15 Funny things to do before you die

15 Funny things to do before you die

Many people write a bucket list and start implementing one after the other, but they are not comical. Wild things will make people hark back about you as you will be relishing yourself and pleasing the crowd around you. Most of the bucket list is all about you and helping the needy but try to be funny and create a joyful environment around you.

1. The bucket lists. (Write down funny things you will be telling people.)

Spent the night in a haunted house, wake up in the morning, tell people you will go to heaven as the evil spirit did not do anything because you are the son of God.

Watch all your favorite movies and cartoon while you were a kid. Don’t forget to play with your toys, that’s if you have them.

2. Luxury.

If you can manage to buy a Lamborghini, then do that. The pimp it with your own words saying, “Don’t worry, this is how I exit planet earth.” You can use any car that’s quite expensive or looks exotic.

Buy anything expensive PS 5, 4k Television, or gaming laptop and put a notice or a sign on the screen saying (“if you touch it, you will be coming with me.”).

3. Animal jokes and pranks.

Teach the parrot to say, “I have been turned into a parrot,” you can buy it or look for any parrot you can use.

Buy toy snakes more than 20 and then arrange them facing your bed and after arranging them, call for help while standing on the bed. (If they can be controlled remotely, then that will be fun and hysterical.

4. The doctor.

Ask the doctor if you will be alive when using the time machine to go to the future ten years from the time you die.

Spent a day in the hospital dressing like a doctor; if someone approaches you for help, tell them you are not ready to help them, you are only looking for an attachment. You can answer something else like I am a patient too sorry. (if it’s serious, don’t let people die).

5. Party.

Throw a party, and every individual should have a specific dress code. (clowns, Black suit, cartoon wear, etc.) allow only individuals who have adhered to this rule. If possible, hire comics, bands, actors, and many others. Make sure they have the same dress code but a little different.

Go to any party dressing like a clown with a prob gun and chase everybody makes sure they believe you have an actual gun. When asked why to tell them the clown needs enough sleep, but the party is interfering with your sleeping time.

6. Food.

Get into a store, look for bananas, buy more than 50 bananas and sit by the door eat them while staring at those who are getting into the store at the same time pilling up the banana peels.

Make vanilla pudding and put it into any detergent container (ensure the container is clean or you will die faster) and eat your vanilla in a public place. You can stare at people, and to some, you can ask them to join you.

7. The hiring tricks.

Hire any private investigator and ask them to follow each other and seatback watch your show. To make it fun, make sure they do not know what is happening. Or you can hire them to chase our imaginary friend, make sure you provide them with photos, contacts and all that. Let them move around until they are tired, and then you let them know.

8. Changing name.

Change your name to another name and start speaking in the third or second person. Or you can change your name and start speaking in another country’s language. Make sure you know it very well because you have to practice it for two days.

Give yourself the name of any scientist or inventor. Set your room to look like a lab with scientific books. Wear a lab coat every time and close your door. Make sure you eat, or they will say you are depressed and things will change, so have time for your family.

9. Elevator.

Get into the elevator with a group of people after 3o second, tells them, “I know why you are wondering why I asked you to come here.” Give them a moment to feel the tension; keep quiet and pretend you are sad, and then tell them, “bye brothers and sister, see you in the next life.” When they panic, just be open and tell them you are dying.

10. Invitation.

Invite a group of boys into your office; when they get into your office, turn around on the office there and say, “I have been expecting you.” And stay silent over a long period and turn around, ask them to leave.

11. Horse race.

Buy a racing horse, and name Gaddafi takes the lead and enters horse races. You can do the same with motorbikes and cars.

You can also buy a bullfight and join the fight, name it Megatron. (These will be cool just for fun)

12. Time-traveling.

Dress like an astronaut and run into a supermarket and ask the cashier what year is it; when they tell you, ask them what year is it, when they tell you to yell “it worked.” and run out of the shop.

13. Masks.

Look for a musk of any rich person like bill gates. Wear it and pretend to beg for money in the street. Bill gates will be perfect. Make sure the mask fits you perfectly.

14. Animal sounds.

Get into a public vehicle and meow every minute, or you can bark like Dog male sure you avoid contact.

15. Microsoft word dictionary.

Spell any word wrongly (a slight mistake) and add it to your friend’s Microsoft dictionary. You can add more than three words. Ensure they won’t notice it easily after using them.

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