15 Funny things to watch on YouTube

15 Funny things to watch on YouTube

YouTube platform is everything nowadays on planet earth. If you want to be entertained, to be taught, seek opportunity, check on products and services. It’s a search engine on its own. Mostly we use YouTube to be entertained by a lot of fascinating videos. People are skilled in creating amazing videos; some are funny. Some are just agreeably diverting. Watch my list of amazing videos to be amazed. We have animals’ videos, comedians, movie games and many more. But today, I am looking for amazing videos that will keep you happy for a very long it will blow off your mind. I will use both old videos and that or up to date

YouTube Videos.

1. Siren Dog.

January 7th, 2014 GSKVideos channel came up with a video about 29 seconds, the video was about a video trying to imitate an ambulance or police siren. As we all know, dogs start barking after hearing others barking; my guess the dog thought the ambulance was another dog and tried to chum. But it was fascinating, totally amazing. Watch this video. I don’t get a good reason why the dog barks after hearing other dogs. It always happens with wolves actually in movies that have never seen a wolf before.

2. Jump fails.

The cat tried to jump from one building to another, and it didn’t execute its objective perfectly. Cat is known to swift, fast, and intelligent. Cats are bright; they execute perfectly, and fast dogs are only with wrong calculation; they do mess things up. But this cat was a dog like she didn’t make it. I hope she didn’t die. But she was big; I guess she had obesity or something. Cats are cute when they are well fed, catered, and all that, but if you do something called overcaring, then they become stupid.

In 2015 somebody created a compilation of all cat fail to jump. And the cats were amusement when they failed to make a simple jump. You can check it through this link.


3. 2020 funny compilation.

In 2019 I saw this Korean and Japanese they created the funny video, but I didn’t like them, but sometimes this year, they popped up, and I started watching. I tell you, this was amazing. Before, I thought they were about hurting each other, so I didn’t care a lot about them. But the way they do this is freaking awesome. Some whites also came up with this compilation; some are great but not like Koreans.

4. Funniest animal.

There is a channel called Funniest animal ever; this channel they are all about animals. They do create an amazing compilation of cute and funny animals amazing. I don’t want to ruin the idea, but al gives you an on how to get what mesmerized me today. A dog was trying to steal food, and it hid it away; if you don’t know about the dog, you can’t find it. There was another one trying to play piano and trying bark following the piano sound.


5. Mark angle comedy.

Nigeria is utilizing the internet very well, and now they are in comedy. Mark angel is a new star in the world of comedy; he stands out perfectly, and his rating is going very high. He is used to working with her niece’s success and Emanuela.

They are amazing to check this to about aunty success compilation. The first video broke my ribs am still in pain.

They are amazing to check out.

6. American Got Talent.

It’s an American talent show, Ok it surfaced like 3years ago; it’s amazing. People got skills and talent, but they didn’t have a place to show out what they can do. American Got talent gave them that opportunity to show the world their skills. A lot of countries came up with the same idea, and now we have more than 50 Got talent from a different country. I don’t know if they coordinate and work together, but what I know they are very entertaining.

If you want to be happy and laugh a lot, this is the place.

7. Steve Harvey.

He is the best entertainer in the US. He came up with amazing Tv and radio shows. He got his own life stories and opportunities for others, but I was about comedy; he is cool to check out how kids play with this man.

Someone wants to share a girlfriend, it’s amazing.

Family feuds and interviews are amazing’s.

8. Pranks.

There are a lot of pranks on YouTube; some are funny; some are not picking the right one. I got some for you am sure you will love them.

You can subscribe to see a lot more they have seen anything like that; I loved this guy.

9. Annoying Orange.

It’s a YouTube channel that’s amazing; you will enjoy this thing as oranges are annoying others (potatoes and many others)

10. Fred.

A kid with weird life stories, you will enjoy it actually if try to explain it al spoil for you but check out this one about cut it’s all about haircuts

11. Siri was disrespectful.

People are imitating Siri in many ways; since the Jexi movie came out, they got a real way to come up with amazing videos.

12. Ray William Johnson.

Is A YouTube channel that deals with video clips that happen in real life they are about a lot of things like to advertise? It was amazing. I watched almost every video on that channel.

13. JennaMarbels.

She is a popular tuber who came on top after coming up with this video; she is awesome; you will not stop laughing about her. She was funny amazing

14. TikTok compilation.

As we all know, TikTok came on top compared to other social media. People are creating amazing videos on TikTok and upload them on youtube.

15. Rap battles.

Rap battles are fun, but sometimes they get out of hands. They are entertaining to check this out

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