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15 Funny things to post on Facebook

Facebook is one of the major sites of social media that has many users. Apart from being one of the sources of information, users can use the site to post funny pictures and statuses, and therefore it acts as a source of entertainment. Once the user has a created an account and has a cool username is now ready to start posting funny and witty post and also enjoying posts from other Facebook users.

These funny posts contribute greatly to gaining fame on Facebook and also help in getting more likes. Some of the funny things that user can update on his or her Facebook account are discussed below;

1. Fill-in-the-questions

Fill-in-the-questions are where the question provided has blank spaces in between the question, or the one answering is provided with an answer and is required to choose the correct answer. The users are required to drop their crazy answers as comments. This is one of the funniest Facebook posts that can make you laugh out loud on reading the comments.

Below is an example of a funny fill-in-question that one can update on the Facebook wall.

I was ___ years when I entered into my first relationship.

My bank account has sh____.

2. Questions

This is another funny thing to post on the Facebook wall different from fill-in-questions. Questions may be categorized into two, i.e., questions that require answers and rhetorical questions (require no answer). Some questions are just asked for fun, and this can be seen by going through the comments.

Below is an example of a question that will have crazy replies and funny replies.

3. Funny videos and short clips

Funny videos and short clips contribute greatly to making Facebook an entertaining site. The user uploads these clips on his or her account, and another facebook may enjoy watching the videos.

Also, one can organize a live video on Facebook just to entertain his or her followers.

4. Funny quotes.

Quotes are short wise, and sometimes funny phrases. Facebook entertainers usually post these funny phrases to attract followers and to get many likes. However, these funny quotes may help to relieve stress as they say, “laughter is a medicine.”

Some of the examples of these funny quotes include;

1. Time is precious. Waste it wisely.

2. I love my bed, but I’d rather be in yours.

5. Funny images

Most of the Facebook users are after funny pictures. These funny pictures, commonly referred to as memes, are accompanied by funny content that will make you laugh after coming across the picture. Some people join Facebook just because of these funny pictures and to enjoy the humorous message contained in them.

These funny pictures, on the other hand, can be used for the purpose of advertisement and educating Facebook users.

6. Funny tips

Tips are meant to educate. However, some of the Facebook users may come up with funny tips that do not have educational benefits to their fans. These tips are meant only for fun. For example, one may come up with tips on how to attend more than five parties in a day. This may seem impossible and funny at the same time. On reading the tips, then nothing will prevent fans from dropping their crazy comment and laughing emojis.

7. Posting Eye-catching pictures

An eye-catching image may be a funny image or an image that is rare to find. Posting these images will attract many likes and comments.

8. Funny comments

Funny comments and replies are common to many Facebook users. These comments will attract the attention of many, and some will laugh at reading the comments. Therefore, these comments may be a source of entertainment for many users.

9. Using funny usernames

This is the funniest thing that is common to Facebook users. The use of funny names is one of the cornerstones of entertainment on the Facebook wall.

The user may humorously decide to use an animal name or plant name just for fun.

A good example of a funny name that I have come across on the Facebook wall is “nobody.” Now, this is funnier when the one using that username comments in a post. The notification will be like, “Nobody commented on your post.” This is hilarious!

10. Funny stories

The user may decide to narrate an old story by writing it on his or her Facebook account as a way of passing the time or just for fun.

Other user’s attention may be drawn by the story and may also be an entertaining source to them.

Also, the story may contain educative values that may be vital to the well being of the user.

11. Irrelevant documents

Posting irrelevant documents may also be a humorous way of using Facebook. Some of the irrelevant documents include report forms, baptism cards, and circumcision certificates, among others.

Posting such documents will always be accompanied by funny and crazy comments.

12. Song’s lyrics

An idle facebook user may decide to write lyrics of his or her favorite song on the Facebook wall. However, not everyone on Facebook is a music fan, and therefore those who don’t music will have a negative comment. The one posting song’s lyrics may be driven to do so due to the love of the song or just for fun.

13. Trending issues

Trending videos, pictures, and also phrases are found here on Facebook. Some Facebook groups and pages will contain all the latest trends in the country and other funny trending issues like leaked sex-tapes.

Facebook may also be a vital source of information for users.

14. Sarcastic posts

A sarcastic post is a post that means the opposite. Sarcastic posts are only meant for fun and make people laugh.

For example, one may decide to post a well-known corrupt leader and accompany the post with sweet words regarding his or her good leadership. This is sarcastic as the leader is corrupt. On seeing this post, nothing will prevent other users from commenting.

15. If someone offers you 1 million, how can you utilize it?

The comment on the above question will actually make your day.


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