15 Funny things to engrave on Airpods

15 Funny things to engrave on Airpods

Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds created by Apple. Different people use Airpods for different purposes. Some of the uses of Airpod include; listening to music, making phone calls, answering questions, i.e., it can be used as a Siri device, among other uses. Before starting using a new Airpod device, one is required to customize and change some of its settings. Engraving of words, emojis, and other funny phrases are one of the most customized features of the Airpod device.

Apple allows users to engrave on their Airpods. The customizing setting comes via a banner on the Apple main page along with the text “new personal engraving option.” The user can click the ad and set any word or phrase. The words, emoji, name, or funny idea engraved during the purchase is permanent and is therefore not prone to change. In addition, the Airpod device allows a name or a phrase with only less than 22 characters. When using emoji as the Airpod engrave, the user is allowed to select one emoji among the 31 different emojis provided by Airpod.

Some people tend to use neat and understandable names and phrases, while others go for funny quotes and lines. It is incredible when someone sees your Airpod engraved with funny lines. Other people engrave the message on Airpods when they want to give Airdrops as a gift to their beloved ones.

Below are some of the funny things to engrave on your Airpod device.

1. Short funny phrases

The user may decide to choose his favorite phrase and engrave it in his Airpod device. The phrase may acts like a motivating or entertaining factor to the user or anybody else using the device. However, the phrase engraved in the device is limited to less than 22 characters.

2. Use of nicknames

Many users tend to love their nicknames more than they do their real names. In such a case, the user may decide to use the nickname as the Airpod engraved word. Some of the nicknames used may be humorous and funny such that other people can laugh out loud on seeing them. Nickname as Airpod engraved word can also be used to identify the owner of the device.

3. Places names

The use of names of places is another way of customizing your Airpod engraving option. The user may decide the name of his or her birthplace in the country. Similarly, another user may humorous decide to choose the name of their dream country or another place they would like to visit in the future.

4. Use of initials

During the customizing of the Airpod device, one may engrave the initials of his name of any other thing. This is mostly brought about due to the lack of another name to use. The funny part of using a nickname as Airpod engraved name is that they may be meaningless. This is mostly the case where the user inserts letters randomly just to customize the personal engraving option.

5. Use of sarcastic word or names

One can use sarcastic words to engrave to his Airpod device or to their friend’s Airpod devices. These words and phrases are meant for entertainment purposes. They may include; rich-poor, king of the jungle, the king of ladies, among other funny, sarcastic words. These phrases should adhere to the less than 22 characters rule of the Airpod device.

6. Airpods for father

When gifting your father with an Airpod device, one can engrave a funny name or a phrase that can make him feel happy and appreciated on seeing it. The word may be humorously used. Some of the funny ideas to engrave for father AirPods include; hero without a cape, home manager, the boss, the remote controller, among others.

7. Airpods for mother

It’s refreshing to buy Airpods for the mother, but the best part is engraving a funny or a sweet message for mother Airpods. These funny words help to relive every moment she is using the Airpod device. Examples of these messages include; our chef, the most beautiful lady in the world, etc.

8. Use of animal names

The use of animal names is another category of funny names to choose from when customizing your Airpod. The names may be symbolically or humorously used. Other people will laugh at seeing the engraved word.

9. Airpods for grandparent

When gifting grandparents with Airpods, the one offering the gift can engrave funny messages or words. These messages or words help to relive every moment they see the engraved words. Therefore the user is forced to use sweet and funny words. Examples of the word that can be engraved in grandparents. Airpods include; a young couple, the story-tellers, etc.

10. Use of titles

Funny titles can be engraved in Airpods. These titles make the user good when using the device. The title can be added before the user’s name or can be used without any other name being added to it. For example, someone aspiring to be a political leader may use the title “Honorable” on his or her Airpod device.

11. A Song chorus

A music lover may decide to engrave a chorus of a particular song on his or her Airpod device. The chorus, however, should be less than 22 characters. The song chorus may act as a source of entertainment to other people on seeing it, mostly those who have never heard it before.

12. Airpods for friends

When gifting a friend with an Airpod device, one may engrave funny phrases and nicknames to make them feel delighted every time they use the device. The words and names engraved are humor based and are meant for fun. Some of the funny words that one can engrave to his or her friends Airpod device include; my boss, my nigger, etc.

13. Things names

When engraving words in the Airpod device, one may not like using his or her official name and lack any other suitable name to use. This leads the user in engraving names of non-living things like table chairs etc.

14. Warning quotes

The user may decide to engrave a short warning phrase that is intended to warn anyone who may come across the device. The warning quotes may be humor based. For example, “Steal this at your own risk (Bomb installed).”

15. Funny quotes

For example, “I sold my kidney for this…”

“Don’t sit on me.”

Other funny ideas and phrases that can be engraved in Airpod include;

  • Sorry, we ran out of black ones.
  • I steal music.
  • Best friend in supporting role.
  • I think Airpod stole my heart etc.

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