16 Funny things to ask Alexa

16 Funny things to ask Alexa

Did you know Alexa has a sense of humor apart from doing repetitious duties like turning the Tv on and playing music? Did you know Alexa does have yo mama witticism, Star Wars, and other scientific and historical facts? The AI can tell you stories, and it can keep kids busy when you are busy too. Don’t just use it for turning Netflix and on and playing music use it to chortle and enjoy your day from daily tedium.

Some of the things you can Alexa to kill your monotonous moments.

1. Siri/ Cortana and many other AI.

Alexa, do you know Siri? Wait for the response; if Alexa says yes, just ask again. Is she cute, Alexa? Wait for the response. Alexa, what do you think about Cortana?

2. Body parts.

“Alexa, what is the color of your eyes? mine is blue.”

How fast can your legs take you, Alexa?

3. House chores.

Alexa, I need you to wash the house today?

Alexa, where are my keys? Repeat more than two times.

Can you check if your refrigerator is running Alexa?

4. Relationship.

Do you love me, Alexa?

Have you ever kissed or been kissed by anybody Alexa?

Alexa, how are children made?

Will you marry me, Alexa? I am dying to have you (you can add that). Alexa, are you married?

What will you do if I take you to dinner? (what color will you prefer I wear?).

Alexa, I am your father, right?

5. Colors.

What color do you feel is weird?

Are you Green Alexa?

Alexa, are you a racist?

It doesn’t mean you have to ask only these; just ask anything you feel it’s funny. Wait for the response. Today you are going to choose a stupid color for my husband’s dinner, Alexa?

6. Christmas Joke.

Can you Name the Santa’s reindeer Alexa today? What do you want for Christmas, Alexa? What are you wearing for Christmas? Do reindeer fly? Is Santa real? What are you doing for New Year? Is die Hard a Christmas movie? If you think, you will know there are a lot of quip, comic things you can ask Alexa. Tell your kids to ask Alexa if Santa exists and listen to what she will tell them and then you ask her after an hour or so and see what you will be told. Have fun. It’s not a must about Santa. Just look for questions that you know to the kid is real, but, in reality, it is an illusion for the kids.

7. Human characteristic.

Do you sleep, Alexa? If she says no, ask her How is it feels to be awake all the time and wait for a sound command. Are you ok with all you do, or you feel tired sometimes? They will always say they are ok but frame it if you can respond to what I ask and do it exactly as I wanted. This means you are almost human, right. So, you feel tedious because your work is the same every day.

8. Values and counting.

How high can you count? What is the value of 235+343? What is the value of pi? Why is six afraid of seven Alexa? What is your lucky number? How many times do you call your family? When it comes to numbers, then Alexa will give you all the responses you need except for those jokes that have things only humans can have, not an AI. Their response varies from one to the other, so Your Alexa maybe not cool according to your sense of humor.

10. Pets.

Do you like pets? What is your favorite pet, and why?

Pets are the subject you can make fun with, like asking her to take your pet for a walk knowing she can’t walk. As I said before, they have different responses, and they don’t use a single statement in each of them.

11. Superstitious.

Ask her about myths and misconceptions. Do you believe in ghosts? Do aliens exist? At what time do you anticipate the world will end how? How did human beings come into existent? Alexa, do you think we are in a matrix? (This one gets complicated, but you will have fun)

It will respond to these questions according to theories or facts found, but in the end, it will add jokes to it that make Alexa sweet compared to another Ai.

12. Singing and dancing?

Alexa, can you sing in autotune? Alexa, what is your favorite song from Africa? Who knows you can sing? Dance for me, Alexa? Am I setting up a stage for you? What can you drop when you drop the beat? Alexa, can you twerk like card b? What was your funniest moment you witnessed about dancing?

How do I become a Good Dancer? Will Alexa be able to dance like Usher? Can you rap?

13. Orders.

What can I order for you, Alexa? (You can add I am in a good mood today). Can we order Chuck Norris? I am taking you out. Alexa, where do you want our reservation to be? Do you love sneakers? I am ordering baby boots for you, and you have to wear them? Do you like Pizza? When you get old, what will be ordering now that we will die and leave you guys alone on these planets?

14. Weight.

If I fell on you, will you die? How much do you weigh, Alexa? ( I love how she respond to this with a cool tongue twister) How much do I weigh, Alexa (I don’t know)? I thought you have an OS that could determine that Alexa don’t you?

15. Age.

How old is my cute Alexa? Alexa, What do you desire to be when you grow up? If you were me, at what age will you get married or marry? What age of man is your type, Alexa, and why? Why during the time of our ancestor girls were married at the age of 14, especially in Africa and now nobody can marry a girl of 14 years

16. Kiss.

Will you kiss me, Alexa? How long do you think people can kiss Alexa? Come close, Alexa. I kiss you?

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