15 Funny Things to do to make your friends laugh

15 Funny Things to do to make your friends laugh

Friends are people close to us always; they are usually part and parcel of our lives. Laughter is usually described as the best natural medicine; for this reason, many people have specialized in the laughter industry and grown their careers as comedians. It is believed that people who frequently laugh always look youthful and rarely grow old. To help keep jovial friends around us, let’s take a look at different funny ways we can make friends laugh without their expectations.

1. Telling them old tales

Most friends and children fall in love with tales of your past experience. One takes advantage of these tales by telling the funny situations in their lives and ensuring that you get to add some humor to it. One can tell tales and include those shared to them by their grandparents hence ensuring to add more humor making it more lively and attractive to more friends.

2. Creative Bedtime stories

Did you know you can use bedtime stories to make friends and children laugh? One gets to choose whether to read the stories aloud to them or narrate the ones in their minds. One can also create more humor in it by adding the listener as part of the story by mentioning them along. In the process, one gets to create their own stories to make them laugh more. One gets to make body moves and facial expressions in the process of narrating the stories to create more fun.

3. Observing life

I bet every friend has their own different way of life. By observing different lifestyles of animals and friends, one can make different comments on them in a mocking manner and make friends around you to laugh. For example, while in disagreement, one can comment about two birds that are flying together. ‘ll wish we would be in great terms like those birds over there.’

4. Unexpected moments

Unexpected moments can be created, for example, and one can pretend to add chili to her food instead of tomato sauce. Has a result, one can be heard lamenting while eating the food. This can create great humor and laughter among the friend. Some may even mock you saying that it a punishment from the heavens.

5. Making up own lyrics

I bet the large population of us are song lovers, and so are the friends. The songs tend to soothe our hearts, make us jovial and stress-free. To make friends laugh, one can come up with their own lyrics and sing around, in fact, including their names in between. This makes friends laugh aloud. To make it more humorous, you can sing along requesting for certain favors, which would be hard for them to turn down after laughing their ribs out.

6. Impersonations

Why wear gummy face all day long yet you can make friends lively by impersonating people like celebrities, great musicians, and the president of the country. The friends end up laughing out of the good way you are good at it, or how worse you are at it. But the good thing the deal to make them laugh will have been achieved.

7. Silly pranks

Usually, pranks can be made by answering the opposite of what is expected. While after achieving humor out of the prank, one should avoid being humiliating or too personal since it may end up hurting a friend instead of achieving laughter.

8. Crazy props

Incase friends are so bored in a place and have run out of stories, and one can create humor by appearing unexpected in attire and keeping calm, assuming all is well. For example, a man can pop up wearing a hair wig on the head and continue the conversation pretending all is well. The friends end up bursting into laughter.

9. Use careful insults

This is used carefully to achieve humor. For example, you can use the weakness of a friend to insult them in a polite manner, making it fun. For example, one can joke about how a friend is so saved and add that they are best friends with angles from heaven. The jokes should be made with a lot of love to avoid disappointing a friend.

10. Real-life situations

Each one of us has life experiences which are good and bad, one can choose to make humor out of this situations like take for instance you happen to carry a bag of fruits, and it falls down, ‘wow what a deed better l collect my fruits before the ancestors take all of them since they are entitled to one.’ friends around may burst into laughter since most would have expected you to be disappointed.

11. Making animal screams and sounds.

One can get a lot of humor by making animal screams and sounds. For instance, some friends tend to fear dogs, and one can imitate them barking after visiting a new place. The friends may at first be frightened but later break into laughter when they realize the sound is from one of them. To make it more fun, one can pretend to be serious, as if the voice didn’t come from them.

12. Imitating different body moves and facial expressions.

One can achieve great humor by making certain body moves like pretending to have acquired certain walking styles after landing a new job. One can exaggerate the joke further by saying that ‘you know with my new position, my voice also had to change. ‘ one can pretend to speak in a certain way.

13. Pretending to pass out.

While in a group of friends, nothing can steal their attention like pretending to pass out and loss cautious in their amidst. When they pick you, one gets to reply by’ Relax l was just a little sleepy. ‘This will turn their worry into laughter.

14. Use emojis to text a friend.

Emojis are images used to express one’s feelings. While chatting, one can use emojis to make the chat livelier. For example, pretend to hide your eyes while asking a friend a personal question. They may end up laughing out while answering it.

15. Pretending to confuse certain animals

This can create humor by pretending to confuse animals. For example, while in for a visit in a park, one can pretend to call a Buffalo a cow, one can exclaminate, ‘wow, this cow who brought it here in the wild, it must be producing a lot of milk since the grass here is so enriched.’ The rest of the friends will end up bursting into laughter before they start to explain to you.

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