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15 Funny things we can tell our kids to make them happy

We all love kids; if you don’t, then you know, you are barbarous. We empower kids to be the best at what they do but only being draconian to follow the rules is not cool; you have to make sure they accept what you are doing for them. This can be achieved by making them smile and think you are ludicrous. Kids love stories, so you can use them so long as you know how to fix a joke in them.

We use stories to get kids’ attention, so you have to come with a cool ad attractive story. Not only will you be making them happy, but also you will make them listen to you and admit you are awesome.

Things you can say to kids to have a smirk on their faces.

If they are old enough, don’t read these jokes; make up your own; it’s not hard. Kids and the internet and interaction among them pass information very fast.


Come up with mysteries; kids love mysteries a lot. They know it keeps them on top knowing staff so they will be happy. You can also make people around them look heroes by digging into their past.

1. Do you know any baseball player who holds the lemonade?

A lot of kids know this, but they do take it a secret. When they are tired or hungry, you can use this joke to tell them they can look for any pitcher with juice.

3. Hey, little one, do you mind telling me what you will do to stop a rhino from charging? If you get, this ice cream is on me.

You unplug it; this will be fun. Remember, they know a lot of jokes, so if you promise them something doesn’t get broken over it.

4. Do you know why our mum/your mum went to the Halloween party, dear? Remember, it’s our secret.

The answer should be to dress up like a mummy, those dying and resurrecting creatures.

5. Kid, do you know why ghosts are not good when It comes to fooling people.

The answer will be because we can see through them. Any representation of ghost they are foggy, but we can see through them.


Kids like heroes and certain temperaments in a movie. Suppose you use their golden-boy actors’ punch line and turn them into a joke. It will be fun. We also have a lionheart. Most kids do love heroes as they do extricate the day every time. Some heroes are cool, but sometimes the villain is incredible, so make sure your jokes are well presented, and no one gets hurt.

6. Where penguins enter into a movie is the same place mermaid watch movies; what is the name of that place.

This will be fun; the answer will be dive in.

7. Do you think Groot is cute? I think he is cute?

Use movie actors they have ever met to make them laugh.

8. How do you find will smith in the snow?

Look for fresh marks.


The trend in clothing is attracting most kids so longs you know how to present your jokes. When they have new clothes, make them proud or if the new clothing is new in the market. Sometimes it can start a cold war between them, but if well illuminated by you, they will just be cool.

9. Do you know how to scare a snowman?” get the hairdryer.”

This will be cool, taking it down a notch and try to explain if they stare at you.

10. If you accept this hairstyle, you will look like an African rebel and not a barbie princess.

Rebel has a bad look compared to barbie princes.


We all know to get a great woman and man in the future, we have to edify our little ones. Sometimes it hard for some don like to be bossed and follow the rules and some staff. Turn education into the fun look for tongue-twister movies and stories that involve education, and they are absurd.

11. Do you know education has a negative side genius, it can make you rich and the most famous person on the planet and also you can go mad when you read a lot your head will explode?

You have to explain some facts about this joke. This will help them know they need a break when they read. And on the other hand it funny to be insane because you read a lot. Their rumors but have never seen one before. You have to know how to present this joke; if you are not well presented, it will sound like a lesson.

12. I went to school to study pharmacy, and so I became a farmer.

If they are old enough, they will understand you, but when they are still too young, or they are not that intelligent, they will look at you. So, know the right age to use this knee slapper.

13. Ice cream on me, buddy if you get this right; tell me a book that was never written

The answer is funny; it’s quite common, but if your kids are grown up, don’t use it.” The guide dinosaur.”

14. The musical pod of the whale? Do you know how it is called?

An orca-stra.


90% ok kids here and there on the globe has an idol from musicians, legends, myth, actors, journalists, and many others. They hold up profoundly unto these guys; you can make them happy by antic calls and texts saying something they do not anticipate it to happen. If it’s possible, look for this guy and make your kids happy and prepare a week of bluster.

15. Do you know all spies use sneakers to sneak around?

This will be cool if you know to present it or if you have an example.

16. (KIDS NAME) do you what a famous turtle can be called, buddy?

Celebrity. Turtles do have shells, and when it’s famous, it becomes a celebrity, so we call it shellbriity.

Keep in mind they are growing, and we need responsible people in the future. If you want to do some goods pleasurably, make sure your jokes got some teaching; if not, it does not deteriorate their morals. Leave adult staff out; you can use them when you will hanging with your bosom buddy.

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