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15 Funny Things to Do in School

Going to school does not always mean you should be serious-minded, too formal, and tense over minor issues. Whether in kindergarten, primary, or at the college level, you can create your happy moments by having fun in different ways.

You can choose to have fun alone or with a group of friends; however, be keen enough not to do what can earn you severe punishments, suspensions, or expulsions. School is not just about striving to get that certificate or that degree; remember to have fun and always make memories! Here is a list of crazy ideas that you can try out in school.

1.Participate in Games, Drama, and Music

These activities usually provide the most thrilling experiences for any student of any given level. Apart from classes, you can make your life at school amazing by playing games like hockey, badminton, basketball, or acting as the main actress during drama festivals. Build your talent and make sure not to miss any outings or concerts.

2.Pretend to Be a Determined Student

Once in a while, let the teacher explain the whole concept or topic, then raise your hand and ask them to repeat everything they just said. Most teachers hate this, but they will have to repeat it for your sake.

To annoy your classmates, wait until lunchtime or break time and ask the teacher to repeat a long concept that they have just finished explaining. Make your classmates annoyed mostly after a boring Mathematics class, and a break is all they need.

3. High Five Anybody who puts their Hand Up

High fives may sound stupid, but it is something that you can make fun of at school. Try doing it with a few friends; if it works, go on and high-five anybody who raises their hand. Some may get annoyed, but you will not care anyway because you are having fun.

4. Make Your First Day in New School Lit

If you are joining a new institution, do not be too timid and shy throughout, be social, and make new friends. Make an effort to have some conversation with everyone who comes your way. Lie to your schoolmates some information about you, tell them you are the principal’s firstborn, and let them respect you. Make yourself a celebrity, have fun, and make your first day memorable.

5. Protecting Your Siblings from Bullies

In case it happens that you and your siblings are in the same school, make them your favorite people and brag about them every time. Visit them in their classes during break time, ensure they have something to eat, and get to know their friends. Threaten any senior student who tries to harass them.

6. Enter the Junior Classes and Pretend to Be their Teacher

For instance, if you are a final year student, you can visit the junior classes and make yourself their teacher or tutor. Ask them if they can remember what was handled in the previous lesson and let them know you will be their new teacher. Have fun with them, ask them questions, listen to their answers, and then give them a test and leave, never to come back. Entering junior classes is fun, especially for senior students; trick those innocent junior students who do not know their teachers.

7. Do some Fun Games when Classes Become Boring.

Occasionally, some teachers are boring; they will not make the students laugh or talk at any point. During such classes, play fun games such as passing notes to friends. You can write on a piece of paper, “This teacher is great” When the teacher asks for it, they will be confused and will not know if you are doing the right thing or not.

8. Eat and Go to the Washrooms During Class Time.

Such activities might be wrong in most institutions; however, students break some of these rules once in a while. Get to experience how it feels like to be against the school rules. Do the opposite of what is expected, and you will realize how fun it gets to be.

9. Vie for Student Leadership Positions

To make your school life fun and free from pressure, try vying for any leadership position you think you can handle well. Campaign well, make everybody vote for you, be a good leader, and always rule in favor of the students. It sounds excellent being a leader of your fellow students; you are the one to make the final judgment about any matter that arises.

10. Ask Permission for Everything.

Disturb the teachers, the student leaders, and the class monitors by asking permission for any little activity you want to do. Ask the class representatives if it is okay to sneeze in class, ask them if you can blow your nose. Go in the staffroom and ask your class teacher if you can sharpen your pencils from the classroom.

11. Make Funny Noises in Classes and During Meetings

When everyone is busy studying during night preps or any other time, make irritating sounds distracting them. You can choose to hiss like a snake or to make cat sounds. When everyone turns to look at you, pretend not to know who is making the noise. Pretend to be annoyed just like they are.

12. Act in a Weird Way

For instance, when a teacher asks you to take your seat, ask them where they want it to be. When calling the roll call, tell the teacher you are absent and see their reaction. During classes, lean your seat to rest backward only on two legs and wait to see if the teacher will notice.

13. Comb, Brush, and Paint Your Hair from School

Combing and brushing your hair from school will probably be fun and enjoyable. Doing your hair from home is usually dull because you are alone and lonely. However, it is fun from school because you are doing it with several friends while making stories and talking about each other’s next hairstyle. It becomes enjoyable, especially when friends are combing your hair and helping you to make it stylish.

14. Talk about Your Holidays and Weekends with Friends

During your free time, create time to have a general talk about life with your friends; make it unforgettable and unique by buying sweets, snacks, and drinks during the session. Allow everyone to talk about how they spend their holidays and weekends. It is an excellent way of bonding with your friends at school.

15. Going for Consultations from New Teachers

New teachers tend to be nervous because they do not know how the school runs and their behavior. It is fun going to tease them and asking them multiple questions from your home assignments. It becomes excellent, especially if the teacher becomes uncomfortable and does not know what to do.

Research has it that people spend most of their childhood and part of their adulthood in school. School is what nurtures us into whom we are today. Therefore, do not be afraid to try any new experiences that come your way while learning! Make your school life unique; at least have a story to tell your children about your most funny moments at school.

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