16 Funny things to make a girl laugh

16 Funny things to make a girl laugh

The easiest way to win a girl’s heart is to be able to make her laugh. Laughter is the main thing for a lively relationship. One does not have to be a comedian to make a girl laugh, but instead, you just need to know the right thing to say to her and at the right time. Making a girl plays miraculous magic in improving and promoting the relationship bond. Sending and sharing with her funny messages and other funny things play a vital role in brightening her day.

The use of phones and other digital electronics has made it easier to share funny stuff that can make a woman laugh. The knowledge of knowing funny things to share with a girl is useful when composing a funny and unique text to share with her. Below is a compilation of some funny things that can make a girl laugh out loud.

1. Funny pick-up lines

Pick-up lines are essential in making a girl fall in love and like you. In a new relationship or during the first date, the choice of pick-up lines used is very important. Funny pick-up lines play great magic in drawing the attention of the girl and making her laugh at the same time. These funny pick-up lines should be well-timed. Otherwise, the girl may not realize the joke in them.

For example, “your father must be a gangster because you look like dynamite‚Ķ”

2. Funny texts

This is a common method used to make a girl laugh. Sending her funny texts can really make her day. The funny text should be simple and easy to understand so as to make the girl easily understand the sense of humor in them.

3. Pranks

There is a lot of fun playing harmless pranks. Playing a prank with a girl will make her laugh through her tears on realizing it was a prank. Any prank that will not cause physical harm to the girl is guaranteed to make her laugh. It also helps in improving the bond between the two involved parties.

4. Comedy movies

This is another way to make a girl laugh. Comedy movies and stand-up comedy shows are always associated with laughing content that will the girl laugh on watching them. Attending a movie theatre makes a girl have a hilarious day or night.

5. Funny GIFs

GIFs are short clips, shorter than videos. They are usually entertaining and can make anyone laugh, including girls. GIFs are available on the internet in plenty and on different topics. When sending a girl GIFs to select the topic she likes most, and doubtless, this GIF will initiate a smile on the girl’s face.

6. Images and pictures

Funny pictures and images are one of the main sources of laughter for many girls. The funny outlook of the image and the funny content contained in these pictures can easily make a girl laugh. These funny memes are found on different sites on social media. People in a relationship can use these images to maintain a happier relationship.

7. Giving funny replies to her text

Humor and funny replies are the best tools that a man can use to charm a woman off her feet. A man can use a funny image or a humorous text to reply to the boring text sent to him by the girl. The humor in the text will make the girl laugh and may also improve the mood of the conversation. The reply may be based on the question asked, or any other replies outside the question asked.

8. Playing fun games

Fun games are other things that can make a girl laugh. These games are mainly meant for entertainment purposes. A good example of a fun game that can make shed laughing tears is the “Truth and Dare game.” This game involves asking of truths and dares; these dares and truths may time be funny hence making the girl laugh.

9. Making creative jokes with her name

A creative way to make a girl laugh is by creating a joke out of her name. This is a guaranteed way to make a girl laugh. This can be done in various ways, but in the end, a funny joke is made out of her name. The common way to do this is by splitting the name into alphabets and giving each alphabet a meaningful word.

For example, a joke can be drawn from the name “Mary.”

  • M- make
  • A- animals
  • R- read
  • Y-you

10. Reading funnies

Funnies are the comic strips contained in the newspaper. Funnies contain funny stories and ideas which are accompanied by funny cartoon images. These funnies can help to improve the mood of girls.

11. One-liners

One-liners are jokes that are delivered in a single line. One-liners are the best to make a girl laugh. One-liners are witty, and past faced and therefore have the power to change mood pretty quickly.

12. Funny comments based on past events

Every relationship has past events, both negative and positive ones. Making your girl remember those moments is also another way to put a smile on her face. Or try to make funny comments and humor based on what she told you before; not only will she laugh, but she will be flattered because you remembered the past details.

13. Sharing funny YouTube video links with her

YouTube contains many funny videos and short clips that can be used to make a girl or your partner happy. When you come across a funny video on the internet, you can share the link with her. These videos are guaranteed to change the mood of the girl quickly.

14. Share some stories with her

Stories can also be used as a tool to make a girl smile. These stories should be fun-based. They include your fun moments, worst moments, among others. The storyteller should be able to make the story more interesting so as to make the girl not only laugh but also attentive.

15. Getting her a pet

Girls love pets so much and therefore buying your girl a pet ensures she is always happy. Pets are playful and will always do something that will make them laugh. Therefore pets are a good source of laughter too.

16. Buying your girl comic strips

A comic strip is a sequence of drawings, often cartoon, arranged in interrelated panels to display humor or form a narrative. They are comical, as their name suggests. Girls enjoy reading these comical strips as they boost their mood and make sure they are happy. Therefore buying your girl a comical strip is a good way to brighten her day.

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