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15 Funny Things to Do on Omegle

Omegle is an online platform that allows its users to make friends with strangers worldwide without registering or sharing their personal information. The website pairs people in one-on-one chat sessions where they communicate anonymously with strangers. One is usually tagged as a stranger one and the other stranger two.

Omegle also offers video chats for interested users; both underage users and adults can use it. People often switch to Omegle after a tedious day; it is a website that is funny. There are so many hilarious activities to try on Omegle.

1. Prank Chat on Omegle

Pranking a stranger is a great thing to try on Omegle. Lie to someone that you are friends with their boss, and he is planning to fire them. Sound as if you are sure about the plan; you can even ask the stranger if they need some proof or something. Wait to see their reaction, then laugh at them for being stupid.

2. Talk to Many Strangers at the Same Time

After a long tiresome day, you can use Omegle chat to keep yourself busy. If you have been engaged in school the whole day or had so many scandals and misunderstandings with your supervisors at work, Omegle can help relieve your stress.

Talk to so many strangers randomly, tell them how bad your day was, and they might encourage or advise you on what to do. Tell each stranger a different version of how you spend your day or week. It is fun waiting for all their replies; some will be funny, hilarious but will keep you moving.

3. Pin on Funny Omegle Chats

Most social media websites allow their users to pin on their favorite chats to always be on top. Omegle also provides for its users to pin on whatever chats they find interesting. Make chatting on Omegle fun by pinning on conversations that you like most.

4. Sing a Song on a Chat

Singing songs on Omegle chats is a funny activity that you should do with your new friends. Find a piece of music that both of you love and any trending song that is hitting worldwide. It will be fun singing it out, especially if you know the exact lyrics of all stanzas. Let the stranger sing the first line, then join them with the second and so forth.

5. Act like a Little Kid

Nowadays, it is amazing how over 80% of kids can use smartphones to access anything without parental guidance. However, since you are talking to a stranger online, you can pretend to be a kid and chat as if you need the stranger to get some snacks and play toys.

6. Make a Story Using One Word at a Time

Making a story using one word might be weird, but if your new friend collaborates, it is a fun game to try. i.e.

Stranger 1: Yesterday

Stranger 2: we

Stranger 1: went

Stranger 2: clubbing

7. Chat to a Stranger and Pretend to Know Him

Make your chat different by pretending to know the stranger on Omegle. Act as if you know where they stay, where they work, their relatives, their hobbies, and where they spend most of their time. Make them surprised with the way you know their personal information.

8. Lie to a Stranger that you Have an Emergency, and You Need Quick Help.

Lying about an emergency can make a stranger tense and be worried about you. It is a fun thing to try on your most fearful friends. Lie to them that you have been abducted or have people attacking you at your home and wait to laugh at their reaction.

9. Make a Stranger a bit Fearful by telling them That They are under Arrest.

Start your chat by being too formal, then later tell a stranger that you work for some urgency and you have been looking for them. Go ahead and tell them that you know their house number and the police will be there in a few minutes. Add something harsh, like do not try escaping because we will track you.

10. Engage in the Wrong Conversation

This one is enjoyable and worth trying. Use the dialogue from a different chat to start a new conversation with another person.

Stranger: Hello

You: Yes, we watched the awards yesterday.

Stranger: Which awards?

You: You mean you did not watch the awards?

11. Talk about Television Programs, Movies, and Series

Find a stranger that has the same interest as you and get to talk about your favorite TV shows, movies, actors, musicians, games, celebrities, and talents. Make it enjoyable by talking about a full series o a film that both of you love. Recommend more exciting movies to each other and talk about generally everything you love.

12. Ask a Stranger So Many Questions About Themselves

While socializing on Omegle, you can opt to ask a stranger so many questions to an extend that he feels uncomfortable. Make it hilarious by not giving them a chance to ask you any. Let the conversation be as if you are interviewing them.

13. Pretend to Be Obsessed With the Stranger

It is funny how this is what most young people frequently do on Omegle. Young boys can pretend to have liked any random female stranger. During the chats, flirt with them and tell them you are obsessed with everything about them. Make it excellent by planning to meet someday and sharing each other’s contacts.

14. Use Fake Names

While talking to strangers, you can make it funny by using an ambiguous name; it may be a nickname, a pet name, or a name of a celebrity. Pretend as if it is your real and official name. Hide your identity so that a stranger will not be able to guess who you are.

15. Make Chats Very Long, Lively, and Hilarious

Chat to a stranger with all the zeal, psyche, and energy! Make the conversation enjoyable from the very start; allow it to flow effortlessly without forcing it. Talk about anything and make fun of everything during the conversation. Long talks will make you addicted to Omegle, and you will love whatever strangers you talk to daily.

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