15 Funny things to draw on a cast

15 Funny things to draw on a cast

A cast is an object that is made by pouring liquids that harden later to resemble the object in which they are poured into. Examples of these liquids include those of plaster or hot metal. When people break their legs or hands, plaster casts are used to cover up and protect their bones from more damages. If you have a friend with any fractured bone and they have plaster casts on them, then you may decide to draw funny things on the casts to make them feel good. The following is a list of funny things one may draw on a cast.

1. Panted shark

A painted shark would look nice as a drawing hanged on the wall of your living room. Drawing one on the cast on your leg or arm makes it funny since every person will want to look at the drawing and ask why you would draw it there. The painting would be a nice distraction because people will have other things to talk about with you rather than discussing your arm or leg injury.

2. Batman cast

Just like any drawing, one may decide to draw the outfit of a batman, which looks funny when you look at it. Normally people would right be consoling and sweet messages on a person’s cast to show their sympathy. Drawing a batman’s outfit takes it to the next level. People get distracted by the picture, and the conversations you have with them get as normal as if you have no cast on you.

3. Graffiti stockings

Graffiti drawings are always nice when they are drawn on walls. They can also be drawn on a person’s leg cast to resemble a graffiti stocking where you can match with another stocking similar to the drawing, and no one would differentiate between the cast and the stocking.

4. Converse shoes

If you have a long cast all the way to the knee, then drawing a picture that resembles the other converse shoe would be a good idea. It will always be fun if your friends and family get to see how the two resemble.

5. Unicorn

A unicorn is a very rare animal to find, and for one to draw it on his or her, leg/arm cast means a big deal. The straight horn on the unicorn has made it stand out from other horses. It would be rare to find one with such a drawing.

6. Bones

Drawings on the cast that are particularly of bones are a bit weird and funny. Having this kind of art on your arm or leg shows that you know what has happened to you is not letting it get into your head, and that may encourage people to make fun of your cast without you feeling offended.

7. Spiderman

Spiderman is a well-known superhero, and he is identified with one unique costume. If you have an arm cast, you can decide to have a drawing of Spiderman’s arm and the colors matching those of Spiderman.

8. Captain America shield cast

Many children are a fan of the cartoon superheroes, and Captain America is one of them can be a good and funny drawing drawn on their arm or leg casts.

9. Flames

An arm flame cast is a very beautiful one because of its colors and secondly because of the art. An art flame with red and yellow is very colorfully and funny because anyone looking at your arm or leg cast will definitely want to know why you have done that.

10. City

Most cities have certain buildings or icons that they are identified. Paris, for example, is known because of the Eiffel Tower, which is a symbol that identifies the city. If Paris is your favorite city, you can draw it, making sure you include the iconic symbol. Once the drawing is done, it will look beautiful and fun to always look at. People will be tempted to take selfies with your arm or leg cast as they admire the drawing.

11. Tattoos

A tattoo is normally done on a person’s flesh, and drawing a tattoo on the hand or leg cast would look creative, funny, and outstanding. If you need to draw something that looks cute, then try drawing a celebrity’s tattoo or one that people know you have.

12. Beach

All beaches have things like water, crabs, sand and many other things we all know are found there. A cast that has a drawing of water with a few crabs on it will look interesting and funny as well. Very few have such a drawing on their casts, so if you’re looking for fun ideas to be drawn on your leg or arm cast, then this is it.

13. Flowers

To all flower lovers, this is the best drawing you can have on your cast. You may choose a flower of your choice and the colors to be included. Just imagine seeing a person in a wheelchair and a cast on his or her legs having these colorful flowers on it. That would definitely amuse you, and you would want to look at the drawing closely while asking for the motivation behind it.

14. Dragon

Since the extinction of dragons, people see the creatures in movies, animations, or books. Drawing a cute colorful dragon on a cast looks funny and distracting as well. An artist may decide to draw the dragon as it lets out the fire and paint the flames in yellow or any color that makes the client happy.

15. Trees

This is one of the funniest drawings one can have on their casts. Imagine having a drawing of a tree with roots, stems, and leaves, all of which are painted to look exactly like a tree. This type of drawing would amuse many and give others ideas for their casts.

In short, the above 15 funny things can be drawn on a person’s cast to make it easier for them to deal with the situation. There are more fun things to be drawn, but those listed above are more fun and unique.

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