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15 Funny things to write on a birthday card

You can set to put in some bucks to gets a birthday card that’s already written or you can a plain card and write the quotes on your own. It always feels incredible to write on your own. If your problem is coming up with your jokes, that’s why I am here for you. I will write both old funny quotes and some of the all-time quotes that will blow up you mind. Know by heart, and you can come up with your quotes that amuse depending on the relationship you have with the person. It’s easy to take one event that was weird or absurd and use it against him in terms of age. Keep it spotless, no creepy comment, because you might not know if the cards will read out loud in front of people invited to the party that will be disconcerting.


15 funny things to write on a birthday cake

1. Old man woman forgets about gifts; your country gave you one “citizenship.”

This one is cute. It’s funny and true at the same time. When you were born, your country gave you citizenship; it always comes before every other gift. The quote just shows these people they should appreciate what they have and leave alone my money. You can see a lot of things that happen when a kid is born, and it’s for free. Oxygen is given by God, family by God, the name by the family, and many things that are natural and do happen in our life.

2. Hey, Jane (any name), do you know you are one year close to your death year/day/week/month and even decade.

Everybody dies; it’s normal, but sometimes it’s cool to be a pessimist and remind people whenever they happy; they should know they will die as time goes by. If you know the person can’t make this, please don’t send you will crush your relationship. You can send it to them and see what they will reply when you meet, and it will be fabulous. Remember you have to get ready for a reply you are not the one who can use the internet.

3. Hey, the old man doesn’t worry al vote for a birthday party, and sure it beats democratic and republican parties on the planet

Where do you cast your votes to liar’s party or a birthday party? This will be cool; actually, if he didn’t have a party, he will come up with a party because of you. Try this; it will be amazing, and it will tell them friends needs to let loose from the world stress of day to day activities.

4. You didn’t see this coming!!! Nobody will hold candles at the birthday party, and the cake will do that for you.

You were giving this guy an update on what you will do on the D day. You came to have fun and get to know his friends, not holding candles like you were to be baptized. You can change this statement to something new. Like you will force him to wear a metal cone on his head instead of the other one. You will throw the cake into the pigs’ pen if he doesn’t say sorry for what he did ( choose any event when you got cornered by him/her). The cake thing with kids can lead to your death, so you have to be miles away from kids when they are reading those cards.

5. They do say, the older you get, the wise you become, so tell me should marry/get married in the early 20s or thirties.

When we were kids, we used to know old people are creative, and they know a lot. You can use that against him; it’s not only about marriage; you can use a lot of things like what shoes I will have tomorrow. That will be fascinating.

6. How old are you? You look 101! That’s it. I saw a wrinkle last night on your face and some weird white hair.

You can make fun of their age. If they have white hair, that will be perfect and some cuts on the face.

7. Hey man, you saved the day with this party; it beats my alternative event by 0-10

Di, you know someone will laugh when they are praised; in the end, the output is negative. Use this if you are certain you know there is a party. You can’t just write, and maybe they will be no party; it will not be funny but weird.

8. You were born with a lot of celebrities and famous people, but it’s too bad you aren’t one of them

If you have a celebrity celebrating his birthday on the same day, you can use it as an example. Did you know more than ten famous people celebrate their birthday with you?

9. Stop getting old; please, the older you are, the older I feel.

Not cool, bro stop getting old; I want to feel young, like forever.

10. Why are you happy? Getting old is not amazing, but you will closer to get off this planet?

This will jog his mind for a little bit. When you get old, you will be almost dying and leave us here. Sometimes they can think a lot about this because of the strong message, but I am sure they will smile at the end.

11. You know what shows you are getting old when you have your 25th birthday party.

Just use any age; it doesn’t have to be 25; any can do perfectly.

12. No more video games, no more drinks, no more dancing on TikTok; you are old, don’t shame us.

This works out perfectly; remember to add animations and cartoons; that’s if he is fun; you can use this to make your quote look fascinating.

13. Do you know those people who celebrate their birthday mostly live longer, it’s scientifically proven? So, let’s a party.

Adding this joke, your card will stand out, I assure you.

14. I didn’t get you anything, but my mum sends her love for you

Mum’s love will be ok, but you don’t have to use mum’s love; you can use a lot of people even if they have never met, but he/she knows they exist.

15. Dude, forget the past; even if you are 25 years, you can change it.

You can use any other age. Also, you can add something you know it can’t be changed at all.

Just know you can create your jokes and send them to your friends, don’t depend on the internet a lot.

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