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15 Funny Things to Do on Snapchat

Snapping the same things can become monotonous at times. Of course, you want to share new fun and exciting ideas with your friends. Lovers of Snapchat would like to show off their creativity to impress their viewers.

Have you downloaded your Snapchat app? Coming up with more creative ideas and content will earn you more comments and, of course, more new friends hitting your inbox! Here are some hilarious things that you should try.

1. Take Ugly Selfies Using Funny Lenses

Use a weird lens to take the craziest pictures, adjust to make yourself too smooth, your eyes too big that anyone fails to notice you. Snapchat has so many lenses, and you can try each of them simultaneously. Make it fun by using either flower crown lens, teddy bears, dogs, or any other ambiguous face swap.

2. Send Crazy Selfies to Friends or Loved Ones

Take as many selfies and videos as you can with Snapchat and send them to your friends. You can opt to prank your boyfriend by sending him a snap and asking him to guess who the girl is. Laugh at them when they fail to notice you because you won.

3. Take Pictures with Your Pets

While taking snaps, include your favorite pets and use filters to make the photos unique. Snap and take videos with cats, their kittens, dogs, puppies, your favorite teddy bear, and so on. Lovers of pets would have great fun doing this; make it a routine. You never know, they might finally love snapping like you.

4. Use Funny Emojis and Bitmojis

Snapchat gives you the option of using any emojis and bitmojis of your preference. They are several, and each can be resized by pinching it on the screen using your finger. To enlarge them, you move them outwards and vice versa. Emojis and bitmojis are great in making your snaps outstanding and unique.

For instance, if you are snapping with your teddy bear, make it hilarious by adding some pink lips. Use a big cry-laughing emoji on your face so that no one notices you if they are not keen.

Use Snaps to Tell Stories

Tell a story using multiple snaps and post them on your story page. Any viewer will quickly know the series of events. Taking funny images with exaggerated content will make a viewer eager to view the next post. If your snaps are always incredible, your stories will have many viewers often. Employ the use of comedy and jokes, and remember to make your pictures appealing.

6. Show off Your Talent

To enhance creativity, make your snaps unique and different from those of your friends by including your talents. If you are a good artist, you can show off your drawing skills by coming up with a fantastic image. Please choose the correct colors that fit whatever you are drawing to make them attractive.

7. Use Awkward Captions

Before posting a snap or sending it to your friends, make it fun by using an awkward caption. The captions will lead to more comments and giggles; photos are not formal, so you ought to have fun out of them!

8. Snap With Friends

Snapping alone may get boring at times, especially after a busy and dull day. Taking snaps with friends makes it more fun and interesting. Everyone has their style of posting for pictures; some will make hilarious and strange faces. It becomes fun when you laugh at each other before sharing some of the snaps and deleting those that nobody likes.

9. Snap Videos Using Moving Emojis

Emojis are what make taking pictures fun on Snapchat. For example, after taking a video, you can use an emoji to cover some of the videos you feel no one needs to see. Hold on to an emoji and drag it to that point. As you play the video, the emoji will be attached at the same place and makes videos pretty fun.

10. Snap whatever you are doing

Let snapping be fun by including your activities in the videos. Are you watching a new series? Are you doing some school assignments? Add them to your stories with some unusual captions to let your friends know what you are doing at the moment.

Make the images super-amazing by using filters, emojis, and adding your favorite lenses. Creative snaps will lead to more comments, laughs, and compliments from your viewers.

11. Post TBTs

Make your Snapchat activities great by posting some of your past snaps. Take pictures tagged as memories in your camera roll and post them. Getting old pics, especially after a long time, is a great feeling.

12. Double Post Pictures

Double posting pictures is fun on a free day when you are indoors and have nothing to engage you the whole day. Post your favorite snaps more than once; you can opt to use different captions for each post.

13. Use your Favorite Color

Snapchat contains different colors; therefore, you are free to pick any that you like most. Use the color line to select any shade; give your pictures an extra pop. The snaps can be posted on any social media platform, whether Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp. People will only be attracted to look at your pictures if they are colorful.

14. Face Swap with Funny Objects

Funny objects can be weird filters, weird hairstyles, weaves, black lips, or anything that makes you look stupid. You can try face swapping with images of people on your utensils, clothes, and paintings; face change anything that comes your way!

15. Use the Techniques of Your Favorite Celebrities

Celebrities can play a significant role in enhancing your snap game on Snapchat. If you are a fan of Ariana Grande, Halsey, Kelsey, Kylie Jenner, or any other, looking at their posts and stories can make you admire to be like them.

You can opt to start posting cute epic snaps like those of Ariana. Being aware of their techniques will change your snap game to a great extent. Employ their humor and inject a little of their content into your snaps.

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