15 Funny things to do at the mall

15 Funny things to do at the mall

We All like shopping, but we can make it more fun by doing something extra than shopping. You can hug strangers great them with the funny religious statement (may the good Lord be with your family, may the force be with you, my good Lord forgets what you did last week and all that.

1. Hide in a clothing

Hide in clothes r rack when someone browses through say pick me. (Use cartoon voice; these will be perfect.) Make sure they don’t see you. You can do these too many things like furniture’s hide in drawers, electronic like TV’s.

2. Set all alarm clock

Set all alarm clocks in the electronics section to go off aster every 10 minutes. Smartwatches can use different tones as a ringtone, so you can choose different songs for every clock.

3. Tomato juice.

Make atrial of tomato juice from a shelf leading to the restroom only. It works perfectly if people don’t see you, so you can do it while nobody sees it.

4. The stare.

Stare at anybody, after one-minute smile, if they are of opposite sex giggle a lit bit these will work if you look at old people of the opposite sex or go to the cashier and stare at them while giving them what you want to buy when they look suspicion to make a frown facial expression, when they look at your smile while maintaining eye contact.

Stare at the ceiling (more than five minutes you can ask two or three friends to join you) board and see how many people will look up you can laugh at them or move out looking serious.

5. The voice.

When the shopping Centre is on, get into a fetal position and start saying not the voices again. Take your time and act scared if they see you are acting then you will be surprised what people can do at the shopping Centre.

Look for the manager’s house and talk to the microphone. “Hey guys, everything is free to have fun because drake is here.” (imitating Drake’s voice will be cool, or you can take the audio from God’s plan and make sure only drakes sound is heard). After 3 minutes, say false alarm am sorry, I was listening to music.

6. Mission impossible.

Dart around the shopping Centre either inside or outside the store, humming the theme of mission impossible.

Look around for any musk you can get of Tom Cruise and then get on a place high and start humming the same song or use the escalator moving and up and down.

7. The fitting rooms.

Look for the fitting room, get in, and close the door behind you; after a minute, yell, “where is the toilet paper. Big store with no toilet paper.”

Take a doll in either female or male doll and get into a fitting room. Then hug it, saying I missed you (say anything romantic. If the fitting is made of a cloth rug, then it will be awesome as the shadow will be displayed from inside when the light is on.

8. The Elevator.

Ask people who get into the lift if you can press the floor they want. If they say yes, press the wrong button.

Take a box inside the elevator, sit on it scared while having the hood sweater on after a minute, asks them slowly do you hear it it’s coming the whole world will die. (act creepy) if the person asks you, yell out you don’t know to say anything about witches or anything scary that can destroy the world.

9. Eating.

Start eating bananas while staring at everybody. Chew it creepily.

Take an orange and start peeling them while throwing the peels in the litter but miss the litter. Do this over and over again. Arrange the peeled fruits in one near you, acting very protective, calling the name like your babies.

10. The music.

Pretend you plugged in your headphones and listen to your music full blast and pretend you don’t know what’s happening and it doesn’t concern you.

Take a guitar to the store and start playing it badly and ask people to place money in your hat or cap.

11. The phone tricks.

Pretend you are on the phone saying out loud, “Hey honey, yeah, I remembered to go to the adult store as we agreed. Girl or boy, you wait.” you have to talk loudly so that people can hear you.

Stare at anybody and pick your phone and pretend you are calling any agency “hey, mark! Is the target here make sure you come with the backup? Please hurry to locate my phone.” Hung up and keep staring.

12. Superglue.

You can superglue products together and see what people reaction in the Shopping Centre are.

Put superglue to any goods where people will make contact with them. When goods stick on their hands, move near them and say, “even Spiderman started this way.”

13. Birthdays.

Throw a birthday bash outside the store cover the name of the store with your name. The birthday can be fake to make things interesting. In the shop turn all electronics singing happy birthday song. You can record your music and tell them to play or connect with Bluetooth.

Get into the toilet and wait for an old lady or woman. When they get in, jump out, saying Happy birthday Susan Or mark.

14. The writings.

Look for anybody with a cloth written hug me. Hug them freely while smiling at them. Or where a shirt is written hug freely. Then hug them freely.

Kiss me shirts give them pecks, and tell them you asked for it.

15. Cashiers.

Cashiers are the best for fun.

Take a lot of small goods like bubble gum, biscuit, a bottle of glue, juice, and others. Wear eyeglasses and pretend you cannot see very well; just hold on well at the time, giving it to them slowly. When they ask you if they can help, just say, I got these.

Take any electronic to the cashier like a radio or a screen and ask if your dog will fit in that when they look amazed to tell them last week I saw the neighbor’s dog in here and it was in its world I want that for my dog.

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