15 Funny random things to say over a text

15 Funny random things to say over a text

They always say they don’t ever text when you are stoned, desperate to get something or if you are a grandparent. I don’t know the reason for being a grandparent and texting, but they all always end up in a tumult. 90% of youth worldwide use text messages to transmit information compared to calls and emails. If this conversation is cordial, then you have to make sure your recipient smirks on the other end. Did you know when you are funny you will create a lot of friends around you, but when you are humdrum, and you don’t talk much, you will be alone for a very long time?

Being funny encourages the continuation of a conversation if not so your conversation won’t last more than ten minutes, so it tries to be funny to get friends and see what others are doing out there. Have come up with a list of things you text at random, and they are funny; I don’t need advice you to copy-paste them. Just see how they look like you will create yours; remember you are not the only one reading this online. If you use them, they might have seen them that won’t be amusing.


1. If Dracula had a dog? What kind do you think it is?

We all know Dracula with his weird monstrous life; if you create an image of how his dog will be like, that will not be amiable. You can fix it in a conversation. It’s not only Dracula. You can also talk about Thanos Dog; Thanos also had creepy kids and creatures under him, and he was a dictator, so his chattels will be something funny.

2. Scientifically, your body is 65% water; guess what am dehydrated momentarily.

This works with a girl, let’s say a crush. It’s proven 90% of our blood is water, and you can tell her or him you are thirsty. He/she that’s when you want to get a kiss.

3. What’s camping? Is where you put in a small opulence to live like a needy person?

We do indeed spend our money on camping, but we live for a short period like the homeless. You pay to sleep in a canvas and battle to light a campfire with pebbles, and you left all the comfort at home. Sleeping in bags and eat under trees for fun.

4. My pony was to enter grand national, but it picked up cold, and its sensitivity is a little horsey.

A pony is a small horse that is quite short one can confuse with a foal. We all know a pony can’t take a grand finale compared to a normal horse; secondly, its sensitivity is a little horsey; we all know small glasses that are used to measure alcohol like a pony of vodka. The pony was confused with a horse. Pony is cute. I would like to have one, but they can’t race; they are too small. Sometimes they are confused with a foal.

5. Who is an excellent tax accountant? A superb tax accountant does have tax loophole named after their names.

A good tithe accountant should be able to steal from what people are paying to their governments. It’s fun to come up with accountant jokes though sometimes they are boring. There are a lot of accountant jokes. They can be their replies, how they sit and wait, or their reaction after you mess with them unknowingly.

Nerd jokes.

Nerd has their world, and if you walk with them, sometimes you won’t be able to understand what they are saying. They are full of inventions, proven theories, and hypotheses that will soon be proven. Over a short period, you will be okay and enjoy their company. So, you can check up the jokes for these guys and see how happy they will be. Remember, don’t say anything you don’t have the exact meaning or rumors because he or she will hit from all corners with reasons and advice.

1. Why do you think Shakespeare considered using a pen only in his writings? {he was confused with pencils either 2B or not 2B?}

2. Do you know why phrases, words, and punctuation they finish up the court? To be adjudicated.

3. What will happen the verb took and initiative and ask a noun to conjugate? The noun will decline.

4. What name will you give to Santa’s cute little helper’s subordinate clauses?

There is a lot of funny text you can send to different people look at others. They don’t have a specific section.

5. Sometimes, I wonder if earth brags or makes fun of other planets for not supporting life?

6. Comes night and day. The ocean is ever clean. I think mermaid do clean their balcony.

7. People do say love is found in every corner? I guess I am walking in circles got to change.

8. When do I see you? My word gets jumbled?

9. Can I ask you? Is your dad Liam Neeson (no why) because I am taken by you?

10. Hey, take that beauty somewhere else. You will start a fire in here.

There are other ways to be creative and text marvelous jokes for friends and relatives. The use of emoji does comfort in many settings. They are always cute and appealing to people smirk when they notice them even if they are not absurd.

The use of emoji is considered to make sure your texts are not that plain? The use of stickers, too, is good. Telegram consists of fascinating stickers from movies, animation, music, and many more. Some are whimsical. Some are just spooky to hook the attention of every person you meet. To come up with a one-liner is not inflexible. You can turn any statement to be a joke, and this will help you. Those we do call them Jocose they do pass information in fun mode. The saying and they are serious, but it sounds like a joke. Take your time and come up with an amazing line that people won’t dismiss from mind about you.

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