15 Funny random things to say in a conversation

15 Funny random things to say in a conversation

A conversation basically is a talk done between two or more people where they exchange ideas and news. Random things are not specifically designed, but they are rather random and funny facts. Most of these funny things normally don’t make sense in a conversation, and that is that makes them funny. Most of these funny things may be used at the starters of a conversation, and in a way, they create a certain sense of humor. This article is focused on absolutely funny and random things one can say in a conversation and make it humorous. The following are examples of such random things used in different conversations.

1. Can I humor you with sarcastic comments since I am very bad with advice?

Two siblings, one older and the other younger, maybe discussing how their lives have changed or are. In the middle of the conversation, the younger one would suggest to humor the other with sarcastic comments as they know they are pretty bad with advice.

2. In your dreams, do you ever fly?

Two friends may be walking to a shopping Centre, work, or school talking about certain topics, and randomly one of the persons may choose to ask the other, “do you ever fly in your dreams?” This would be funny since the statement is not directly associated with the topics they would be discussing.

3. Where do you see yourself in 50 years?

In a class full of teenagers, a teacher would be engaged in a science conversation but randomly choose to ask his students where they would find themselves in 50 years. Most of the students would be amused and surprised by the question since it’s not related to their topic at hand, and many would laugh as they try to make sense of the statement.

4. Do you always close your eyes when you sneeze?

A parent would be having a conversation with their kid about school performance, and the kid would just randomly ask, “mom, do you always close your eyes when you sneeze? It is hilarious and funny since the mother would just laugh and ask why her kid would think of asking her such a question.

5. Africa is in what country?

This question is normally funny when, for example, a journalist in China would choose to start a conversation with a Chinese national about how countries are doing. Strangely the journalist may pose the question of which country Africa is; it is funny since the other person would think that the journalist is trying to be funny or he doesn’t know what he is asking, and that would make them both laugh as the confusion.

6. What does heaven look like!

During a church event, a pastor may be conversing with his congregation about the seven commandments, or basically any other topic, and a person in the congregation may raise their hands and ask; “what do heaven look like?” This is a very random question that anyone would expect to ever hear and funny since nobody really knows how heaven is like.

7. “Animal crackers, can they be eaten by vegetarians?”

The question is already funny and would be funnier when an expert has already explained who vegetarians are and the kind of food they eat.

8. I do not eat steak

This is a funny thing in the context where a person enters a restaurant and starts a conversation with the waiter where he or she gives like five things she doesn’t eat meat and eventually give an order requesting for steak.

9. Let’s talk now about why I am pissed off

Its funny to say that especially in a serious conversation between a mother and a daughter or a son. It is so random to say that in the middle of a conversation about one’s grades in school.

10. it’s not what you think it is

Two friends would be having a conversation about candy and gum, and then one may offer to give the other a piece and starts giggling, saying that “it is not what you think it is “that statement amuses the friend since it is funny that she can see that it’s a gum she is holding, but the friend thinks otherwise.

11. Does a reality show really show any reality?

This statement would be funny in a context where there is a reality show where the people are going about with the show, and when the audience is asked to ask questions, then a person stands and asks,” Do the reality show really show reality?”

12. Can you find a whale in a well?

What a funny thing to ask, considering that almost everyone knows that a whale is really big and can never fit in a well the asking that question is hilarious.

13. During plastic surgery, what happened to that plastic?

During a medical conversation between a doctor and his patients, one may ask; what happens to the plastic during plastic surgery.

14. An attack on the heart, is it the same as a heart attack?

A science class can get hilarious if a student interrupts her teacher by asking whether a heart attack is the same as an attack on the heart.

15. Can a car stop at a bus stop?

No one asks the obvious questions anymore, and randomly if they were asked, then it considered weird and funny. For example, if a car enthusiast was talking to small kids about cars and she randomly asks if cars can stop at a bus stop, then they would laugh it off first and then answer since it’s funny.

In conclusion, anything can be funny; all that determines that is the context of the thing said in a conversation. Most conversations get funny if random things that do not make sense, especially are uttered or discussed or posed as questions. Try saying a random thing outside the context of the conversation and wait for the reaction from the rest and see that it gets funny all the time.

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