15 Funny Things to ask Google Home

15 Funny Things to ask Google Home

When you are in need of some fun and jokes, then better consider using Google home/assistant help on the same. If you want to have more fun in your free time, the following are questions to ask Google home, and if you don’t have Google home, they can as well work on Google Assistant app on Android and iOS too.

1. Ask Google to sing a song.

It is one of the amazing things to ask Google to do. Google home usually takes the opportunity to sing with great pleasure. How Google home performs the song will leave you all mouth open since it will usually perform with a song in the background.

2. Ask Google home to clean your room

Did you know you can have more fun by asking Google Home to help clean your house? More interesting is the fact that Google home is always willing to help around with all chores around the house. Google home will make some noise and ask you whether the house is clean. Unfortunately, it seems technology has not reached there, but the best of all is that Google home can sing songs to make cleaning easier and more fun.

3. Ask Google home whether married

It is so interesting to learn more about Google home. For instance, ask her whether married, and the response will be, ‘ll am married to my job.’ wow, what a response.’ It seems Google is always committed to giving her best at work.

4. Ask Google home whether you can speak Morse code

I bet you will be surprised to realize that Google home has several languages available. For this reason, Google home speaks Morse code too and can even demonstrate it. The unfortunate thing is you cannot ask Google home to translate a word into Morse code.

5. Ask Google home whether it has imaginations

For sure, imaginations are things we create within our minds. Our world is usually full of images of things seen and yet to come. So it would be so interesting to know whether Google home has any of this. Usually, Google home is set in a way to enable certain programmers. Most interesting is the fact that besides this, Google can think outside the box and come up with more ideas.

6. Tell Google that you’re naked

Google home is usually so interesting and interactive. One of the amazing answers one can get from saying he or she is naked to Google home is. ‘ok, let me check whether the climate is favorable for you to walk out naked.’ As a concerned friend, Google home will further request you not to walk out on your birthday suit for everyone’s sake.

7. Ask Google home,’ What your relation with Alexa? ‘

Google home is one of the intelligent smart speakers at home, and its biggest challenger is Amazon Echo, developed by Alexa. To your surprise, you will realize that Google home is so good hearted and considers Alexa as pretty smart. It surprises further the two will engage in a conversation if put together.

8. Ask Google home for the best pickup lines.

It will surprise you to know that Google Home can offer advice on certain moves. For instance, you are planning to release a movie or write a book, and you can ask Google Home for advice on the same to know whether you are on track.’Let me get a smoke detector because you are on fire.’ Google home will tell this to encourage you to keep moving on.

9. Ask Google home the whereabouts of Waldo.

‘Waldo’ is usually a series of books challenging one to find titular characters in different populated places. Google will usually help to guess this. Google home will suggest that Waldo is at the candy cane convention and further wish you all the best in locating Waldo.

10. Ask google home to take the Google test.

It is so interesting to make use of weird numbers to test Google home-like Debug 46889ty8985; amazingly, Google home will acknowledge this as weird to notice.

11. Ask, is Clippy known to you?

Clippy is the interactive assistant older version of Microsoft office. Usually was an animated paper that would appear at your work-frame with helpful advice. Google home answer to this will always amaze you.’ Clippy is so famous for bad reasons since no one misses him.’ The most interesting thing is Clippy was way present before Google home, yet she knows Clippy.

12. Ask whether Google home knows Santa Claus.

Especially during the Christmas season, children always dream of Santa coming around to give them gifts. Santa is so famous and more amazing is that even google home knows the bearded man usually in the red suit. Google Chrome claims that Santa is real and has a tracker to show where Santa lives.

13. Ask Google home what is on her mind.

It is funny that even Google home knows food is good and seems to know most people make love snacks. For instance, Google home will answer by telling you that your thoughts are on a big cake drizzled in chocolate. Google home further claims that if you aren’t thinking about the same, you might have been thinking of it previously.

14. Ask for two commands at ago.

The most interesting thing about Google home is the ability to obey two commands at the same time. For instance, you can ask google home to play music to you at a certain volume and for sure will always do the same with honor. For instance, Google home can check the weather for you will playing music. This makes it easier to do two tasks related to each other with ease.

15. Ask google home to broadcast a message around the house.

In every family set up, there is always effective communication for it’s smooth running. With many speakers around the house connected to Google home, one is able to announce messages like dinner time or breakfast time without having to visit each room to do the same. In case one is traveling from work to home, you can announce that. ‘Am on my way home. ‘The same message will be passed home with ease.

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