15 Funny things you can ask Google to Translate for you to say

15 Funny things you can ask Google to Translate for you to say

You can have fun with Google translator if you want to have fun with Google translator by turning it into a beatbox. You can create hilarious voices with it or look for something crazy or weird and allow it to translate for you. You can come up with tongue-twisters; they sound shocking and ludicrous. Use rhyming words in the sentence and wait for it. Google translator will thrill your day from sound to words.

If you can’t come up with rhyming words, you can check out on the internet or ask your friends who can rap. Rappers can fascinate what rhyming words they can come up with. You can use voice to translate for you, they sound amazing, or sometimes you can use words. The fun thing about words is that you will have incredible answers.

Funny things for Google translator.

1. Beatbox.

You can create sounds of a different kind and use it on Google translator. Like the following words, you can copy-paste them on google translator.

Ding dong ding diiiiiiiiiing dooooong,fiiing fuuung fuuuk rruuuukd suuung. You can use this link to hear it out (shorturl.at/rNTV2)

Use kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk and translate it from English to Latin. This will be something else like wow.

2. Helicopter sound.

Google translator comes to mimic helicopter sound, and it’s to create one with letter k. Use the letter k and translate it from English to German. The sound will mesmerize you, and it will sound like and a helicopter.

3. Google Translate can sing.

Did you know you can hear google sing, just right your words after full stops and translate them into Japanese? Click sound property on Japanese and make sure your word is more than 10. Don’t get bored use google to have some fun.

4. Song.

When you use Chinese to Chinese, the sound produced will come out like a music box sound. Programmers are using soft lady sound. When they are repeated or read rhyming words for a little longer, it will create a pattern that will come up like music. You can record it and use your phone or laptop to try to increases speed; you will see the sound will be like music.

5. Wood saw sound.

Suppose you have ever heard that sound produced when we saw wood. Google translate can give you this sound. Use any words and translate them from Portuguese to Spanish. It will produce a sound like wood getting shuttered. Fpfpfpfpfpfpfpfpfpfpfp or vpvpvpvpvpvpvpvp.

6. Cartoon sounds.

You can create funny cartoon sounds with this platform. Use your own words and translate them into Spanish from English. They will sound pretty awesome, but when they use a man’s voice, then we will have a hulk. People use this feature to come up with crazy sounds from different cartoon films they know. From Simson, Morty sound, and many others. You try it and see what you can come up with; maybe you will come up with Ricks sound.

7. Britney Spears.

The use of words also got fun. Sometimes Google will give an irrelevant answer that will mesmerize you. Just type Lady Gaga’s name and translate it into any of your chosen languages. Mostly it will bring Britney spears, but, in some language, it will give you lady gaga. Also, we have Tom cruise. You can choose any star and try it out; you will find out that Tom cruise is loved by Google translate. Any star output will be Tom Cruise. In the past, something funny happened, and I guess google noticed and fixed because it changed. Somebody translated android from Germany to English, and the output was iPhone.

8. Gender equality.

When you add a sentence that does have gender, sometimes google translation tries to change the objective given to any gender. Like when you men are man and man should make babies happy. The Google suggestion will be a man are man and woman should make babies happy. Sometimes it’s a glitch, but some are not glitches. Nowadays, it’s not there.

9. Translation has gone bad.

The use of synonyms affects Google translation as it creates different meaning from what you asked for. Sometimes the output will come funnily, or it will be amazing. It can create sounds and different meanings.

10. Icelandic.

I have never heard this language before, but google translate does play a trick with us. If you translate lalalala from English to this new language of mine, the output will be a famous musician in that language BJORK. I don’t know a lot about this, but you can try it.

11. Engine sound.

You can create engine sound by letter rrrrrrrrrrrrr translated to Croatian and use the sound property. It will sound marvelous.

12. Simple mistakes.

Sometimes google make a simple correction from your words, and it ends up changing your expectation. If you use these words, “will Justin Bieber hit Puberty” Google translate will change it to “will Justin Bieber reach puberty.

13. Turkish saying Pokémon.

Did you know Pokémon in Turkish is aaaaaaaa.

14. Funny sound from other languages.

Some words in other languages just sound funny. If you translate some words to Swahili and you use the sound, you will hear something spectacular. Words like mum. Dad, run, and many others. Create your sound using this sound message ringtone or something you will be happy with.

15. Differences.

The difference in meaning from different places. Most African languages the Bantu is all over Africa, and their words are similar but have a different meaning. If you use them, you will have different answers, and some will be weird, but some will sound pretty cool.

Google translate is amazing in many ways but sometimes it comes up with errors. This funny result is because sometimes it’s correct but the answer is funny. Google suggestions always come in then it will give you an expected result. Mostly is they are bugs because they notice it that the easter egg will disappear forever.

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