15 Funny things to do at work

15 Funny things to do at work

Are you bored at work? Then let’s change your day with fun things you can do at work. You can make people laugh too instead of you alone having the fun. Just make sure you don’t hinder people’s work or take a lot of their time.

1. The appointments.

When your boss comes to your office, ask him if he or she has an appointment. (Works if the boss is way too serious or furious about something you did.) Some of the bosses may answer yes, tell them you reschedule the appointment.

Take a desk and into an elevator and ask people to enter if they have an appointment. You can place a sign on the door (if you have an appointment) that should be bold and in caps.

2. The accents.

Move from offices, changing accents from one office to the other. If you don’t have an office, maybe you have those cubes; just change your accent every 2 minutes.

When you come to work great everybody with different accent calling all of them (both male and female) john or mark, some people prefer bob and Richard they are ok too.

3. Elevator and escalator.

Dress up like a flight attendant and stand at the door of the elevator and hand everyone who gets in peanuts, soda, juice, etc. and tell them to have a nice flight.

Put under repair roadside at the end of one escalator that is working perfectly. Then ask people to use the other one moving in the opposite direction; you have to be serious; it will be perfect if you are holding a toolbox of any kind.

4. Photocopy.

Place a sign on the photocopy machine saying, “new copier- voice-activated -speak your command.” And watch what happens with your friends.

Ask your colleagues if they need a hand; if they say yes, give them a photocopy of your hand.

5. Singing and dancing.

Sing any latest song in the work bathroom, don’t forget to whistle after 2 to 3 minutes, make sure you are heard by people passing by.

Dancing sometimes can make you lose your job. So be careful if you are going to do it make sure it is ok with everybody.

During the day, while people are silent or bored, stand-up, and start dancing. You don’t need to know how to dance; try to imitate any latest style that you are sure you don’t think how it goes.

6. Pets.

Come with your dog or cat to work, make sure you are overprotective to an extent you don’t want anybody to touch it. Put a sign on the neck, saying, “don’t touch my pet if you don’t want to die.”

Buy a snake toy big enough to freak people out, and come with it to work acting like it is your pet. You can move around, showing people how sweet is your pet. If they get too close, they can notice it’s plastic, so keep your distance.

7. Dry ice.

Use dry ice to create a fog on the floor of your office. When people come in, tell them to move their shoes and see how they will be standing due to the cooling.

Decorate your office with green plants and use dry ice to create mist; make sure it’s heavy to an extent people can only see trees.

8. Pretense.

During your presentation, use a banana to present your PowerPoint as a pointer; you have to be serious, like you don’t know what is happening even if they laugh.

Water fake plant in the office or try to feed the statue around or use a picture. You have to ignore people and look very serious and focus on what you are doing.

9. Co-workers.

Take your friends’ diary and write 07 00 hrs; see how I look in my jeans or tight blouse or khaki all that. You Can write anything inside so that he or she can change or do anything it was not on his or her plan.

When you come to work in the morning, ignore the first people, ten people who will say good morning to you. Just pretend you didn’t hear them, so they will be surprised what’s wrong with you.

10. Costumes.

Where military costumes and come with a probe gun into the office, when they ask why just say I don’t want to talk about it and to those who are close to you tell them that heist gone wrong.

Wear jokers’ costumes and dart around the office humming Mortal Kombat theme song. Don’t forget your boss’s office you need to start from there. When it’s time for work, put your bullshit aside; you will get fired.

11. Superglue.

Super systematically glue everything in your friend’s office, and see what will be their reaction and how they can laugh if possible.

Superglue your boss staplers on the wall make sure no one sees you because these can make someone furious to fire someone. Also, you can superglue everything on his desk as they are.

12. Meetings.

Ask you to close the meeting with a national anthem, and if you are given that chance, start singing another country’s national anthem and stop suddenly and say sorry old habits, then you start singing the actual national anthem of the country.

Come to the meet when everybody has settled and waiting then give them sweets and go sit down. Remember to set your phone alarm using a different or your voice but modified as a ringtone. The ringtone should be (they have to pay for these; they are not for free) you can use a female voice to make it cute.

13. Phone.

Call your friend or anybody you don’t know at the office saying, “I was calling to tell you I can’t talk right now, bye.” Act normally and serious.

14. Toilet paper.

Hang it on your trouser from behind and pretend you don’t know about it; when someone shows you act surprised and say thank you.

15. Hide and seek.

Ask your boss to play hide and seek with you, or they won’t have peace that day, make sure everybody is listening.

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