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16 Funny things to draw on your hand

Drawing funny pictures and other fun things on the hands are one of the ways of decorating hands. This is done for beautification purposes and to utilize leisure time well. The images drawn on the hand may also be used to pass relevant information to the targeted group. This information may include warning images, educative images, and funny images to entertain the target audience. However, the main reason for drawing images on the hand to decorate and to attract public attention.

Young people use their leisure time to make these images and to improve their art skills. It is an economical way of drawing images as the hand to be drawn is readily available. It also helps in breaking the boredom and put the boredom state to use by creating funny artworks on the hand.

Some of the funny things that one can draw on the hand are clearly explained below.

1. Flowers

Flowers tend to be the easiest and common drawn hand images. The main reason for drawing flowers is to beautify the hand. These flowers may differ in shapes and sizes depending on the drawer preference. Drawing a simple flower is cost-effective as only the marker pen is needed. However, coloring the flower makes it become an eye-catching thing and therefore beautifying the hand on which the flower is drawn.

2. Drawing facial expressions

Drawing of human faces facial expressions is another way of drawing funny things on the hand. This facial expression helps in improving one’s mood and entertaining those who see the image. These images also communicate the mood of the person to the public. There are different expressions of human faces that can be drawn on one’s hand. These facial expressions include a smiley face image, an angry face image, an annoying face expression, etc.

3. Drawing of celestial bodies

Celestial bodies are other fun things that one can draw on his or her hand. These celestial bodies include the sun, moon, stars, lighting symbols, raindrops, among others. They create sky-like humor on the hand. Drawing of celestial bodies may be accelerated by the love of nature and sky bodies. On seeing the image, other people may be entertained by the creativity involved in drawing the image.

4. Drawing of trees and vegetations

Another humorous thing to draw on the hand is by drawing trees, branches, and other vegetation like grasses. This tree branch looks classy and covers a wide area on the drawn hand. They are simple to draw and decorate, and this makes them a common image to be drawn on people’s hands. Birds and other creatures can be included in this kind of hand image to make it more eye-catching and appealing to the public.

5. Animal images

A jungle can be created on the hand by drawing animal images on it. Animals are drawn as simple creatures, and this makes become an easy procedure to drawn any animal of your choice. The humor involved in drawing these animal images entertains other people who see it. For example, it humorous how the size of the elephant is reduced to fit one’s hands. Also, hand provides a drawing plane where one can draw his or her favorite pet.

6. Geometric and mathematical shapes

Drawing of geometric and mathematical shapes, which is common among students and other people, is another category of images that can be drawn on the human hand. These shapes may be drawn for the purpose of decorating the hand or for educational purposes, i.e., to be able to remember the image. One may also decide to go for hand as the drawing plane in the case where it is the only option available.

7. Drawing of vehicles and airplanes

Images of vehicles and airplanes can be sketched on one’s hand. The love of vehicles or airplanes may lead the drawer to have its image on his hand. This helps to improve his moods every time he sees the image. The drawn image may be symbolically used to show the future goals of the drawer.

8. Fruits images

Painting a fruit basket or a particular fruit on the hand is another funny thing to draw on the hand. The fruit may attract the attention of other people who may see your hand. The drawer may be able to draw his favorite fruit and can see it any time he feels like it.

9. Sketching monuments

Students, historians, and other people may decide to throw creativity in drawing simple monuments on their hands. This helps in breaking the boredom. The monuments drawn on the hand may serve as a source of historical information, and one can use it in explaining to others more about the monuments. Drawing the monument on the hand also helps in improving the architect’s skills.

10. Drawing of physical features

One can use his hand to draw physical features like mountains, hills, rivers path, among others. This can be brought about due to boredom or due to the love of nature. The sketched physical features on the hand can be used as a learning material to demonstrate and to teach others.

11. Drawing of feathers

Feather drawn on the hand is aimed at improving the beauty of the hand. Drawing of the feather on the hand is simple and effortless as it is when holding it. It requires a few colors to make it more appealing. The size of the feather is determined by the drawer. More than one feather can be drawn to improve their appearance.

12. Designing a letter

Writing letters, words, or names is another category of how the hand is used in a humorous way. One may design his or her name on the hand using an appealing and eye-catching font. Also, one may decide to design words that are intended to be communicated to other people.

13. Drawing of non-living creatures

These non-living creatures may include a table, chair, bed, among others. The drawer may draw these images as a way of breaking boredom or when using the image to demonstrate to another person.

14. Drawing special images

These images are drawn for a specific purpose. For example, during valentine’s day, one can draw a love image on his or her hand. Other special images that can be drawn on the hand include the warning images, informative images, among others.

15. Drawing of mandala

Mandalas are flower-like circles that are associated with different designs. These flower-like circles can be drawn on the hand to beautify it.

16. Designing fingers

Fingers can be designed or be painted to represent a certain thing or creature, and this makes a humorous way of decorating fingers

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