15 Funny Things to Do on a Plane

15 Funny Things to Do on a Plane

Going on vacations is usually the best feeling ever! You are probably going to meet new friends and to adventure several new places. Who does not like making lifetime memories anyway?

However, the Flight may get boring as you travel, especially if you travel alone and with no friends for company. You will have to find some fun activities to keep you busy as you endure the Flight. You can opt to entertain yourself through the following ways.

1. Watching New Series and Movies

When traveling, browse your favorite series, download it, and watch it. It becomes fun if you traveled with earphones or headphones, you would not be disturbed by other people’s noises. Series are usually addictive; therefore, you can decide to watch any of them until you reach your destination.

2. Download Your Favorite Games

Playing games is also a good idea when you are in for a long flight. If you are traveling with your friends, it may be fun trying out new complicated games with them on the internet. Nowadays, there are so many brainstorming and addictive games online that can keep you busy. So you should never mind if you are traveling alone, have fun!

3. Listen to the Latest Hits

Listening to music is every person’s favorite hobby; it feels good being among the first people to download the latest songs. To keep yourself busy on a plane, download the latest hits from YouTube, Boom play, Play store, or Chrome.

Everybody has their taste of music, so make sure to download what is best for you. Go for rocks, bongo, gospel, RnB, dancehall, or reggae, depending on your preferences. Listening to music is fun, and it is an acceptable form of entertainment.

4. Sing Out Loud

A great way to make your Flight enjoyable is by singing aloud without bothering if you are distracting anyone sitting next to you. Play your favorite songs and hum when your favorite part plays.

5. Take Several Pictures and Videos

During the Flight, have fun by taking several pictures using Snapchat and other interesting facts. These snaps should be stored safely in your gallery because they are great lifetime memories. Take videos of everything and ensure you capture every moment. You can make it enjoyable by taking selfies with makeup on and put on your sunglasses; it is an excellent way of making your Flight enjoyable.

6. Edit Your Photos

Getting time to edit your photos may be difficult at home because you are busy at work most of the time and so on. However, being immovable at the same place gives you time to do such little tasks. Delete unnecessary pictures in your gallery, post more on your WhatsApp and Instagram stories to let people know you are out of the country.

7. Use the Tray Table like a Changing Table

Doing this may sound stupid, but it can help keep you preoccupied. Change your baby’s diaper from the tray table while assuming all the passengers are staring at you. People use tray tables to eat snacks and drinks and place personal belongings like laptops; however, you can change their role.

8. Writing Your Experiences

Most people usually carry writing materials like a notebook and a pen when traveling for personal use during the Flight. Instead of dozing off, you can opt to write about your experiences from a trip. Write about how you spend your vacation there, including what you found most interesting, your friends and all the adventures in your new environment.

Make it appealing by including what you disliked most or what annoyed you during the trip. Note your embarrassments and thoughts; these will be your memories forever.

9. Order for Drinks

Make yourself a little tipsy by ordering your favorite wine, beer, or cocktail. Have a drink while listening to some cool music to enjoy the Flight. If you are not a fan of alcoholic beverages, you can go for juices or any other you prefer. Take the drinks with loved ones, friends, or any other strangers with the same interests as you.

10. Take a Group Selfie of the Whole Plane

To make your Flight enjoyable:

  • Gather confidence, and tell everyone to smile for the camera.
  • Take a snap all around the plane with different people.
  • Make it fun by making funny faces and postures in most of your pictures.

11. Learn about the State, City, or Country that you are flying

Before the plane lands at your destination, take time to familiarize yourself with the new environment that you are visiting. Use google maps to study the location, the language the people use frequently, and the capital city of that state.

Learn basic things such as the most common religion, staple foods, and the economy of your destination. Doing this will not make the place strange after landing because you know at least one or two things about people’s way of life from there.

12. Snore Like Crazy

Snoring might sound weird and distractive to your fellow passengers, but what do you do when there is nothing to keep you busy? Sleeping helps make your Flight shorter, and it also allows you to have some rest after maybe packing the whole night. If you have no one to have small talk with or no movie to watch, sleeping will be great. Loud snorers will do it like crazy even though it is irritating.

13. Try Sleeping on a Stranger’s Shoulder

As we said, sleeping is the right way of entertaining yourself. You can make it even better by sleeping while resting on a stranger’s shoulder. You will not be sure of their next action, but you can try just for fun.

14. Make New Friends during the Flight

Socializing is also a great way of having fun; who does not like making friends anyway? Get to know the names of more than five people before you reach your destination. Talking to them will be a form of getting more knowledge about where you are going.

15. Download Language Apps

Download language apps so you can learn the language of the people you are going to meet. Duolingo is the most popular online app that makes you learn any new language quickly. Try to speak the new language to test if you have mastered it well; keep practicing during the entire trip.

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