Instagram account include;

1. Funny jokes and memes

Laughter is the best medicine, and therefore funny jokes and memes are the main sources of laughter on Instagram. Users can upload memes (pictures that are accompanied by funny content) and other jokes on their accounts to attract followers or to entertain their current followers.

Therefore, these jokes play an important role in Instagram.

2. Funny short videos

Funny videos and short clips are also in the same category as funny memes. They both perform the same task of entertaining users. The account owner may decide to upload any video from his or her gallery or can decide to go live on Instagram.

Most of these funny videos are meant for entertainment, unlike a few, which are for advertisement purposes.

3. Funny, sarcastic quotesThis is another hilarious thing to post on your Instagram account. These quotes have the opposite meaning as expected, and this makes them funnier.An example of a sarcastic quote is, “I’m not insulting you. I’m describing you.”

4. Funny facts

Funny facts are those facts that full of humor and are only meant for entertainment. These facts may be directed to the person reading the post or any other thing.

Below is a good example of sarcastic facts that can be posted on Instagram.

Facts about you

  1. You are this post now.
  2. The above fact is making you laugh now.

3. You are now smiling.

5. You didn’t realize I skipped number 4.

6. You are now confirming that number 4 wasn’t there.

7. You are enjoying reading this.

5. Open-ended-Questions

Open-ended-questions are those questions that the audience is given the opportunity to participate in by dropping their answers and suggestion on the comment session. The question will lead to many crazy comments and likes. However, the person asking the question may not necessarily be demanding the answer, but instead, he might be doing for fun.

The question asked may also arouse debating in the comment section.

6. Use of funny hashtags

The use of hashtags is common to Instagram posts. However, people may come up with their funny hashtags that may be humorous and may attract many comments and likes.

Below are some of funny hash tags that users may include on their posts;



    #the-resurrected-son among others

7. Sarcastic tips

Sarcastic tips are those tips that are meant for entertainment and not for educative values. Instagram user may decide to post this kind of tips on his or her account just to entertain the followers. For example, one may post tips on how to steal meat from the kitchen. On reading these tips, nothing will stop followers from laughing out loud and dropping crazy comments.

8. Funny eye-catching pictures

Funny eye-catching pictures entail those pictures that are rare to find. Posting these kinds of pictures will attract massive comments from followers who will be amazed at seeing the image. For example, a user who comes across a creature that has a human head and the body of a cow may capture its image and share it on the Instagram wall. The image will draw the attention of many, and this will be manifested in the comment section.

9. Posting old pictures

Old pictures commonly referred to as throwback pictures are those pictures that were taken a long time ago or a few years that have passed. For example, a user who is past teen years may decide to repost his image that was captured while he was still young. The picture will arouse many funny comments as followers try to compare it with the user’s current picture.

10. Posting of funny trending issues

This is another hilarious type of post that is common to many Instagram accounts. Trending funny pictures, images, phrases, and videos are found here, and this makes Instagram a complete entertaining site.

Similarly, other trending issues like vital information are also found on Instagram.

11. Use of funny usernames

During the creation of an Instagram account, the owner of the account may up with a name that will make followers laugh every time they come across it. A user creating an entertaining site/account will probably go after a funny name that will attract followers.

12. Funny comments and Replies

Funny comments and replies make Instagram an enjoyable site. Some users will always have funny responses to any post they come across on Instagram. This comment acts as the cornerstone of entertainment on Instagram.

13. Sarcastic stories

This is mostly found on the accounts that are specifically created for the purpose of entertainment. The user writes a funny story on his or her account as a means of entertaining followers. These stories may a time come along with educative values that may benefit the user positively.

However, the stories may be true or just an imagination.

14. Posting of funny phrases

Posting of funny phrases is another cornerstone of entertainment on Instagram. For a picture to be humorous or sarcastic, it will largely depend on the caption. A caption with funny phrases will not only attract many likes and comments but also will make the post to be funny. Therefore, use funny phrases are vital on Instagram posts.

15. Posting song’s lyrics

An Instagram user may decide to post a song’s lyrics as a caption on his post. Some song lyrics create a humor environment. For instance, unmarried can use the lyrics of a song that is for a married couple; this creates humor.

Other users may funnily post-harvesting songs, circumcision songs, lullabies, among other funny songs, for the purpose of entertaining their followers.

16. Debate motion

This is another funny thing to post on Instagram. The user may post a debate motion and then let other users participate in the debating process by dropping their suggestions in the comments section.

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