16 Funny things to do with Google Translate

16 Funny things to do with Google Translate

Have you ever used Google translate?

Definitely yes!

Does it give you the results you hoped for?

No, it does not. You are bound to get more Google to translate fails. Some of these Google translates fails can be hilarious.

But before we dive into funny things to do with Google translate, let’s get an understanding of what it is and how to use it.

What is Google translate?

It was developed by Google in 2016. It can translates texts, forum messages, emails, phrases, and websites from one language to another. You may ask, can I use Google translate on my phone? Of course, you can, as this service is supported by websites and smartphones that have the android and IOS systems.

Currently, this service supports more than 100 languages.

How do you use Google Translate?

  • First of all, type ‘Google translate’ in your search engine. The search result will appear with the target and source language interface. Type your source language and wait for the target language results.
  • You can as easily use Google translates links if you want to use it to find suggestions for some phrases.
  • When it comes to being used on mobile phones, just download the Google translate application from your play store and follow the same process as you will do with your computer.

Funny and fun things to do with Google translate

This translation service is a type of technology advancement in Google, and just like other technologies, it can fail to deliver requested information due to the divide between human and computer intelligence. In some language translations like French, the translation tends to be more accurate while others are appallingly wrong and irrelevant. Let’s check some of them.

1. Beatbox

One of the funniest things you can do is turn Google translate into a beatbox machine. You can type random letters, mostly gibberish, and press the sound item to hear your creation.

2. Get to hear an engine revving

When you super bored and need some free entertainment, you can type a lot of nonsensical letters V and hear this translation tool try to rev like an engine.

3. Search out that foreign language word to understand its meaning

For example, Lion King Fans can try finding out the meaning of the Swahili word “Hakuna Matata.”

Most people think it means “no worries,” which can be pretty disappointing when you end up finding it has a different meaning.

4. Men are men, and they should clean the house and wash their clothes.

We can say Google translate is pretty much stuck in ancient times as it will give you a different result from this.

You will get “Did you mean: men are men and women should clean the house.”

This can turn out to be funny.

5. Make Google translate sing for you

All you have to do is the first type of dotted lines before your gibberish words and translate them to either Chinese or Japanese. Press the sound button on your target language and listen to a Google-translated techno sound.

6. Experiment with different sounds

If you want Google to imitate different sounds like helicopters, power saw machine, or even someone laughing at you, all you have is to type letters that somehow correspond to that sound and press the voice button. This can turn out to be interesting and fun as you will be busy trying to figure out and guess the type of sounds you are listening to.

7. Chat with a foreign friend using Google translate

This is particularly a lifesaver as it makes communication easier. All you have to do is copy-paste whatever word you need translating on Google translate.

8. Use Google translate to understand languages from other apps like Twitter, Instagram.

Do you have friends from other countries? It’s not cool if you don’t laugh at their jokes. Those funny captions you see people laughing at become easier to understand with Google translate as all you have to do is copy, paste, and translate.

9. Lazy Google translator.

Do you when you type more than 35 words, google translator output will be 35. The mighty Google is lazy at some point.

11. Justin Bieber gets burned (It was corrected, but to some, it still happens)

I don’t know how people came to notice this one, but it’s awesome. When you type (will Justin Bieber ever hit puberty), translate it to Vietnamese and then translate it back to English, and the output will be (Does Justin Bieber reach puberty). Pretty cool, right.

12. Samsung and Sony Ericson.

Translate Samsung from English to Romania; you will get a weird response, Sony Ericson. The same happens if you say I hate these company and translate it into Japanese, and the output will be I hate Facebook.

13. Tom Cruise.

Google translate is obsessed with Tom cruise, and when you type anything with Heath Ledger, the output will replace heath ledger with Tom Cruise. You can try anything just for fun, but if you use other celebrity names, it will come out clean.

14. Wipe your shoulder.

Try to translate. Just wipe the dirt off your shoulder from Greek to English and then translate it back to English. The output will Just wipe your shoulder away.

15. Swedish gender issues.

Someone was playing with google translator and discovered google translator takes female as dads. She is a daddy now.

16. The cat.

When you write My dog has a hangover, to Germany and then back to English, the output will surprise you. (My dog has a cat).

Though keep in mind, this translation service tool has its quirks because, at times, to might not end up getting the true meaning or translation of your search.

These are just some of the funny Google translate things to do, and epic fails. Engaging in these activities can turn out to be funny and relaxing. There is never a complete or exhaustible list of things to do or try out on Google Translate.

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