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15 Funny things to call people

Are you searching for funny things to call people? You have come to the right article where you will get a couple of hilarious names to call your friends or relative. Funny names or things are humorous when called out loud, especially to the people we know. If you have been looking for these things for quite a while now, you should get excited now since this article will list and explain a couple of funny things you can call your people.

1. Smiley

Smiley, in most cases, is a name associated with the common smiley face emoji. If you decide to call someone smiley, you mean that these people agree with you. It is always hilarious if you call a friend or a person you know smiley to mean that they approve of your work or nonsense.

2. Ironman

In the movies, iron man is seen as a robust person. Calling people is both sarcastic unless you’re implying the people in question are as strong as the comic iron man’. It’s even funnier if the people you’re calling that name is a weakling or can hardly do a thing associated with iron man.

3. Cupcake face

Calling a person a cupcake face means that they have a bigger face than their body. Calling a friend such a name would bring laughter because there are very few people in the world who can possess such qualities.

4. Stalker

Stalker is a name of very many definitions, and calling a person a stalker may mean that these people follow you around or watches you without your permission. Stalkers mainly follow the ladies, and it would be funny calling a relative a stalker even with the knowledge that they don’t follow you around.

5. Mud puppy

Imagine calling one of your relatives a mud puppy, a name that refers to the largest salamander found in Canada mostly. It gets funnier when the person being called the name does not know the meaning. However, when they google the meaning and get to know you have been calling them the name of a reptile, it gets hilarious.

6. Captain America

People familiar with the comics would definitely know that Captain America is the first superhero in the world. Calling a person you know very well is not a superhero or has nothing related to the actor is very funny and sarcastic.

7. Copycat

This name can mostly be used by siblings who call out each other, especially if the younger ones keep copying the behavior and dressing of the older siblings. To grownups, it can apply as well, and especially you may call a person a copycat if they have copied your style or ideas.

8. Douchebag

This name has a lot of nasty meanings, and one of the meanings is a person who thinks they are cool, yet he does not show any behavior of being cool or intelligent for that matter. Many would feel offended if called a douchebag and that what makes it funny.

9. Chicken

You may wish to call a person a chicken because he or she is always not brave or they are scared of certain things. It gets hilarious when you call them a loud and they realize why you have just called them that name, and others don’t get it right away.

10. Noodlehead

Calling your best friend or a relative a noodlehead is quite hilarious, especially if they are all grownups. Noodlehead is used by some people to refer to a childish and stupid person. This is just like calling your friend a fool using a polite word.

11. Dumb ass

Like most of the other words in this article, dump ass is a name that you may call people if you want them to know they are stupid. Call out your friend randomly and see how that goes. In most cases, people laugh at the name when they realize it means stupid.

12. Useless

You may have a very good friend who is good at what they do, but instead of giving them some brilliant names, you decide to call him or her useless. A useless person is one who has no ability to achieve any intended activity, and it becomes funny since the person your calling is quite the opposite. If your friend has done their best in something and you want to joke around with them, you just call them useless to compliment them but in a sarcastic way.

13. Pizza face

When you notice that your friend’s face has some spots, bruises, acne, or just a blemish, you may decide to call them a pizza face because their faces resemble a pizza. It is always fun when you call out a person a pizza face just to make them feel better. This may be very funny to some of your friends who really hate when they have these rashes on their face.

14. Window face

You have this friend who always glasses, and you want to call them a funny name like window face because it means a person who literally wears glasses. Some people may see it funny because they think you’re literally calling them a window face. Try this with your friend or family member and see their reactions afterward.

15. Hollow head

Imagine someone calling you a hollow head, and you very well know that a hollow head person is one without brains. It is hilarious, especially if the person being called the name is the smartest of them all in the class, room, or in a team.

To sum up, there are other funny names one may choose to call people around them. Those listed above are just a few and what they really mean and why they are funny when called out to people. These names may be used to people who share the same type of humor as yours and to others who have no idea what the names you called them mean. Looking at the outlined names above, you will clearly get the suitable funny names you want to call your friends, family, or even relatives.

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