16 Funny things to Photoshop face on

16 Funny things to Photoshop face on

I bet you have seen a statue of liberty with a man’s face? There are a lot of funny faces that will make your day. These faces are photoshopped and then replaced from the original image. You can use politicians, actors, singers, cartoon and many others. Funny faces are trending online, and they are cool. The one I liked a lot was an African girl in a bikini with a man face. There are applications online that can help you to do this within seconds. Let’s look at the funniest faces people can Photoshop on.

1. The turtle Ninja.

When we were young, we watched turtle Ninja, a trained turtle that protects New York City from city criminals. If you are a lady, then these will be amazing for you. They consist of four turtles, so you can use your bosom buddy. You can add dressing too if you want a swag.

2. Hulk Hogan.

Can you imagine a lady with a Hulk Hogan body? Hulk Hogan on the internet has different memes. One, you can Photoshop your face with Hulk Hogan’s face. Also, we can place Hulk Hogan’s smile on other characters like Rock, Ray Mysterio, and many others. Hulk Hogan has a big body and a dummy beard. People can use that to come with a cool facial expression. (Am talking about Hulk Hogan’s smile. It’s amazing)

3. Thanos.

MCU villain who happened to wipe half of the human race in the fictional world. He was enormous and slow in moving but not fighting. It is funny to use his face for photoshop. Don’t forget his smile is rare, but in the Avengers Infinity, he smiled at doctor strange; you can use that face. For fun, use thin people with his face or photoshop your face with his body.

4. Monkeys.

Monkeys are amazing animals. You can use their face for photoshop. Like:

  1. When they are eating a banana
  2. When they are smiling
  3. When they are swinging, you will look like Tarzan. That will be amazing.

Their different types of primates’ chimpanzee, baboon, and many others, choose the one that looks cool for you and funny. You can use these to joke with the friend, mostly those who make fun of you a lot.

5. Tiger, lion, or cheetah. (The cat family).

The cat family is the most vicious animal in the jungle. They are fast, strong, and they have skills. People respect these traits. Photoshop their faces on people who don’t have those qualities, but they always portrait that character. Lion face can be used in photoshop when you are in gymnastics, riding bicycles, motorbikes, and many other cool activities. `

6. Images effects.

You can apply image filters and effects to your image. Stretch the image to add facial expressions. Some applications allow you to add features that you didn’t have, like beards, dimples, and many other cool features. To come up with a funny face, you can stretch your nose, expands your eyeballs, and many other cool effects.

7. Historical famous people and symbols.

Photoshop historical people’s faces. You can add your face to their images. Remember to make sure they fit. Don’t do it just because you want. It will not be cool if it looks like it was placed over the original face.

8. Dog faces.

Photoshop dog’s faces place human faces on it. The same to cats and rabbits. If you want cute animals in your gallery, you can use them. Pumbaa and Timon from lion king are your best characters. Use animation characters as they are pretty awesome.

9. Talking fruits.

Photoshop your images on fruits like oranges, lemon, watermelon, and many others. Talking fruit will be fun to make a gif moves the lips, and add sounds to it.

10. Mr. Bean.

Am sure you have seen lar croft bean or Spartacus bean. The funny thing about Mr. Bean is that his face fits everybody. The same can happen to Nicki Minaj, cardi be, and many others. The funny one was Nicki Minaj with Osama’s face and beards.

11. Cartoon.

The cartoon’s character is amazing. You fans choose one for funny moments.

  1. Rango (the stupid hero)
  2. Shrek. (the ogre)
  3. Megamind. (the genius villain)
  4. Barbie prince. (ladies loves Barbie)

There is a lot of funny cartoon and animation character you can use to come up with funny faces. Don’t forget the bad cat very sweet.

12. Halloween characters masks.

Halloween faces are scary and funny at the same time. You can use them to create funny images using Photoshop. E.g., a vampire eating a banana or Baraka eating roasted meat. (Baraka in mortal Kombat eats human Brain raw without roasting it). You have to be creative so that they look funny from appearance to the image context. You can also add Halloween effects to make it look effective. (Bats moving your image. They are moving over your head.

13. Birds and sea animals.

You can use birds and sea animals to create a funny image. Giving shark a human face Photoshop bird face with your face that will pretty cool like those Russian spies with dove heads. This is perfect if you photoshop specific sea animals

14. Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet’s picture is amazing; you can use them to photoshop your images. Imagine couples who are amazing; you can use that to make funny images. Use different characters, your friends, actors’ musicians, and many others.

15. Beard girls.

Make funny faces; kids with ice cream and Barbie dresses look fun. Girls with the beard, that will be amazing. It’s just a feature in the photoshop application.

16. The hulk.

Give hulk different dresses and faces for fun. Hulk has a big body in green color, so, for photoshop, hulk is an amazing character.

There are different applications you can use for photoshop (like adobe pro, photoshop, etc.). They have different features; you can add effects or change backgrounds and many others. Some of them are expensive, while others are cheap, so what you afford to use them they make work easier.

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