15 Funny things to cheer someone up

15 Funny things to cheer someone up

Everybody gets sad sometimes, while others experience a lot of pain. All these bad times may be as a result of losing someone close, job loss, sickness, break up, and many other things and situations that make a person sad. Laughter is always the best way to cheer anyone, and doing some crazy things with a friend count. Do not overdo these things because they may backfire on you. It always feels good when you lighten someone’s mood. The following is a list of 15 things that may cheer anyone up.

1. Hugging

If your friend is stressed or depressed, you should consider hugging them since this is a method that has been proven to help someone to feel better. As you hug them, you can whisper some funny things or jokes you have shared, and that will make them laugh, and their moods get bright.

2. Make dinner

When people are sad, they do not cook or eat most of the time. As a good friend, you should consider cooking for them and baking if you can. Those baking may decide to bake some funny cakes that will make your friend laugh at. Other times one should just make a simple healthy meal because when a person is sad, they tend to eat a lot of junk instead of healthy foods.

3. Just be silly

There is nothing funny than doing things that make one look silly. This would cheer someone up regardless of the situation. You may also consider embarrassing yourself at the club or restaurant or the place you two are so that the situation will distract them from overthinking.

4. Go shopping

It is funny how you would go pick up your friend and take them shopping when you know they are sad or depressed. At first, many would decline because they would like to be alone, but as a friend, you insist until they give in. During shopping, ensure you go to places where your friend can fit funny outfits that would force them to laugh at themselves or you in your funny outfit.

5. Go for a walk

Going for a walk always has its magic since the two of you get things to talk about that make your friend cheerful. For example, you may choose to talk about the latest gossip in the neighborhood and more.

6. Send them lots of memes

If you’re not around a person, you may send some funny memes that will make them laugh. Memes are funny clips or texts meant to make people laugh. You may also decide to tag them in some of the funny memes you share online, and once they see that, they will be cheerful.

7. Funny selfies

When people take selfies, some appear awkward and funny such that nobody wants to share them online. You can send them to your friend and make fun of them. This is always a fun way to cheer someone up. You may use funny selfies to tag your friend in a post, and once they read it, that will illuminate their mood.

8. Try inside jokes

Inside jokes are different from people, and that is the best part. If your friend is sad, you can tell them of a joke that the two of you only can understand and laugh at. Laughter has been effective in cheering people.

9. Funny pranks and watching comedy movies

Comedy movies will always leave people laughing, and that can be good for your sad friend. You may get prank ideas from the movies to see who was keen. If they are keen enough, the pranks will make them more cheerful in that they will forget that they were sad.

10. Take them to a spar

Going to a spar will calm down a person and reduce their anxiety as well as improve their moods. You may also decide to have the spar at your friend’s house and offer to do the services as you talk. The people who are das and depressed mostly will find this very relaxing and refreshing.

11. Go for a road trip

You can invite your friend for a road trip around your town or its outskirts, and that will cheer them up since they won’t be alone. You may invite a few other friends who you know are funny and will make your friend cheerful although.

12. Participate in some engaging sports

Sports are always engaging, and taking your friend to either watch a game or participate in one will cheer them up. Sports such as sky diving and bungee jumping will make both of you active, and while you enjoy, the sadness goes away.

13. Make fun of the situation

Ona can make fun of some situations that people have gone through to make them sad. For example, if your friend has failed their papers, you may tell them that they are good since they never got a zero. Make them believe that the situation could have been worse and they have done their best.

14. Make comical compliments

Comical compliments always work when it comes to cheering people are. This can be done by comically complimenting your friend; for example, if your friend is an artist, you may tell them that no one can be unhappy when they have a talent for drawing all the happy people.

15. Funny and cute animal photos

Funny photos and cute animals can make anyone happy. Funny animal photos, especially with captions that are funny, will leave your friend as cheerful as ever.

In conclusion, it is important to always check up on your friends and if they are sad, depressed, or if they have other issues that make them unhappy. The above-mentioned things will cheer up anyone in that category. They are all fun, and that is the best thing about them. Make sure to choose the things according to the causes of their sadness so that you may not mock them or make them feel bad instead of cheering them up.

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