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15 Funny things to get people to say

A good conversation between two or more people can be achieved by cracking jokes and asking funny questions. This greatly helps in breaking the boring environment between the communicating parties. It also plays a vital role in maintaining good relations between the communicating parties. No skill is required in cracking funny jokes and phrases, but rather, one is only required to know the right time to introduce the joke. The joke is funnier when the other person is involved in the cracking of the joke. This can be achieved by asking them a funny thing or getting them a funny thing to say, for example, a tongue twister.

Most of these funny things come randomly in a conversation. Some of the funny things that one can get other people to say are explained below.

1. Tongue twisters

This is the common thing to get people to say. One partner directs the tongue twister to the other partner, and he or she is required to say the phrase as faster as possible. The funny part is when the partner mentions the word or words in the tongue twister incorrectly. On hearing the incorrect punctuation, people around will laugh out loud and therefore creating a jovial mood for the listeners.

2. Mentioning names of countries

During a conversation, one partner may decide to break the boredom by daring the other partner to mention the names of countries without pausing. This may seem to be a good dare to those who are familiar with the names of different countries. However, those who only know a few countries may jokingly mention the few countries they know and hence creating a fun environment.

3. Repetition of a particular word

This is another common thing to get people to say in order to create a fun communication environment among the parties involved. A word is directed to the partner, and he or she is required to mention/say it ten times or more. During the mentioning of the word, the partner may pronounce it incorrectly or pronounce another word apart from the word posed to him. This makes the people around him or her to laugh loud on hearing the word pronounced.

4. Reversing of numbers

The partner is required to say numbers in a backward direction as fast as possible, for example, from 20-1. It seems to be a hard task, but it is entertaining, especially when the one pronouncing the numbers jumps or omits some numbers.

5. Spelling of words

Words that are stressful when it comes to pronouncing them can be used to break the boredom in a conversation and to entertain the communicating parties. When the words are spelled wrongly, a fun environment is created, and listeners may laugh a time. It is also vital in improving the language involved.

6. Repetition of a phrase

One of the partners is requested to say a particular phrase as many times as possible. The phrase posed to the partner is mostly associated with rhyming words that can easily be confused during their pronunciations hence leading to wrong pronunciations. It is used to test the pronouncing skills of the partner. In most cases, not all pronounce the phrase as it should be, and this creates a comical mood.

An example that can be posed to the communicating partner is “Carol cooked carrot.”

7. Tell me more about you?

This is a great one as it invites the other person to tell you something they want to share with you. However, this question may be humorously used in the case where the people involved in the conversation know each other, but still, one insists on knowing more about the other.

8. Singing a song

The other person is asked to sing his or her favorite song or any other song. This is a good way to improve my mood. In a case where the one singing does not have a melodious voice, the whole room will be roaring with laughter.

9. Multiplication of numbers

The other person may be asked to say the multiplication of particular numbers. This is done in a jokingly way, and therefore, the audience can laugh when the one asked fails to answer or when the wrong answer is given.

10. Bible verses

Saying of memory verses can be used to break boredom and as a source of entertainment. This can be the case where the communicating parties are non-believers. One of the partners is asked to say any verse. As expected, the one who asked me to fail to answer and therefore making the people around mocking him or her in a jokingly way.

11. Funny questions

Funny questions are always accompanied by funny answers. This is the best way to get funny responses from other people and maybe entertaining at the same time. The question may be rhetorical or maybe an open question. The answer will be in a funny way, depending on the question asked. However, the type of question asked depends on the age or the relationship between the communicating parties.

12. Joking around with words

This can be another way to get funny responses from the other person in a conversation. This is a situation where one of the partners is asked to mention particular words. For instance, one may be asked to mention nouns. The answers are to be given out without pausing, and this may result in the wrong pronunciation of the words.

13. To narrate a story

This is a great way to involve your partner in the conversation. In a boring conversation, one may inquire the other partner to narrate any story or a parable to break the boredom state. Since it is a random inquiry, the one being asked may fail to narrate or narrate a short story in turn.

14. Pronunciation of words

This is another way to invite your communicating partner into a funny conversation. The partner is required to pronounce the written words. The written words may have a confusing pronunciation and therefore makes those who are listening to laugh out loud on hearing the pronunciation.

15. Dares

In a conversation, dares will have the whole room roaring with laughter. A funny dare is vital in keeping the mood upbeat and avoiding boredom. Similarly, it is a funny thing to get people to say, as it mainly involves embarrassing questions and dares.

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