16 Funny Things to Do With Cats

16 Funny Things to Do With Cats

Cats are fun to be around. They need our attention even though they may not be as active as dogs. When we practically ignore them, just like any other creatures’ they get bored and depressed. A bored cat is equated to a destructive one. Why? You might ask. It is because a bored cat is a curious or a naughty one. You will find a cat doing things that end up not pleasing you, like scratching on your leather seats or even going to places it should not.

However, this can be solved with some playtime. Some playtime and doing fun things with your cats helps to engage a cat’s mind and exercise its body. You can also engage in fun activities to keep your fuzzy feline friend on its toes. Despite all this, always remember not to overdo it, as cats most times get to relax and be playful for a few minutes during the day. So, the next time you want to take things up a notch and have some play sessions with your cat, here are some ideas.

1. Have a singing contest

Sound funny, right?

During those boring or idle times in the house, have some singing contest with your cat. Some of you may wonder how this can happen, but it is possible. The next time your cat meows, repeat the meowing sound, and most likely, it would answer back. This can turn into a singing occasion as both the cat and you will be taking turns responding to each other’s call.

2. Play hide and seek

You can either decide to do a person’s hide and seek hand games or a play toy one. Hide a play toy at the end of a string in a pile of blankets or clothes and wiggle it around. This would most definitely capture the cat’s attention and pique its curiosity to try to find out what that is. Rather, you can use your hand.

You can also decide to hide behind a desk or chair and call out for your cat to come to find you. It may turn out a disaster as the cat may assume you, but all in all, it turns out funny as you will end up laughing at your funny and silly antics.

3. Teach your cat some tricks

Cats are just as smart as dogs. You can teach your cat new tricks while having treats to motivate him or her. For example, asking it to raise a paw, jump through hoops, respond to its name, or even how to give a high five.

Always remember not to spook your cat with threats or to scold as it may respond harshly or cower away.

4. Give you cut a hug or a cuddle

You can make your cat part of the family time by including him/her in your binge-watching or story reading time. Allow him/her to curl up on your lap while you relax with your favorite movie.

5. Massage your cat

Most cats love to be scratched and massaged. Before you try this, apply extra caution by knowing whether your cat’s behavior is friendly towards touch or not. Give your cat a good old massage at the back, areas around the ears, below the chin, and a belly rub.

6. Entertain the Cat with games or Television

Find a channel that shows aquariums and watch your cat get glued to the screen watching the fish or download a fun cat app and watch your cat claw at the screen.

It is good to confirm with your vet to be sure that screen brightness will not harm your cat’s eyes.

7. Play with a string or wool

Cats like stalking and chasing after objects, and a dangling moving string will be like target practice for it to unleash its predatory nature. Drag a string around the floor and watch your cat stalk it. This will provide endless entertainment for both of you. Just remember to dispose-off the string after you play a match.

8. Engage in food hunting games

Cats have an instinct to hunt for food. You can hide small pieces of food or treats around the house and watch your cat go on a hunting spree with or without your guidance. Your cat will love it, and it would be interesting to you too.

9. Paper bags and cardboard boxes

It is not a mystery that cats love paper bags. These can be an alternative replacement when you are low on cash to replace your cat’s toys. Give your cat a paper bag to watch it play for hours and have fun. You can also try wiggling your fingers inside the bag and watch them trying to catch what’s inside the bag.

For your cardboard box, make peepholes for your cat and add a scrunched up paper inside the box for the cat to play with.

10. Play with wands

You can take it a step further by engaging your cat in wand games or tying a feather to a piece of string and dangle it close to your cat. It is interesting as you would keep changing the wand’s positions making your cat get busy lunging for it, chasing it around, and twisting.

Remember not to let your cat win or lose all the time.

11. Blow some catnip-flavored bubbles.

Cats are generally addicted to catnip. Thus, these bubbles are a fun way of spending a dull afternoon with your cat.

Use a ping pong ball and let your cat chase it around. You can decide to bounce it against a wall or place it in a bath when grooming your cat.

12. Laser lights or a torch

Laser beams give cat owners a chance to interact with their cats while at the same time encouraging high energy playtime. Point the beam on different surfaces and watch your cat going crazy trying to catch it.

13. Birdwatch with your cat

You can mount bird feeders outside the window so that your cat can bird watch.

14. Take your cat out for walks

If you have an indoor cat, taking it out for walks can be exciting. All you have to do is put her on a leash. It would need a lot of patience as you have to train her to get used to it.

15. Take your cat on a trip somewhere.

This can be so exciting though at first, you will need to train her to be a useful travel companion.

16. Groom your cat by either trimming her claws, brushing her hair for the hairy cats, or even bathing her.

All in all, cat games are always fun, exciting, and refreshing at the same time. Next time you get bored and have a lonesome kitty, engage yourself in some of these creative activities. Just remember, it is good to know your felines limits as not all cats are playful at all times. So, don’t force your cat to play or engage in funny activities and stop playing when it turns aggressive.

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